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  1. gik910

    The Vampire Chronicles

    I am thrilled they are adapting TVC first -but I am also one of those people that loves Mmenoch the Devil so so hard - so my taste is to be suspected... I read The Mayfair Witches too and my biggest take away from those was that Rice could write something truly scary. I don't remember if it was Lasher or Taltos - but I know one of them really freaked me out so my thoughts around that series is marred by that. If I am being honest - I just want a good representation of Marius (who is by far my favorite character) - which means I need this to last probably for a few seasons to finally wash away the stank of the movie that shall not be named.
  2. gik910

    S02.E08: Buck Actually

    Um...how old was that adorable gay couple? Like, they aged really fast, right? (Also, not ok w/ that ripping that accident that killed Anton Yelchin). That whole thing was just sad. I was so happy it was not the reporter when Buck went into the restaurant. Glad to see the Earthquake victim again! Ruth & Earl were so cute! Bobby - that is a lot of candles for a dude that caused a fire once. Just saying. I was also totally expecting Maddie's husband at the end spying on her and Chim. Season finale, perhaps?
  3. Ran through the whole series on a Saturday at home. 1. The story arch is so delightfully twisted 2. I would kill for Christine's wardrobe 3. The cat might be my spirit animal I have no idea how this was greenlite - but I sure am happy it was. It's twisted, and fantastic, and just kind of a perfectly weird little show. Elvira meets Martha Stewart meets The Addams Family meets The Muppets...like what?!?!
  4. gik910

    S02.E04: Sh*t Talk

    Wrong episode post! Loving the pacing this season.
  5. gik910

    S02.E03: Leaving a Mark

    DeMarcus is my favorite character this episode. The violin killed me. "Every hand shake is unique like a McNugget" "I don't think McNuggets are like that unique. There is only like 4 shapes" "For real?!" DEAD. Out of Bounds: A Baller's Promise - true American literature right there.
  6. gik910

    S02.E02: #2

    Every episode - I have a favorite new character. This episode is a toss up between Martin (the dope 10 year old) & Gram. And Fruit Ninja is hilarious. My bigger concern that have not highlighted yet is that the police are questioning a MINOR for a crime (not a school prank) w/out a guardian present. There are charges. Where the f is the representation!?!?
  7. gik910

    S15.E09: Meet the Top Ten

    I loved Ryan! Still maintain that he did not get nearly enough attention from the judges his season. He made all of his partners look even better than they were. Glad to hear Franc/Jean-Marc are still married! I was a little worried. Would love it if she could pop in this season.
  8. gik910

    S15.E09: Meet the Top Ten

    I think a lot of the criticism of Jensen could have applied to Lindsey (to a lesser degree) and certainly Witney on their season too. I love Lindsey now, she has had a chance to mature - but I remember her not being one of mt favorites during her season (not that she was bad by any means). I'll give Jensen a chance to settle in. I do agree that she probably would not have been cast if she wasn't related. And yes, Nigel is gross. (Like, how the fuck is a dance to Exes & Ohs not supposed to be overtly sexual?) Bus, meet Chelsea. She handled being thrown a entirely different skill ( to a terrible rendition of a classic) like a pro. I hope she sticks around. (I actually thought that color looked beautiful on her in the tap routine). At least Twitch mentioned that this hasn't been done (which, seriously F-off show). Save the tap for the special stuff (like Nick & Jess in season or the Season 8 finale w/ those 2 and Matt Flint. P.S. I will talk about Jess whenever I can) I admit that I wanted Nate, but Slavik was fantastic. Gennesy - less so. (I would have taken Emily over Gennesy) Loving Magda and Darius. Slight shades of Anya/Danny. Darius was my guy coming off of last week - nothing has changed from that. Jury is still out for the girls. Maybe Magda - I like my lady dancers with a little bit of maturity. Really wish we could of had a top 20. Sigh, I'll take what I can get I guess. But this going to be blood bath. Good things: Starting out with the contestants as partners Cat Twitch The stage looks a tiny, tiny bit more like the original one. Cole's back piece - I would watch that man dance with his shirt off forever. Cat ("Go arm wrestle or draw straws." She even makes nonsense delightful. Questions to ponder: How can such a creeper (Nigel) be the same man that has steered this show, one I love ( despite all of the valid issues we have with it)through some very rough waters? It is a moral dilemma. What happened to Jean Marc's wife? I miss her and her very red hair. Will we ever see a choreographer like Wade again? Is Vanessa what we have to deal with (for a younger demo appeal) for the shows survival?
  9. gik910

    S02.E01: No Family Is Perfect

    Oh man. So glad this is back! The Better Off Ted links continue to warm my heart (and make me sad again). Ramona is getting a larger part! Win. I continue to love, love, love Eric- especially his running zombie commentary. AS I said last season, zombie looks good on Drew - she is stunning in this show. Love the morgue attendant - I hope he continues to show up. This episodes favorite quotes (there are a lot this episode): "I just wanted your vomit, why'd you have to make it weird?" “She likes that store Debbie and Debbie’s, but you have to ask for tall Debbie because white Debbie is a c*nt.” "Stop chewing the post, it holds up the whole fucking house." Really, that was all about Abby's delivery. "Why do they tease us with such tiny amounts of juice?!?! Who wins this game?" "Abby Hammond, taking charge, kicking ass, and talking to nobody!" "We all just do the best we can, except for Leslie the cashier. She's become a problem"
  10. gik910

    S02.E02: Coyote in Yoga Pants

    I don't know why- but the eyelid on the light made me laugh so hard. Hammer Knife!!!! Some of this episodes favorite quotes: "Mom loves fingers, but she says the thumbs are like the ends of bread..." "One was is correct and one way is profoundly ignorant" "If the Wright Brother's had a daughter like you, we would have never have conquered the sky!"
  11. gik910

    S07.E03: The Garden of Forking Paths

    That's what I thought. So what's worse, there was no dramatic tension in that scene at all then.
  12. gik910

    S07.E03: The Garden of Forking Paths

    Do you know what is painful? When I start the show on Hulu, the bump is still a image of Emma using her powers. It would be (marginally) easier for me to try and give this a fair chance as a new(ish) show if I was not visibly reminded of what is no longer here every. damn. time. I have not had a chance to read the previous comments yet, so please forgive me if I am being redundant. Cinderella and Tiana had more chemistry in that 5 second rescue in the beginning fairyback and roomie bonding session than Cinder and Henry have had in any interaction. So, is Henry the Author still? Even if he does not remember it right now. Research should be his jam! And Jacinda, writers traditionally love bars. You should not be surprised to see him there. I cannot tell if Henry actually saying "Honestly, from one storyteller to another it just kind of seems..." was TWTS thinking they are so clever! The irony inherent in that statement does not go away because your write something being hidden underground. It is derivative - not a good use of a parallel. There is a difference. And just handwaving the history of the Seattle Underground is just kind of shitty. That place is rich for fairly tale development and they are just like - "oh, it just like the mines in S1, so cool!" Blerg. And where the F is Alice? She is like the only semi-interesting "new" character they brought in- and she is completely MIA There is no way Regina didn't protect Henry's heart - just absolutely now way. This would be a great time for her to act like the Evil (if reformed) Queen who commands a shit ton of magic and school all these bitches. I am digging Lana's hair in the fairybacks. So was the cemetery the curse reacting to Henry's softening? I guess Dreads-punzle is kind of interesting?
  13. gik910

    Great News

    Chuck's demand for RC Cola only had me in stitches (mainly because I love RC) Portia having a different dress every scene and calling out Kanye was amazing! I wish that they would even Carol out a little bit more. With everything they show about her - I don't blame Katie one bit for freaking out and still empathize more with her. I like the casting for the guests.
  14. gik910

    TDS 3.0: Season Three Talk

    We actually got standby tickets to last nights taping and made it in! Pretty sure that's because the Cubs were playing! Michelle miming the wall of dicks was hilarious. We actually had to film her entrance twice (we did it near the end of the taping) During the "commercial breaks" Trevor remained on stage unless they were prepping the set and continued talking to us. Trey, the kid they featured in YCA clip the was in the audience. It was super fun! I did have to watch the show- because you could not hear anything when we were cheering.
  15. gik910

    S03.E03: Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

    It was delightful seeing Trixie and Maze! But also - fugitive guy's lawyer was Jo Lupo!