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  1. Because of what happened to Jessica and Sarah (and even Patrick, to some extent), I’m inclined to believe that he was being written out and not told until the last minute, which may have caused a “health crisis”.
  2. A Christmas Miracle has happened! DH took the kids out and texted me that he saw the UPS truck in our complex. I chased the truck down and got my package. Tomorrow is going to be THE BEST Christmas EVER for the kids. (They say that every year!)
  3. I ordered a very expensive “Santa gift” from Amazon due to arrive tomorrow. I had it sent to the apartment office. Just now the apartment office sends out an email letting us know they will be closed tomorrow! Ugh! and I can’t find any way to have it re-routed to my actual apartment or to have the driver call or text me so I can meet him/her. speaking of stealing pet items: I’m pretty sure someone stole a box of cat litter we ordered from Amazon and then “returned” it when they realized what it was. It arrived a day or two after the others and the outside box was all ripped up and taped together crazily, usually there is an inside box holding three bags of litter, but the inside box was missing. Just the bags loose inside. LOL!
  4. Maybe they can take Dan’s place on the jury. They’ll have to share a vote, though.
  5. So many people try out for Survivor, it seems that the interview process is lengthy. They cast a “Hollywood agent” guy who looks a bit like Weinstein in the midst of the #MeToo era. I think they wanted this to happen, it just didn’t happen exactly the way they wanted it to happen. Maybe they were hoping that it would be like season 2 of The Real World and everyone would insist Dan go ASAP. The recent challenge seems like something you’d see on Big Brother. I miss Falling Coconuts. if Rob and Sandra return in future seasons, I’d love it if they heckled/encouraged players during challenges. Maybe there can be a special reward called “Roasting with Rob” where he feeds the players and mouths off to them. Or something.
  6. I’m grateful to have had some alone time today, which allowed me to order and wrap some gifts in peace and quiet.
  7. I hope that this is ok for me to post here. It gave me a laugh and I wanted to share. 🙂 I Lost My Girlfriend in a Hallmark Movie... and A related comedic Twitter  Thread.
  8. All the show titles in Grey’s Anatomy are song titles. That is all that I was referring to.
  9. I returned the Old Navy dress posted above. I thought it fit weird (on me) and, it turns out, I don’t like Ponte fabric. Moving on, cozy winter sweater dresses: Fashion Union cable knit belted midi dress and Esprit cowl neck textured knit dress
  10. I recall other racers in previous seasons doing this. In one instance, a couple of racing girls pretty much kidnapped the (teenage?) son of a family they had gotten directions from. The girls were confused about the directions given, so they finally exclaimed “can we just take him?!?”. The whole family looked incredulous at the request, but the next scenes showed him in the middle of the backseat of their car, third wheel for the rest of the leg. LOL! I always wondered how far he was from home by the end of the day, and HOW he got home at the end of the day!
  11. One thing I noticed this episode is that Elizabeth and Elaine seem to be each other’s “fall guy”. They are a tag team. Each targets a small group for private gameplay conversation (name naming) and then refuses to go along with anything until talking it over with the other. Then one will blame the other for not agreeing to the plan. They, plus “dad”/Ronnie (who is probably part of their group) will probably go far. On the other team, I think Janet, Kellee, and Jason will go far. i expected more from the Rob/Sandra twist. I expected, at the very least, some straight talk that might get the contestants to really think hard about their gameplay. Instead, it’s like the producers feared being blamed for influencing the game, so we get something that feels really bland. I wonder how things might get changed up in the future. I also wonder how things might shift once merge happens.
  12. Ugh! This is what I really want to say to a user-loser family member who is hinting around for more money and/or to be taken care of: if you had WORKED for a living then you wouldn’t be in this position!!! Background for context: this person only ever had a job given to them by family members. Quit working at 35 “just because” (more or less) and REFUSED to get another job. This person had a lot of enablers. I’ve never been one of them. We did help with some medical bills, but that’s it. I just hate the diplomatic dance I feel I have to do every time I am about to attend a family function. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
  13. Boscia exfoliating peel gel I received this as a gift with purchase and liked it so much I bought a full size. It really works. I like to pair it with Glo pumpkin enzyme scrub, a product I’ve mentioned here before. peel gel pre-shower and pumpkin scrub in shower
  14. Old Navy navy blue with white dots sheath dress for a permanently packed suitcase project I am working on. Asymmetrical rainbow dress (scroll down a bit) because I love color, this made me smile, and I can’t wait to be a walking kaleidoscope someday. Plus two ribbed tanks, one white, one navy blue to wear underneath some tops this winter.
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