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  1. Well... my husband is a doctor at a hospital. So, I know about certain things the general public doesn’t, like the rationing protocols for ventilators and other medical devices that may be in short supply due to Covid. Basically, anyone over 40 will be out of luck, should it come to that; and we are over 40. school is starting soon. Our county was the first in the state to shut down and received criticism for it, initially. Now, they are determined to open on time. Several counties around us are postponing school opening. I have the option of e-learning, but I can only change my mind once. Then we are committed until the first grading period ends. This is hard. I have to declare soon. I’m hoping the school system will make a different decision before I have to, but that doesn’t seem likely. I want and need my kids in school. My kids want and need to be in school. But, they need two living parents more. The numbers are going up where I live and are predicted to go up even more when schools reopen. The kids will be carriers, then. this is hard, and I am sad.
  2. OMG! She comes across as so pompous and so dumb! First of all, Grey’s Anatomy writers and producers are NOT the first people they are talking to about this stuff. First, they discuss it with their actual colleagues, THEN they discuss it with their family members and dear friends and that’s who they keep on discussing it with. If they talk to the media about it, it’s the NEWS media, NOT Grey’s Anatomy/entertainment media. I once saw a thread on Survivor Sucks titled, “Why does Jeff call every meal a feast?” Similarly, why does Grey’s have to ‘TACKLE’ Things every season? Why do they THINK they have a RESPONSIBILITY to re-interpret the news? How about they just provide some entertainment? Also, by the time people can start filming again, Covid won’t be so big anymore. People are sick of it already. By the time anything comes to air it will be REALLY OLD NEWS that no one is going to want to watch. The ratings will continue to plummet.
  3. Interestingly enough, some Ross Chapin Cottage style pocket neighborhoods have been built in the Indy suburbs WITH BASEMENTS (because, like you said, it’s Indiana!) (Carmel and Zionsville are the Indy burbs with these cottage neighborhoods). Example of current home for sale in this type of neighborhood. There is a fact sheet on the last real estate image which talks about included basements. A far as I know, these are the only Ross Chapin neighborhoods (Throughout the US) with basements. I always think about the similarities and differences between the two types of neighborhoods when I watch this show. In both cases, the homes are small, but the homes in the burbs have ATTACHED garages (multi-car!) and really friendly porches where you could actually sit and chat with your neighbors. The school district ratings are much better in the burbs. Oh, and I bet they don’t do basements on the show because it would cost too much to dig down, replace more crumbling foundation and pipes. Sarah Richardson once did a show where she purchased a property to flip and had a much better property with what seemed like a decent, but unfinished basement. She had to dig down to meet codes (IIRC) and said she would NEVER do that again!
  4. Current peeve: it’s been a looong time since I purchased foundation. I used to use Prescriptives when I wore anything at all. When they decided to leave the Beauty counter market, I purchased multiple bottles of what I used. They still have something of an online presence, but my old color is not available and apparently long gone. I learned about https://findation.com and tried to use it, but entered in a product with a similar name, or number to what I used to use. It was not at all similar (several shades off). Apparently, all of the cosmetic purveyors I’ve browsed online use this site, as the cookies keep automatically recommending the wrong shades of products. Grr....
  5. Someone on Ring claimed to see a bear wandering around an area that is in the city, with no supporting video. The responding comments are hilarious. was it wearing its’ mask? better check your pic a nic basket. all the “fireworks” have been people trying to shoot it. nature is healing maybe he was just looking for his porridge
  6. They seem really intent on making these homes fit a multiple member household with more ample space for each individual than these old, (often shotgun style) dwellings were made for. I appreciate that Home Town (another HGTV show) actually does homes for a variety of budgets and circumstances, including single individuals living alone.
  7. My take on her snapping at Jeremy is that was HER way of building a "resume" for the jury; to not be running around and having conversations at the last minute.
  8. I’m glad everyone got to spend time with their families. The part I fast forwarded through was the immunity challenge. So boring.
  9. I wonder if the exiled people have found Rob and Sandra’s camp. I imagine them sleeping there, or taking naps there.
  10. Information nicely organized. great job! Thanks for your hard work!
  11. Paris was beautiful and everyone looked magnificent in their coats!
  12. The Ogakor Four was my favorite tribe/alliance of all time. So happy that Yul’s back. I’ve never liked Sophie, so I’m ‘meh’ on that alliance. Sandra’s rants seems ridiculous. It’s Rob, OF COURSE he’s playing!!!
  13. He will find out his mom/sibling needs extra long-term care for whatever reason and stay there... Jo’s reaction will occur next season.... He somehow gets reacquainted with Izzie who needs long-term care, maybe she used the eggs to have a kid who needs care. I mean this show is now more of a soap than a drama, so let’s jump the shark!!! He leaves Jo in the dust, but she’s a STRONG WOMAN now, so she dusts herself off and carries on.... oh, this is fun!
  14. Because of what happened to Jessica and Sarah (and even Patrick, to some extent), I’m inclined to believe that he was being written out and not told until the last minute, which may have caused a “health crisis”.
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