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S02:03: Omaha

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The ladies head to Omaha for their annual exams, but the trip quickly goes off the rails; Kay is jealous of Beau's new dating profile; Mike, Rudy and Beau bond when an accident leaves them stranded in a tree.

Air Date: October 8, 2019

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I liked this episode. I liked Kay's feeling that she missed out on life by being with her husband for so long. I liked Rio's walkie-talkie speech to Kay about being supportive. I loved the doctor's frustration with the girls' gyno day. I really like this little show. 

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I lived in Omaha for several years, so it was cool to see, for example, the Sapp Bros. Coffee Pot (water tower). And Runzas!

The characters haven't all jelled yet, but the relationships are coming along nicely.  Also like the addition of Brandon.

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Kay's stretching cat move was everything. I watched it three times and could not stop laughing. I'm glad Mike made a new friend. It must be hard being in a new place if the only two people you hang out with are a guy that's constantly putting you down and the eccentric dude that lives in your barn. 😊

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This show is steadily improving. I wasn't super sold on season one but so far each season 2 episode I have really liked. I am glad they aren't using Rio's mom as much as her calling was the weakest part of the show for me. And I like the addition of Brandon.

Although I think this show needs to add some more reoccurring small town weirdo characters. Kind of like Pawnee Indiana or Arlen Texas. If they did that it could be really good.

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I kept thinking, after Kay had also said she was a 1 with flirting, Kay should have emphasized that she was now a 2 with that, and should get more experience with it before moving to upping the number with the sex.  Could have cued in some cute scenes with her trying to flirt with more people.

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