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S02.E10: This is Not for Tears

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On 7/6/2020 at 11:07 AM, Milburn Stone said:

Was the yacht chartered? I assumed Waystar Royco owned it. Which makes it even more deliciously obscene.

One of them mentioned that Marcia had the teak floors installed, hence the no-shoes rule.

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Binge watched first two seasons and...

Wow.  Didn't see this coming at all.  I wonder if kendall stil does this if his dad doesn't say to him he's not a killer (ironically because he literally is a killer, just not in the business sense)  

Also I'd totally watch a spin off with Tom and Greg's exploits.  A sitcom.  

On the other hand the rhea storyline never made sense to me this season. 

Also the easy manipulation of people by the Roy's bugs me. The whistle-blower shiv talked to and changed her mind was a bit much. Reminded me of house of cards where everyone just caved to Kevin spacey for no reason. 

On to season three so I can only be a year behind on this. 

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