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  1. Spicymustard

    S21.E23: Live Eviction #7

    I completely agree. Is he just supposed to lay down and let himself get voted out?
  2. Spicymustard

    S21.E11: Live Eviction #3; Battle Back #1

    I like cliff but was really hoping for David to get back in the house. He had a realhandle on the house and it would have been really fun to see what he would have done.
  3. Spicymustard

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    So LVL quit the show. What does this mean for vanderpump rules? Does she cut ties completely with bravo?
  4. Spicymustard

    S07.E22: Janine

    I can’t believe how much better she looked with that wig on! Wow! I remember her original episode and at first it looked like she was going to continue on that path of doom. I hope she is continuing to do well.
  5. Spicymustard

    Station 19

    I’m very disappointed they killed off Ripley. I loved him and Vic together. Maya...I like her character but not with jack. They built her up to be this super strong independent women. Don’t want to see a bunch of relationship drama. The deaf calfire guy, was he one of the winners on America’s next top model? He looked a lot like that guy.
  6. Spicymustard

    S15.E25: Jump into the Fog

    Still can’t stand the merdeith/deluca pairing. I fear this storyline means there’s no immediate ending in sight. I can see him as a fling but that’s about it. Maggie doesn’t annoy me like she does to other people. In fact I normally really like her character but she was way too annoying this episode. I feel really sorry for Tom. I also like his character. Especially in his jokester happy mode. Don’t want to see him in a downward, depressed spiral.
  7. Spicymustard

    Life In Pieces

    I’ve been watching this on Hulu and am nearing the end of season 2 and I find it so funny! I’m so sad to see that it’s been canceled after it’s 4th season, but I guess seeing some of the comments here it really nose dives at some point?
  8. Spicymustard

    S07.E07: Brandon's Story

    Brandon seemed like a nice guy. I hope he continues to do well. The nurse with the blood draw. She came off so cold. I really had to wonder about the editing because can somebody really be like that in that field? My husband has a history of passing out when needles are involved so they always make him lay down when he needs to get blood drawn which helps him not pass out. I thought that was handled very oddly.
  9. Spicymustard

    S02.E04: Live Eviction #1

    The mootch twist is the dumbest twist I’ve ever seen. I used to love the tom green show so although his ball jokes get old I am glad he will be sticking around for a bit longer for old times sake.
  10. Spicymustard

    S15.E10: Help, I'm Alive

    I don’t buy deluca and Meredith as a couple at all, for all the reasons that have already been posted. This story line is the most annoying one to me Meredith just comes across as so much more mature with much more life experience than him This might be unpopular opinion but I have always liked teddy. I’m glad to see her back.
  11. I thought will would win but I always liked Keith. He has a good personality and took okay pics. I’m confused by all his talk about helping his family. I thought guys make a ton of money in the NFL? I saw a few comments about Kari up thread. I’m also confused by her makeover because IMO it made her look like a stripper while I thought her original look when she came into the show was much cuter.
  12. Spicymustard

    Rest in Peace, Mirjana

    Wow, wow, wow. So I know this is 2019 now but I only just now finished this cycle and this is very sad to read. Also not a fan of her behavior on this show but how horrible to see what her fate was.
  13. Spicymustard

    S06.E13: Be Free

    So piper was in for about 13 months? In 13 months daya got pregnant and had a baby and Lorna got pregnant after and had a baby? Am I missing something? what did end up happening to co baily? I thought for sure he was going to commit suicide but he just fell off the face of the earth?
  14. Spicymustard

    S03.E01: Third Year

    Somebody remind me again the story with Ariel? I remember she made an appearance last season. That’s about it.
  15. Spicymustard

    S03.E01: Third Year

    Glad the show is back though I was really rolling my eyes at all of rob Lowe’s super hero antics during the drug bust.