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  1. Lots of reasons, from both sides of DCC and USO...timing, budget, formatting, etc. I took 4 girls to Korea last fall and there were talks of a Spring tour, but then COVID went and canceled life.
  2. Still discussing. Certain aspects of 2020 auditions and TC were liked. Of course a lot depends on what an NFL season will look like. If it’s like this past season, I’m sure the process will adjust accordingly. Dayton is trying to finish up her degree for now.
  3. I said her studio was a competition focused studio...some ballet throughout the week, but not the main focus.
  4. #fakenews 🤣 she grew up in the same studio her entire life.
  5. Depends on if there is another season. Generally, around auditions is when the public will begin to know of possible retirements. K & J will not ask for formal decisions until later in the spring. Right now, they’ve been told that signed photos are not to be mailed out...I’m aware of some that have sent out pics during quarantine.
  6. A few of the girls get taped before games, much like players. Mostly to help prevent any ankle rolls for those with weak ankles, shin splints, etc.
  7. 👆🏼 These two scenarios are not related. 89-90 was the walkout year - 24 vets, 22 rookies...Kelli had already retired. She was granted her 5th season in 88.
  8. They can only rotate as much as they sign up to teach. No special treatment for anyone, it’s open to all. Only a few have signed up, so that’s who I’ve scheduled.
  9. Girls with job commitments were given different options for TC that will play out through TC.
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