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  1. blairwaldorf

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I can’t believe they changed things around so much just so they wouldn’t have to cut Meredith. I really hope she’s a one and done and that at some point we learn why they couldn’t cut her. What a train wreck.
  2. Every time they say something like “There are no obvious cuts” and “this is such a tough decision” and then cut to a clip that shows Meredith dancing, it reminds me of that SNL skit where Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley are trying out to be Chippendale’s dancers.
  3. Is Meredith an alternate? If so, that’s going to be a disaster. How is she going to fill in for anyone when she can’t pick up new choreography, can’t adapt choreography for any position in the formation, and panics/screws up when she has to make yard line changes on the fly...
  4. Meredith has no business being on this team. I wish they would at least address WHY they won’t cut her since it’s obvious she didn’t earn a spot on her own merits. In the future when they let someone buy their way on, they should make a storyline of it. Something like, “Meredith is not top 36, and is weaker than other girls who have been or will be cut, but she’s been guaranteed a spot regardless of performance because (Jerry Jones wants her on the team due to their personal relationship/her parents cut us a check/her family is politically connected/whatever the reason), so we are making the best of the situation. And we hope she can pull it together.” Or pretend she won some fan favorite contest and can’t be cut. SOMETHING to explain why she’s still there despite not being able to do the routines or remember choreography, not getting a single sticker from group leaders, and bombing media day and cameos. She is a train wreck, and putting her on the team while pretending she actually earned a spot makes a mockery of the entire process.
  5. Well that would explain why she was gifted a spot she didn’t even come close to earning. What an embarrassment.
  6. I think they probably will go back to one point next year, and it will be Maddie because despite being out of shape and not having the DCC look, she's Kelli's favorite, and Amy (I think) plans to retire after this year. Maddie isn't one of my favorites, but I do think with the DCC choreography she's fun to watch and has a certain sparkle. Point should be someone who is a solid dancer and can be counted on not to screw up. Maddie, while not the most traditionally attractive IMO, at least has that. I would like to see Bridget at point eventually. I know a lot of people like Rachel W, but she doesn't stand out to me when she dances. And while she's pretty, she just always seems to have a dead-eyed, slackjawed look. She may be photogenic, but I don't think she's super expressive or fun to watch, and she wouldn't be my top pick for point.
  7. I think Amy is what I would describe as (ironically) “cute.” She isn’t unattractive, but she also isn’t a head turner and I don’t think many men would give her a second glance on the street or describe her as sexy or beautiful.
  8. Lily, Meredith, and Kat would have been easy cuts right off the bat for me. I am shocked that Christina wasn’t a one and done girl. Kelli must really like her.
  9. I think Meredith is pretty, but not as stunning as most seem to find her. I don’t think she’s even one of the prettiest on the team; IMO, she just doesn’t have that young, fresh faced look. I will never understand why Kelli thought she was such an asset to the team that she was worth throwing the standards out the window. The “healthy eating competition” sounds like more non dance related fluff that I’m not interested in watching. If I want to see content like that, I’ll watch the Food Network.
  10. More: Judges’ deliberations during tryouts and showgroup auditions Guest choreographer comments including suggested cuts Dancing Group Leader selection and group placement Less: Kitty Carter (I’ve been loving this season without her) Staged conversations that have nothing to do with dance Sob stories/backstories Tours of the stadium/etiquette/non dance related fluff Less time wasted on prelims - I don’t think they even need to show anyone who didn’t make it to semi finals. Less focus on the same 2-3 TCCs every season
  11. I don’t think VK should be blacklisted for her weight gain last season. If someone is cut for weight and they get the weight off and maintain the preferred DCC figure, they should certainly be given the opportunity to come back. However, IF the rumors about her lying about a medical condition/lying about going to a doctor/lying about working with Jinelle/being “toxic” and disrespectful to other girls are true, I don’t think any other candidate who pulled a stunt like that would be invited back to training camp. That’s where I think some favoritism came into play. I also don’t think Kelli wanted to cut VK last year, even after all of the weight gain and drama with Jinelle, and I don’t think she would have if it had been solely up to her. I believe someone above Kelli forced her hand.
  12. I hope that when Meredith auditions again next year at least one of the judges has the balls to say she never should have made the team in the first place and insist that she be cut.
  13. I don't understand how Meredith made this team. She can't do the DCC style, can't retain choreography, is dumb as a rock, blew her interview, and not a single group leader would put her on their team. Yet she was gifted a spot that she absolutely did not deserve. Is she a member of the Jones family or something?? If I were someone like Madeline S or Julia who had great potential but was cut, the fact that they put Meredith on the team would be enough to prevent me from coming back next year, just on principle. I can't see Meredith even lasting through a full season. She is way out of her league.
  14. Lily, Kat, and Meredith would be easy cuts for me. I also think they could cut Kristin and Christina. I like Madeline S. She sometimes blends, but she rarely screws up badly enough to stand out, and she’s the most facially beautiful and well spoken rookie, IMO. Victoria looked good in the dance segments this episode, but I find her huge buck teeth distracting. She needs to get braces (which is probably frowned upon in DCC) or veneers. The spa segment and dog park segment were pointless and ridiculous. I would rather see dancing than staged small talk and non-dance related outings. Meredith reminds me of a brunette Amber Frey. I don’t think she’s pretty enough to justify overlooking her dance and memory issues. She’s completely overwhelmed by everything about this: the choreography, the pace, the expectations... If they do waste a spot on her, I’d be surprised if she even makes it through a full season.
  15. I think Alexandra is someone that they took into training camp as filler, fully intending to cut her. I don't think Kelli ever had any intention of putting her on the team.
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