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  1. I overthought the 1790 states question and guessed 36, because I couldn’t remember how quickly Vermont joined.
  2. That was retconned in the comics too (the original Isaiah Bradley story never actually fit the comics timeline anyway). Granted that this is all still early, but the worldbuilding in this series remains rather shaky. The supposed differences between the pre- and post-Blip periods don't seem to really fit with what we were shown before. Nor am I really sure how Bucky knows so much about Isaiah or where he lives, etc., if all that happened is he fought him once in Korea.
  3. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    M/G are definitely slower than some of the other top teams. Moskvina has only had them for a year so the polishing process is ongoing. They won it on tech -- that 3S-Eu-3S is a lethal weapon directed at pairs with jumping difficulties (which describes all the Chinese pairs, unfortunately). It was a close thing and could have gone either way, but I've been an Anastasia uber since she was a junior whose partner dumped her and openly said it was because she was too fat. So this is sweet vindication.
  4. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    Nathan won't be lower than second, realistically (unless he's in much worse shape than publicly known), so as long as Jason is eleventh the US is fine. Qualifying the third spot at Nebelhorn shouldn't be a problem, if you look at the overall caliber of the US men versus the men who are aiming to qualify at Nebelhorn generally. Kagiyama will be the next World champion not named Hanyu or Chen, bet on it.
  5. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    Thrilled that Maddie did so well. That's the best short program from a Canadian lady since the divine KO retired. The final flights of both the ladies and pairs shorts were very chaotic -- but lots of really good skates from the ladies in the earlier tiers, in particular.
  6. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    Karen staying in fourth place will be a challenge -- in particular, she's ten points ahead of Trusova, but that's the value of one quad. Granted that Trusova has to skate clean-ish first, but she can easily make up the gap. Sakamoto would also be a strong candidate to move ahead.
  7. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    Tanith Belbin’s costume that season in the Original Dance was sufficiently controversial that it led to rule changes regarding how much skin (or implied skin) you could have in a costume. Vocals were allowed in ice dance at that point, and had been since 1998.
  8. Unless I missed something, I don't think there was anything saying that the letter arrived the same day as the wedding. Assuming local mail, it probably arrived days earlier, which would allow more time for an investigation. In terms of how he could have known she was missing, there'd probably have been stories about it if the police were asking around; if nothing else, he could have contacted her parents. The text messages are definitely a bit of convenient timing.
  9. Fennell just won the WGA Award for Best Original Screenplay.
  10. Hopkins spent most of the last two decades slumming it in paycheck roles (or otherwise in movies that didn't really work), but seems to have really rejuvenated himself in the last few. This was maybe the best performance I've ever seen him give. We've had a bunch of prominent movies based on plays this year (this, One Night in Miami, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom). This ended up feeling the most cinematic to me, though I don't know how much of that is down to the direction and how much to the source material structurally feeling more like a film (the central conceit certainly plays very well
  11. The MCU has mostly been drawing on Avengers comics characters who tend to focus on planetary-level threats and international adventuring. Though this also reflects differences between DC Comics and Marvel Comics, as the former tended to give each of its headliners their own city, whereas almost every major Marvel hero by default resides in New York and either patrols the whole city or some specific sub-section (as with Daredevil, micromanaging the hell out of a few blocks of Manhattan). There are Marvel heroes more concerned with street-level crime, but we haven't seen them in the MCU ye
  12. I get the writers wanting to bring in more 'realistic' stuff with the economics, etc., but in this case I would say that Sam should really have more options than the writers seem to want him to have here -- just set up a GoFundMe, he's a celebrity hero, he shouldn't have any problem raising the cash he needs.
  13. There's a few patchy bits of dialogue here, notably when we're told two disconnected things about the Flag-Smashers without any obvious connective tissue (they want a world without states, as per usual; but also things were better before the Blip, even though there's no indication that states were any less of a thing then). But on the whole, a solid start. Sam and Bucky, especially the latter, really took a backseat in the Captain America movies after the sequels got reconfigured to highlight Avengers characters more, so I'm glad that the actors are really getting some space to work with
  14. Man, after that seven-year hiatus Archie’s dating life is one non-stop party.
  15. I’m surprised a person could get Bull Moose right but not know that Wilson won that election.
  16. Promising Young Woman is my favourite of the nominees, though I expect it's probably second or (most likely) third in the standings for Best Picture behind Nomadland and Minari. It's best chances for wins are Mulligan and Fennell (in screenplay)>.
  17. Feige has said he envisions characters moving back and forth between film and streaming (this was specifically in the context of Kamala Khan).
  18. The Young Avengers are going to happen before the X-Men, at this point. The X-Men aren't even in development, while the pieces are falling into place for the Young Avengers fairly rapidly.
  19. Lili's next film role, with the director of Rafiki, a really good African independent film that not enough people saw. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/lili-reinhart-to-star-in-netflix-drama-plus-minus-from-rafiki-director-exclusive
  20. They recast Cassie to get a more notable actress. Hair colour is something you can change, if you want to (though they've already established Cassie as a brunette, like her father). The difference between the comics and the movies is the actors. The comics remain fixed on a certain number of relatively unchanging characters due to built-in audiences that don't let go, and since the characters are just lines on a page it's feasible to do that. But most MCU viewers aren't comics fans, and there's no real difference between trying to sell people on a new actor playing Steve Rogers and
  21. So far the show has been on a rampage through the miniseries categories.
  22. None of those are extenuating circumstances, though. Agatha didn't do anything to start or continue the fiction, she just played along with it. Hayward was hostile, but so what? If you're holding a whole town hostage you should expect to face hostile authorities. The Avengers leaving her alone, likewise, irrelevant. Obviously the Starks weren't the only victims, but why does that matter? Bucky is no more responsible for those other deaths than he is for theirs. For the record, I'm not especially concerned with getting bogged down in legal technicalities. My main issue is tha
  23. They do deserve justice — Bucky was completely innocent, however, so there’s no denial of justice there. Justice would involve the people who ordered the assassinations. Fixing Bucky’s brainwashing, as Wakanda’s scientists did, resolved the possibility of any future issues. Bucky was a victim, not a perpetrator.
  24. Bucky was brainwashed — there’s no legal or moral standard where he would be responsible for anything the Winter Soldier did. Wanda didn’t intentionally start the Hex over the town, but it’s unambiguous that she continued it even though she knew what it meant. We see that numerous times. There certainly are characters who have done terrible stuff in the MCU and faced limited consequences for it (see: Loki), but dramatically that also hinges on where the creators choose to place emphasis. The show spent far too much time on the victims of the Hex to just dismiss it the way they do a
  25. I thought that was a really terrible line (as well as Monica acting like the townsfolk will never understand her loss, as if that’s where the emphasis should be). If they were going to place so much emphasis on how awful the Hex was for people stuck in it, they should have had Wanda (and the viewer predisposed to like Wanda) deal with that, rather than doing everything in the denouement to let her off the hook. She doesn’t even speak to the townspeople after, or do anything to make amends, she just flies off and it’s all good because Monica has no problem with her.
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