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  1. I am not a huge Asia fan but I LOVED her performance at the reunion. I loved her sort of taking Ru to task on some level and I had to wonder if that killed her chances at the crown. I was shocked that Eureka was so quiet - maybe she was mouthier but got edited down. The whole reunion, though, made me realize how much I love Monet. She's the best. I know her drag is not top dollar but I think she is a STAR!
  2. I miss Monet. I hope Eureka pulls off the win. I think she's been pretty consistently good, and I think she's at her best when she's just off the cuff - she's more sincere and enjoyable and seems just naturally sort of funny. I was underwhelmed by this whole episode!
  3. So sad to see Monet go. Should have been Aquaria in the bottom two with Kameron. What a bummer. And yes - girl Frankie was also giving me some Bianca del Rio - something about her gestures and stance. FWIW, I HATE the "loaf" hairstyles. I understand using one once in a while, but Eureka pulls them out too frequently and they are just not my thing.
  4. I watched The Office while I was in labor with both of my kids - that's how much I loved this show. However, I didn't watch the last 2 1/2 seasons of The Office (which happened post-children) b/c my then-husband would never agree to watch them with me but did not want me to watch them without him, and then he deleted them from the DVR. Now that Comedy Central is running them all, I finally had a chance to watch the final seasons. I was disappointed that the Jim/Pam tension just sort of got poofed away - I don't think it was truly resolved and was just sort of set aside. However, I loved D
  5. When I married my husband, I did so with the knowledge that I was taking a risk. That he could get sick, that we could live in poverty, that any number of things could happen to change our lives from what they were when we married to something else. But that's why they are marriage vows - you are promising the other person something, that you will stick together no matter what and that you are joining your lives together. Your description of what marriage is is EXACTLY what most people see it as today, but it's not what it's supposed to be. It's supposed to be a vow, a promise, a sacred commit
  6. No, I totally agree with you - but IMO that's why the vows are what they are. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. We have no guarantee that the person we are marrying might not get cancer 2 years in, bankrupting us and leaving us widowed. But that's why they are VOWS. They are serious. They are a promise. Or they were supposed to be. They mean nothing nowadays b/c people think it's okay to leave if they are not happy, if they are not getting enough sex, if someone else makes them feel wanted, fill-in-the-blank-here whatever.
  7. People who feel that way should not get married. There's no point in a vow if it's predicated on "you know, if I continue to feel like it, and things don't change, and I don't meet someone else, and etc." I had a hard time with this episode b/c A) it was hard to see June get tamped back down, and B) as someone whose marriage fairly recently imploded due to infidelity it's just hard to watch June's backstory and not get a stomachache. I enjoyed Annie confronting her and thought Luke showed his true colors once again by being such an asshole on the phone to her. I wish we hadn't seen Annie
  8. I subscribe to once a cheater, always a cheater, so I'm SURE Luke has had hookups if not more. If actual vows to an actual wife didn't stop him, the presence of a maybe-dead, definitely disappeared wife will not have stopped him, either.
  9. I feel like Mayhem was being punished for being a pretty decently well-known queen and for trying out for the show a zillion times. I also preferred her lipsync AND I liked her chocolate Judd getup, maybe because I flipping love the Judds. Mayhem, I will miss you.
  10. I super duper hate cheating storylines, especially when they are thrown in there for flavor like it seems this one was. And ditto to her sharing with her child about it. WHAT? Ugh.
  11. PCOS is a syndrome which means it's a collection of symptoms. Not every person gets every symptom. Some people with PCOS have all of the symptoms; some people have only one or two. So it's completely possible for someone with PCOS to be skinny - just less likely. But there are plenty of "skinny cysters," as they are called in the PCOS community, who still deal with some of the problems like irregular ovulation but who don't have the weight issues. For those snarking on the story Ashley told about Whit and Ashley being on the same diet and Whitney not losing weight - I fully believe her. T
  12. I was glad to hear Angele is in counseling. She could use it. I think she's a kind person who is just starved for love and attention from childhood issues. slasherboy, someone posted a link either here or in a related thread that revealed that Jaclin's first child was smothered in the bed while sleeping with both parents. So sad. I hope SHE is in counseling because when she talked about not feeling like she deserves anything good in her life b/c of that accident, it broke my heart. Stephanie is a piece of work. I cannot find anything redeeming about her. I am interested in next week'
  13. When the show first started, one of the ideas was to franchise "BGDC" and at a cost, train other trainers who would then be licensed to offer this type of class in other places. The same sort of deal as Zumba or Flirty Girl Fitness - you pay the money to join the franchise, take some training and pass some tests, and then you are a licensed provider for the class. I don't know why this idea was dropped. I think it's a GREAT idea b/c as we saw from the Charleston class, there are women out there who really want to do this sort of class but feel ostracized from your average Zumba or Cardio Funk
  14. I thought Wendy was not nearly as kind and thankful toward Jerry as she should have been on today's comeback show. She sort of dismissed him and honestly, he stepped up and did her a solid taking over for a bit. That was disappointing. I like how Wendy wholeheartedly pointed out to Dr. Oz that she did NOT get DEPRESSED or GAIN WEIGHT. Ok, we get it girl. We get it.
  15. I wish he had actually done something, as well. And to be honest, my first thought as he was letting them off was "this would be 100% a different situation if all of those young people were African American."
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