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S02.E36: Truth & Consequences

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Tempers flare when Lacey's fiancé faces her new lover; Tommy interrogates Tony when Angela risks all at Tony's release; Glorietta and Alex's dinner date is a disaster; Kathy warns Amber about her risky con; Daniel surprises Lizzy.

Airs November 8, 2019.

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Angela doesn't do well with lies, yet she keeps accepting them. Its good of her friend to pretend like he is interested in her.

4 minutes ago, PityFree said:

Lacie is the second worst person on the face of the earth.

3 minutes ago, OoogleEyes said:

Behind Angela?

I agree with this sentiment because I always like to keep the top spot open. 

Kato's wife and glorietta could be sisters.

LOL, they stopped at the Walgreens for chocolates and flowers.

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2 minutes ago, RealReality said:

I got a call, what is Amber's story about how she wasn't hustling Vince?

Nothing new. She was just planning on marrying him and then having him support her, Puppy, and her mom.

 Is Glorietta’s purse in the shape of a heart?????

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2 hours ago, LucyEth said:

Alex laying the groundwork for a breakup.

And not even subtly

2 hours ago, OoogleEyes said:

No, wait. Glorietta don't leave the chocolates!

I love me some cheap Walgreens heart shaped box of chocolates. 

2 hours ago, Armchair Critic said:

Tony has gained some weight, next time he better choose the sex!

For the cardio at the very least!

2 hours ago, PityFree said:

Daniel, I hope you brought a lot of condoms.

He has not.  I expect an announcement soon.  Something on social media decrying "haters"

Tony liked "older women" for guidance.  I wonder if they were all quasi Mommy figures.  

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