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  1. As a native New Yorker, I beg that we revisit this subject after you’ve dodge rats that are the size of cats on a subway and/or the platform.
  2. I find Yara to be brash and ungrateful. Miss Gwen has been nothing but kind and generous to her and the way she speaks to her sometimes is appalling. “You are always up Jovi’s ass.” How rude and disrespectful. She has been “independent since she was 17”, so clearly she doesn’t know what a loving, supportive family looks like. Of her free will, she got on a plane to America, got pregnant for a second time and flew to Vegas to get married. So yes, she did sign up for all it entails. What I wouldn’t give to have Jovi quit his high paying job to work at the Piggly Wiggly, just so he can be a
  3. Who the hell has a rat as a pet? Never mind. After all that drama, Natalie now says she might have "misheard and Trish probably didn't call her a hooker". Whatever! Gwen is a better woman than I could ever hope to be. If whiny Yara begged to be taken back to New Orleans and then called and asked if she could come back, I would tell her "Hell no".
  4. Poor Kaitlin! She hates the fact that women are talking about the way she looks. Given her fame whore tendency, I bet she will hate it even more when we stop talking about her. She was never a beauty, but now, she looks horrific. Her next reality show should be “Botched”.
  5. Based on the ladies reactions when Garcelle asked "shouldn't she wait?" I am willing to bet good money that those ladies thought she meant, "Erica would be stupid to divorce Tom when he has one foot in the grave." Still not feeling Crystal.
  6. After seeing Daonte putting his toy in the dishwasher with the other dishes, I wouldn't eat or drinking anything that he prepared. I have a hard time believing some of these folks went without a roof over their head or lived in abject poverty while sending twenty to thirty thousand dollars to felons. Surely no one can be that stupid?!
  7. Kaitlyn is starting to resemble Jocelyn Wildenstein, the cat lady of Manhattan's Upper East Side.
  8. So, Liz promised her folks that her boyfriend won't be spending the night. Good one. And, if you pull my right leg it plays "Jingle Bells".
  9. I used to like Natalie, but then I saw a side of her that I found rather off putting. She lost me after she asked Mike’s friend if all American women are whores, like her. When she told Trish being a single mom is hard and that she ought to know, she had a smirk on her face. I take it her mother is a widow. I don’t particularly care for Mike and Trish, but Natalie has a sharp tongue and a superior attitude.
  10. Natalie's mommy told her not to speak to the big, bad lady. She won't "remind" Trish that she called her a hooker, because then Mike would ask Trish if it's true; Trish would say "no" and that would be the end of that. Too easy. Natalie isn't ready for the conflict to end, because she is still angry that Trish tried to call off their wedding. She needs something to hold onto so that she can play the victim. She plans on holding this over Trish's head for as long as she is with her son.
  11. I don’t believe Trish called Natalie a hooker, because if she did, TLC would have it running on a loop. I think something was lost in translation. Enough with Kalani and Asuelu and the sex talk. It’s cringey and I don’t believe anyone cares. I felt bad for Brandon’s parents. Sometimes they don't listen, but I think they mean well. I thought it rude of Brandon and his wife to just walk out of the reception. If they were living in my house, I would ask them to leave.
  12. Someone probably should have reminded Jess that the “accusations, allegations and confrontations” were brought on by her and Dan’s actions. I agree with Ning. Mark should have called it quits a lot earlier. Waiting until the end of the experiment wasn’t a nice thing to do.
  13. Joy's little family is cute! They seem so happy. God bless!
  14. The father is an a-hole and the mother is an idiot. The poor lady looks tired and worn out and here he is talking about having another kid. What the eff is wrong with him? While the kids look happy, they do not look healthy. Plus, they have two that are going to need surgery. I wish they would prioritize the kids that they have. I can’t help but wonder why Karen’s family aren’t around.
  15. Clarice was robbed! Gesine is full of it. I find it annoying that her opinion seems to be the one that counts.
  16. I noticed that when Bert first arrived, she didn’t acknowledge Dannielle and the boys. After hugging Garrick for what seemed like an eternity, she finally and begrudgingly greeted them. The bikinis reveal was extremely awkward. “You can have as many quickies as you like.” Had a feeling he is a two-pump chump. I wonder what the hell Garrick has on Dannielle’s parents, because even his own family strongly disagrees with all of this. It was sad seeing Chrissie so excited, knowing what was to come.
  17. I find it hard to believe that a Judge would side with a drug addicted father with a gambling problem over the child’s seemingly clean, law abiding mother. Not saying he wouldn’t get visitation, but full custody? absolutely not.
  18. Tiffany telling that story made me chuckle. That is always the defense of the suspects on "Cops". "It's my friend's jacket, so I don't know anything about the drugs/gun in the pocket." I find Julia's behavior rather off putting. Brandon's parents may be overbearing, but I believe they mean well. Same with Jovi's mom. As in-laws go, they are worse. They should thank their lucky stars that they don't have to deal with Trish.
  19. I am confused. Tiffany’s father apparently was unaware of Ronald’s gambling addiction and DUIs. However, two years ago, he was at their wedding in South Africa. Did he not watch the show? Unless I am mistaken, there are thousands of military wives living away from their families, with kids, while their husbands are deployed for six months or more. And yet, somehow, they manage to survive. Knowing her situation, perhaps Yara should have thought about birth control before she got pregnant a second time.
  20. I still can’t get over the explanation for keeping Dan and Jess in the experiment. "If we intervened it would no longer be an experiment.” If that is the case, then they shouldn’t be giving advice at the commitment ceremonies. Plus, they have intervened. If memory serves, they had two sit downs with Cyrell and Nic. This show seems to be less about matchmaking and more about the drama. After all, they paired a virgin with a bi-sexual who is into threesomes. And, since Mike and Jess had their argument, they were paired in the partner swap and assigned seats next to each other.
  21. “People cheat.” The look on Michael’s face when his lovely Martha uttered those words was priceless. Stay with this shrew and that will be your future. I used to like him, but he is beyond whipped. I agree with Jules; Jess and Martha are really immature. “She’s an adult, so she is mature.” Poor Mikey. She probably carries his balls in her purse. I cheered when Ying told her to shut up, about time. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, “Martha is a mean girl. She is worse than Jess.” This show is never ending. Hard to believe that Matt/Lauren, Mel/Dino, Sam/Liz and Ines/Br
  22. So, David Spade is going to be the host of Bachelor in Paradise. Just shoot me!
  23. It was Garrick and Dannielle’s “13th Anniversary” and yet, he made it all about Bert. Unbelievable! In the beginning, I felt sorry for Dannielle, but not anymore. She needs to say how she is really feeling instead of looking dejected and biting her lips. I have a feeling Bert’s first order as the legal wife, will be to have Garrick get rid of Dannielle and the boys. After Dimitri proposed and Chrissie said that everything was moving rather quickly, I noticed that Ashley shot him a look. They probably thought that she would be jumping up and down. It was clear that Colton wasn
  24. When Jules asked Martha if she knew about Jess and Dan, I noticed that Michael piped up and said that he knew too. Clearly, Martha has his balls in her bag. If he stays with that woman, she is going to make him her lap dog.
  25. I don't understand why it was okay for Jess and Dan to stay in the experiment, while Ines and Sam got kicked out. I didn't care for Ines but fair is fair. Dr. Trish was the expert who advocated for Jess and Dan. They were already in the process of filming Season 7 while Season 6 was airing, so, I am willing to bet the backlash led to her not returning for Season 8. I hate Martha with the rays of a thousand suns. Silly woman! She is nothing but a Kardashian wanna be.
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