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  1. I think Alexandra is someone that they took into training camp as filler, fully intending to cut her. I don't think Kelli ever had any intention of putting her on the team.
  2. I do think legacies should be given extra consideration when it comes to making the team, and I'm even ok with taking a team of 37 or 38 instead of 36 if they have a legacy or two who are right on the cusp, especially if the mom is or has been heavily involved with DCC since retiring. For example, I think Dayton (Shelly's daughter) should have made the team last year. I think Victoria has been given a lot of special treatment, favoritism, and grace that wasn't extended to other legacies (Dayton last year, Madeline S.) who were just as good or better, and I don't think her name would have even been in the conversation for show group if she weren't Tina's daughter. For me, she's either blending and I don't notice her at all, or she's standing out in a bad way because she's sloppy or in someone else's space. She's not the worst in the room but she's also not one of the best. I don't know what Travis, Kelli, and others are seeing that makes them insist Victoria is an amazing dancer and the best in the room, but the dancing we see on the show certainly doesn't reflect that for me.
  3. People who stood out in this episode: Jalyn: I've never cared for Jalyn, so I didn't mind her getting cut from show group. I wouldn't have put her on it in the first place last year. I wonder if there's a reason other than just getting outdanced in auditions. She was one of Kelli's clear favorites last year, so it's strange to me that they not only cut her but then called her to the carpet afterwards. Meredith: She needs to go. She stands out, in a bad way, in every single routine they've shown so far. Even when they're not focusing on her and she's in the background. She may be a beautifully trained ballet dancer, but she can't do the DCC style of dance. If she hasn't gotten it by now, she's not going to. I also don't see the amazing facial beauty that others do. Meredith and Jalyn both have what I consider to be more of a trashy look (or as Kelli calls it, "sexy.") I prefer the natural beauties over the ones with obviously unnatural hair colors and raccoon eyes, but that's just personal taste. Victoria: I wouldn't have put Victoria on show group, but I'm not surprised that Kelli did. She has improved since last year, but I don't think she's one of the best ones there and I don't think she's outdancing the veterans. Madeline S: I really like her. She struggles occasionally, but I think she has a lot of potential and as a legacy would be a great asset to the team. She's beautiful, smart, well-spoken, and a good dancer. Maybe not one of the best right now, but also IMO not one of the worst.
  4. From what we've seen, Meredith can't do the DCC style of dance. I would have cut her this week. It appears that she struggles to keep up with the choreography, and when she does remember it, she looks awkward doing it.
  5. I have not missed Kitty at all and I could honestly do without her in future episodes as well. A few thoughts on this episode: None of the rookie candidates really stood out to me in a good way. I didn't care for Victoria's solo and I'm surprised Kelli was so blown away by it. Do the DCC even do lyrical outside of show group? I didn't think it was the best routine for showcasing that Victoria can do DCC style dancing. I'm glad they didn't take Malena back. She hadn't improved and unfortunately with her inability to retain choreography, she isn't ever going to be a fit for this team. I cannot for the life of me figure out how Christina continues to keep her spot (or how she made it in the first place). There must be something really special about Christina that just doesn't come across on TV. I don't see how else she could bomb in her interview, get outdanced by the rookie candidates as a veteran for the second year in a row, and still keep her spot. I like Kristin but I think she looks a lot heavier than she was last year. I wonder if this will be an issue. Hip Hop Maddie sure does think she's a big deal. She's good but IMO nowhere near as good as she thinks she is.
  6. Kat looks like Beyoncé. I would not have taken Malena into finals. She may be pretty and nice and knowledgeable about football, but she can’t retain choreography and that’s not something you can fix. I actually felt like the group of girls taken into finals was pretty weak overall. No one stood out as being exceptional all around. Maybe it’s just due to editing, but based on what we saw, I don’t see these girls giving the veterans any serious competition for their spots.
  7. Taylor is Christina 2.0. I would have cut her in a heartbeat over Lily. If I were Lily, I would not come back. Cutting her on the last night when she’s never been in the office before suggests that there’s a reason other than dance that they don’t want her on the team. What they did to her was a slap in the face and I wouldn’t waste my time again. Malena’s cut was unfortunate but long overdue. They should have released her before she quit her job. She can’t retain choreography and that’s not something you can teach.
  8. How do the stickers work? Is there a limit to how many stickers each person can give? Are they week-by-week, or accumulated throughout training camp? It seems like that would be a pretty easy way to make cuts. Victoria, having only one sticker, would be the first logical cut. Other girls who only have one or two would be next. IMO, Victoria, Kristen, and Malena all should have gone home this week. They're all consistently struggling, have been struggling (VK with weight, the others with dance) from day one, and don't seem to be improving. If five cuts absolutely still have to be made, and those three are so clearly the weakest links with only 2 weeks left to go, it seems inevitable that they'll all go home. Why drag it out? I thought it was interesting that Kelli mentioned that in previous years they've been able to be more flexible with how many girls they took. I wonder if she was told this year that they could not take more than 36 for any reason.
  9. I actually think it might be possible that Victoria truly did not realize how inappropriate her behavior was. If this is her first "job," maybe she didn't realize that treating the boss like Mommy's BFF in the workplace is not acceptable, even if that's what you do outside of the workplace. It's Kelli's job as director to shut that down as soon as it happens, but she not only allowed it, she positively reinforced it by rewarding Victoria with extra time, mentors, and warnings well past the point when anyone else would have been cut. I am shocked that Kelli's supervisor (Charlotte?) hasn't stepped in and gone over Kelli's head, since Kelli clearly isn't capable of doing her job when it comes to Victoria. Maybe she wasn't aware of what was going on. Either way, it's not a good look for Kelli.
  10. I wasn't a huge fan of Taylor T, so she would have been an easy cut for me after the media day disaster. I am really surprised that even after Kelli realized Victoria had blown Jinelle off, she STILL kept her for another week. Is there something outstanding about Victoria that we just aren't seeing in the edit? Why are they giving her chance after chance? I don't want to hear "because she's a legacy," because Dayton was a legacy and Kelli couldn't have cared less about giving her the "respect" of more time. I am also curious as to how Amber made show group. IMO, she's not DCC beautiful, her dancing doesn't grab my attention, and she blew the mock interviews with Brenda. She wouldn't even be in my top 36 for the team, much less in consideration for show group, but I guess they're seeing something that isn't coming across in the edit.
  11. I think Victoria is pretty. IMO she looks better with more natural, toned down makeup. I feel like the heavy makeup ages her. I wonder if Shelly or Judy could move into Kelli's position. I actually think Shelly would be good. She's a DCC alum and she is already employed by DCC, so it would just be moving into a different role. I liked her in the brief segments we saw where she was helping Dayton. She looks like she would be a very hands on director who could strike a good balance of constructive criticism and approachability.
  12. I was shocked by how Kelli treated Madeline and Kristin in their office visits. I found it unnecessarily rude. I don't care how they edited it; the facial expressions, tone of voice, and way she was interrupting them were unprofessional and unnecessary. Miranda's terror over Kitty changing the way Kelli and Judy feel about her says a lot. Kitty needs to go. Is she even an actual employee of the DCC? Either way, she's toxic, and she's way too old to be bullying and sabotaging the girls she doesn't care for. And yet again, Kelli gives a girl who has consistently been struggling and from what we have seen is NOT improving (Kristin) a second (more like 4th or 5th) chance, yet she couldn't seem to release Dayton fast enough. The cuts this season are not adding up. I've enjoyed Kelli on past seasons, but this one is bringing out a new side of her and it's not a good look.
  13. The issue I have with the Dayton cut is that I don't think they did give her a fair chance to earn it. They cut her just as she was really starting to improve. And I do think when a legacy is cut, their mother is owed at the very least the courtesy of a heads up. And preferably, if she wants it, an explanation as to why... and it needs to be a better explanation than just, "She wasn't top 36 that particular week and it was a cut night, so we decided to cut her even though there were other girls who were weaker."
  14. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that. If the mom left the squad in bad standing, no, her daughter shouldn't get special consideration. But if the mom has been actively involved and raised the daughter within the DCC, and the mom is actually employed by the DCC, then yes, I think it's appropriate to give that candidate extra consideration. They sure as heck did for Cassie Trammell. Should they give her someone else's spot if she truly didn't earn one? No. If they have to take 36 and she's not top 36, don't take her. But we've seen on the show that rookie class numbers are not set in stone, and I don't think there's anything wrong with taking a squad of 37 instead of 36 when they've got 36 great girls and a legacy right on the cusp.
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