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  1. gik910

    S04.E09: Blindsided

    That's completely true. And fair. But similar to how it's important that Maddie/Chimney' daughter has a traditional Korean name - I guess it's just the representation matters button for me. There is so much stigma around Foster Care - so when you do see it portrayed - you just hope for the best. They could have done an amazing story about how Karen/Hen actually supporting bio-mom through this and still having hard feelings about Nia returning home that would have been beautiful and bitter-sweet. The actors have the chops for that. But alas. I'm not going to stop watching or
  2. gik910

    S04.E09: Blindsided

    Mostly enjoyed the episode. Glad Albert lived. And now I'm about to go off on the Hen story line- feel free to skip... because I hate it and it's making me furious. For context - I'm currently a foster parent. There is almost zero way they would have not known why Nia was in care. There is almost zero way they would not know her birth mother. If she's actively working her program- they would have been doing virtual visits, there would be quarterly meetings with the entire team (foster parents, bio-parents, social workers, lawyers, Dept. Of Child Services, and a CASA rep most likely due
  3. Yay - the Nia story line has been handled poorly. We are foster parents. The goal is always reunification and even in the cases when it's not, it's because the case has gone through the courts. It's not kid comes into care, gets placed, boom adoption. There is a whole lot of court and other stuff between that. Even during the pandemic there would have been visitation of some sort (we moved to zoom calls for a while - challenging with kiddo under 2). The case worker would at least touch base monthly. The guardian ad litem would be in touch quarterly, and there would have been family meet
  4. "You're an alto." That line killed me. I friends with too many theater people.
  5. gik910

    S03.E04: Triggers

    Ugh. I do not like either Maddie or Buck's story lines at all. Buck hasn't been terminated - he's on medically necessary light duty. Why can't we have more of him and Christopher? That's gold. This is trash. The less said about Maddie going rogue the better.
  6. "Jessie - you're a child, you don't understand how good it is to be drunk in a lake" So - we devoured the 3rd season. Loved it. There are so many good one liners this season. I thought the ending was excellent and I am super excited for season 4.
  7. Ummmmm. Florida may be perfection. I am so uncomfortable but cracking up so hard right now. I don't even know what to do with myself. ETA: The only thing I don't like about this season so far is it is still pretty song heavy.
  8. I have a genuine plot question - it's small but it is f'ing irritating. I just watched the attack on the city and the Fae they sent up to fight with the airships just kind of stopped where the gun decks were, to be shot out of the sky. Instead of flying up a bit higher to light the ships on fire? Shoot them with arrows? Something, literally anything other than just casually looking at the gun that will shoot them. Why? What the hell? Anyway- so far I am casually enjoying it. I don't love it and I'm not particularly attached to anyone character at this point. It is gorgeous (but so dark
  9. Mark Kenamura would have murdered that sushi dance and I could see Chelsea right along side him. Comfort would have been hellacious in the ice dance. I could keep going like that for all the routines - and that is the biggest problem with the show casting the way they have been casting for the past few season (with a few exceptions). I want to see the old dancers. I still want the old stage. It's a crime that Madison's flub was just hand-waved. Having said that - I'll echo a few others in that I enjoy the guys much more than the gals this season (Specifically Bailey
  10. When they did a panoramic shot of the kitchen you can see it - they just moved it to the side of the entry way. I really loved the Kenny episode. I think it highlights how well these guys actually read people. And they got him a dog!!!! I'm loving that we are getting more of Antoni this season ( I may be biased but his dog love is hitting me so hard).
  11. I am thrilled they are adapting TVC first -but I am also one of those people that loves Mmenoch the Devil so so hard - so my taste is to be suspected... I read The Mayfair Witches too and my biggest take away from those was that Rice could write something truly scary. I don't remember if it was Lasher or Taltos - but I know one of them really freaked me out so my thoughts around that series is marred by that. If I am being honest - I just want a good representation of Marius (who is by far my favorite character) - which means I need this to last probably for a few seasons to finally
  12. gik910

    S02.E08: Buck Actually

    Um...how old was that adorable gay couple? Like, they aged really fast, right? (Also, not ok w/ that ripping that accident that killed Anton Yelchin). That whole thing was just sad. I was so happy it was not the reporter when Buck went into the restaurant. Glad to see the Earthquake victim again! Ruth & Earl were so cute! Bobby - that is a lot of candles for a dude that caused a fire once. Just saying. I was also totally expecting Maddie's husband at the end spying on her and Chim. Season finale, perhaps?
  13. Ran through the whole series on a Saturday at home. 1. The story arch is so delightfully twisted 2. I would kill for Christine's wardrobe 3. The cat might be my spirit animal I have no idea how this was greenlite - but I sure am happy it was. It's twisted, and fantastic, and just kind of a perfectly weird little show. Elvira meets Martha Stewart meets The Addams Family meets The Muppets...like what?!?!
  14. Wrong episode post! Loving the pacing this season.
  15. DeMarcus is my favorite character this episode. The violin killed me. "Every hand shake is unique like a McNugget" "I don't think McNuggets are like that unique. There is only like 4 shapes" "For real?!" DEAD. Out of Bounds: A Baller's Promise - true American literature right there.
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