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  1. I feel the same way! Looks great from afar. But when I zoomed in, I saw some little things. I know they tried to make do with what they had so I give them a lot of credit The photographer can only work with what he/she are given... The wonky: Maddie, Daphne, Tess, Caroline, and the little blonde next to Alanna (Marissa???)...their faces all looked deformed. Photoshopping maybe to get the correct angle and lightening? Victoria looks like she got the weight-loss-by-photoshop treatment. I didn’t even recognize Jalyn, it doesn’t even look like her. And not in a good way. Amanda’s left eye is a little wonky, as though it’s looking up while her right right looks straightforward. But I think that’s just makeup and shadows. The good: My eye goes directly to Alanna too! Which is good because I think she’s just gorgeous. But yeah it’s so strange that she’s so far back (both in the squad photo as well as in the triangle). Why is she on even ground with rookies? The Rachels, Brianna, Ashlee, Gina, and Kat all look really good. Madeline M looks pretty good too. Since I didn’t watch the show this year I don’t know rookie names, but the curly dark haired rookie over Alanna’s left shoulder looks good too - she looks like she has a sexy spark to her.
  2. Lol, right?! In 2003, she was quite the star though with ‘Charmed’ and everything. But she was both nasty and stuck up. Complaining that it was hot (summer...in the MIDDLE EAST...what did she think it was going to be?), complaining that we were just standing around, complaining that she had to stop to talk to us. She kinda just pushed through the group and left us there. Apparently she had someone in their escort take to her to wherever they were staying. We were like, Uh, why the eff are you on the USO tour then?! You have zero talent! You are of zero value to this group if you aren’t interacting with people!! The DCC are here to dance! The comedian to make us laugh! The singers to entertain! What exactly is Alyssa Milano there to do?! My staff sergeant, who was the nicest, quietest, southern guy said, “Whelp. I reckon I don’t like her anymore.” Lol. It always makes me laugh to think about it. I do recall Milano was VERY tiny. I’m about 5’3” and at the time was about 98 lbs (due to a really fun stomach virus I got over there, I’d lost 15 lbs). And I felt like a heifer next to her. I think the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders were there around the same time. I didn’t meet them personally though. And yes the DCC were very sweet and professional. They were like Amazon Princesses. I’d love to know which DCC they were and what they thought of Alyssa 😂 Now that I’m thinking about it, DCCs like Victoria were only 2 or 3 years old at the time 🙈🙈🙈🙈 me->👵🏼 Edited to add to keep this on track for this post: Media Training needs to be better!! Especially in season 15.
  3. 💯 Exactly. Train them for real world scenarios (with an additional emphasis on public speaking)! I would think in a scheduled media interview, TPTB would be able to control the setting and the questions a little more closely than in a more informal setting. Kelli and Charlotte can designate safe topics and questions to the interviewer with the caveat that if they go too far off-script, the interview ends and they won’t be back for subsequent visits. I also think they need to also concentrate on far more informal interactions as those cannot be regulated as easily. For instance... In 2003, I happened to be in the Middle East when a USO tour came through our office (I worked for the Lieutenant General, so that is why they were coming through our particular office). There was only 4 maybe 5 DCC. I didn’t follow DCC then and I’d never be able to pick them out of a line up now - I just recall a lot of blonde hair. 😂 But they were lovely and sweet and actually talked with us for quite awhile. We were all just standing around informally in a big group, and even though we were not “media,” they did get a lot of questions. But it was more along the lines of “how long is the tour?” “Where all have you visited?” “What’s been your favorite part so far?” And, “Aren’t you girls hot?” (meaning temperature-wise - it was summertime and they were wearing long pants and sleeves). No one ever asked them their opinions about world politics or political ideology. This meeting was actually the reason why I was intrigued a couple years later when I saw the MTT show. In case anyone wants to know, the other entertainers in this group were: Kid Rock - he was awesome. I didn’t listen to his music (then or now) but he was so friendly and genuine and funny. There was a female singer there too, can’t recall who she was because she was very quiet but seemed sweet. Some guy who maybe was a comedian, but I never spoke with him so I really don’t recall too much about him. And Alyssa Milano. Who was a complete and total bitch. Sorry if anyone thinks that is harsh, but I’m actually putting it nicely. She was so horrible, in fact, that 17.5 years later I will tell anyone who will listen just what a bitch she was.
  4. For me, the dark horse surprise retirement would be Amber. She’s seems to be a little more visible this year, possibly in contention for future point - at least a very prominent spot. So I think I’d be surprised if she decided to retire. Although I guess it wouldn’t be that surprising given that she’s completing her third year and recently started taking classes.
  5. Oh for the love of.... World class? 🙄 Sure. Ok. Everyone is permitted spelling mistakes but seriously...this should have been proofread 100 times before hitting ‘post’ on the official account. @Pau84 is that your bid list for retirement? If so, I have to agree with it. Some of them need to go, some probably want to move on. I feel like there is always a dark horse or unexpected retirement too...like Bridget.
  6. Ugh. I had an entire post written and it went into the abyss. IIRC, the turtleneck comment was something that Briana commented on Brennan’s Instagram post. Something to the effect of, “ At least you can wear turtlenecks again!” I may be misremembering a little but I’m almost positive that exchange took place. And I interpreted it as Brennan was previously admonished by *someone* for wearing turtlenecks. Now Briana did not say who issued the admonishment...but I’ll give you 3 guesses. And the first 2 don’t count. I’ve mentioned this before in here: I think Briana is hilariously sardonic. And I’m totally here for it.
  7. Exactly! 😂 They can be so pearl-clutchy about the weirdest things. It’s as though if a girl didn’t start at birth, it IMPOSSIBLE change it now. Watching this show and not being from the south, I can almost believe that Texas/Arkansas/Louisiana debutantes get their first hair extensions as a parting gift from their OBGYNs. *Congratulations! You’ve had a little girl! Here is a bottle of spray tan and her tie ins! Can’t have the neighbors thinking you birthed a pale, limp-haired baby!! Plus a gift certificate for a nose job and veneers for when she turns 16! Isn’t she precious!* Edited to this caveat: I’m sorry if I offended anyone from Texas/Arkansas/Louisiana! I promise that wasn’t my intention! I was just using that geographic area as an example.
  8. Yes! 💯 I’ve been saying this for years. I refuse to call their Media Day “training.” I don’t understand why they don’t hire professionals who are actual trainers in their discipline who can give the girls actual instruction then practicals based off real world scenarios THEN the test. Not just walk straight into testing. I mean, they do it with the guest dance instructors, why should media training be any different?
  9. Ah ok. 😆 I thought it was something the judges said. I mean, despite their constant inappropriate comments and eye rolls, I didn’t think the judges would go so far to say that someone had “meth face.” (Although based on recent insider reveals, it seems that what we actually see on the show is the sanitized version of what they actually say). Yeah due to my job, I routinely come in contact with individuals addicted to methamphetamines. That someone would even say that about Shannon reveals their immaturity. It’s like kindergarteners calling someone they don’t like a doody head because they can’t think of anything more intelligent. Shannon was far more beautiful than some of the girls DCC has taken on the squad. And at least she went to dance for a team that actually had a post-season 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. I don’t think they said ‘meth face,’ I believe they called her makeup ‘muddy’. As though she was wearing the wrong color and formula of foundation for her skin tone. Edit to add: unless they did say that I just completely missed it every time.
  11. I’m not watching this season (only following through the forums now and then). But having heard KellFine say it in the past, and now apparently Melissa Rycroft say it in the most recent episode, is this really what they are referring to when when they say the rookies “don’t want to dance next to Victoria”? It must be because she is tall and blonde and not due to her technique or skill. Jada’s kick looks flawless. Effortless. Victoria’s looks unappealing, unflattering, and unwatchable. I’m not a Victoria hater. She’s bright and eye catching. But seriously. Maybe the rookies really don’t want to dance next to her because they are afraid they’ll be kicked in the face.
  12. Oh, now you’ve Dunn it (get it? 😆 Ugh please forgive me. Because of quarantine, I’ve been spending far too much time with my husband and his corny “dad jokes”). You know she’s like Beetlejuice...she always pops up if you say her name too many times.
  13. Whoa. Mighty Big TV. There’s a blast from the past! 😂 I think by the time CMT:MTT started it was TWoP because I can recall reading the forums from the beginning and it was definitely TWoP by then (although I wasn’t brave enough to step a toe into posting on the forums until Season 2). After TWoP was sold to Bravo, the girls who ran TWoP started Previously.tv which later morphed into PrimeTimer. And here we are. I kinda miss how hilariously brutal TWoP was though, both the recaps and the forums.
  14. Lol, right? I got kinda irrationally angry when I rewatched Taras cut. Remembering all the scuttle from the forums at the time, I tried to pay attention to the editing and what was said. For those not around at the time, it was that Tara complained privately to someone she trusted about Victoria’s extra special treatment and then was betrayed by said person. True? I dunno. But for me,Tara’s “I don’t want to let you off so easily” is telling. Yes! Isn’t that Item #1 on the checklist for How To Be A Dictator For Dummies? Keep the masses uneducated and scared. They are easier to control.
  15. Oh! Maybe it was on the seasons I purchased from Amazon! I need background noise to drown out my husband’s conference calls while we both work from home so I usually put Pluto on first. But if it’s a season I’ve seen 1000 times I’ll head over to Amazon and put on 13 or 14. I’m sorry if I got hopes up, please forgive me!🥺
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