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S02.E10: This is Not for Tears

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I just finished this episode and WOW!  (Yes, I'm still a season behind.) I know all the characters are pretty terrible, but it was fun to watch Logan get played.

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On 7/6/2020 at 11:07 AM, Milburn Stone said:

Was the yacht chartered? I assumed Waystar Royco owned it. Which makes it even more deliciously obscene.

One of them mentioned that Marcia had the teak floors installed, hence the no-shoes rule.

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Binge watched first two seasons and...

Wow.  Didn't see this coming at all.  I wonder if kendall stil does this if his dad doesn't say to him he's not a killer (ironically because he literally is a killer, just not in the business sense)  

Also I'd totally watch a spin off with Tom and Greg's exploits.  A sitcom.  

On the other hand the rhea storyline never made sense to me this season. 

Also the easy manipulation of people by the Roy's bugs me. The whistle-blower shiv talked to and changed her mind was a bit much. Reminded me of house of cards where everyone just caved to Kevin spacey for no reason. 

On to season three so I can only be a year behind on this. 

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Didn’t read all the replies, but watching the progression of clothing and background colors go from lighter to darker and darker until the end.  Logan is in his light clothing and sky blue room, and Kendall is in a black suit in a black room until the end when he enters the stage with a sky blue background!  This show is a visual masterpiece!  (It is really good in all the other ways, too!)

I wish they’d give this kind of work to shows that appeal more to a female audience!

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