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  1. She's had so many health problems this past year, unfortunately, she wasn't expected to.
  2. Summer will have to wait until she's the ripe old age of 17 for an Olympic medal in the 400 m. As an aside, Summer's older sister Brooke is also an athlete, in her case aiming to go to the Winter Olympics (she's already been to the Winter Youth Olympics):
  3. My favourite thing about Maggie is that she's so nearsighted that she can't actually see the scoreboard when she ends a race, so she has no idea how she did until it's either announced or somebody tells her.
  4. Women's 100 m butterfly starting now. This will be a really interesting one. My fingers are crossed for Maggie, who's the reigning World champion, but this field is so stacked that she could easily be off the podium entirely here. EDIT: Hell yeah!
  5. The pool is very cold and they want to keep their muscles warm. The Canadian women's swim team is going strong despite Taylor Ruck's unfortunate health problems, which I was afraid would doom them. Thank God that Penny returned to form just in time to be the hero again.
  6. Ever Anderson, the daughter of Milla Jovovich and director Paul W.S. Anderson. Because they're phasing out all these older contract players for younger, cheaper people.
  7. The paternal grandmother's introduction was very sweet (though if she had children living in America this long, I'm a bit surprised it took this long for somebody to suggest bringing her over).
  8. This is the first season of a Marvel program that qualifies as great (or at least near-great), in my view. Much more coherent, and the wider MCU setup is far better integrated than it was in the previous ones.
  9. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    Ten years of Gilles & Poirier.
  10. The reviews from Cannes are very positive, on the whole.
  11. I'm impressed Richard E. Grant kind of managed to make that costume work. Plot-wise, this show really does feel wide open, which is quite unusual in an MCU product.
  12. The former 20th Century Fox's loss is Netflix's gain with this trilogy of films adapted from the premise of R.L. Stine's Fear Street series, starting with Part One: 1994. I was more of a Goosebumps age in the 1990s, so I don't have any personal attachment to the source material (though I gather this story is mostly original, which would be easy to guess anyway with the teenage lesbian relationship at the center of the plot, something pretty unlikely in a 1990s book aimed at younger readers). Anyway, I liked it. The lead actresses both sell their characters well. The kills are unusu
  13. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    Chock & Bates were the fourth seed, meaning they had their pick of the Grand Prix events apart from (theoretically) Rostelecom had RusFed chosen to host-pick Stepanova & Bukin. They and the USFS evidently decided they wanted to compete at Skate America. Since the Olympic bronze is probably between the North American teams, perhaps they decided to avoid starting the season with a potential loss to Gilles & Poirier in the latter's home court. They're not included in either the ISP or the USFS funding envelope either, so something is going on with them. What, I have no i
  14. If it was a completely deserted rock there wouldn't have been much for the characters to do while there. I don't recall any implication that they were trying to save Lamentis. They were looking for an escape, nothing more.
  15. The point of Lamentis was as a stage for the developing relationship between the Lokis. We got some details about the setting because that's a necessity for any one-episode locale. I don't think there's anything rushed about that.
  16. The “sacred timeline” seems to be all realities collectively that meet whatever the Timekeepers’ standards are.
  17. So far this is such a huge improvement over the other MCTVU shows in terms of writing quality. No superfluous B-plots or scattershot plotting to be found. This episode further clarified how the timeline in this world works, in that the "sacred timeline" doesn't mean there's literally one reality, apparently there are a bunch of them constantly spawning but only some of them meet the approval of the Timekeepers.
  18. SeanC

    NHL Thread

    Not sure what to expect from the Habs tonight, but I'm excited to see what they can do. The first game against Vegas was their worst of the series, but the coaching team has been great at making adjustments so far.
  19. SeanC

    NHL Thread

    What an incredible run the Habs are on.
  20. SeanC

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    Loki's powers are fairly vague, which was my only quibble with this episode, because it often feels arbitrary what he can or can't do (for instance, he can fake that man's voice based only on having seen a picture of him, but he cannot fake a ticket for some reason).
  21. And we officially have our first figure skating program using the soundtrack:
  22. Canada has a real wunderkid, from the looks of it. https://swimswam.com/summer-mcintosh-hits-fastest-14-under-200-free-in-history-156-19/
  23. SeanC

    Luca (2021)

    Endearingly modest, I thought. A pretty low-stakes story overall, and nothing obviously designed to sell toys, just likeable characters and a warm atmosphere.
  24. SeanC

    Emma (2020)

    Taylor-Joy and O'Connor were paired up for one of Variety's annual actor videos, and they talk a fair bit about Emma. (as well as their other projects). https://variety.com/2021/film/news/anya-taylor-joy-furious-mad-max-1234996532/
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