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  1. I can only speak to Lacey’s wedding because I spoke with her mom periodically about the original date vs. rescheduling vs. condensing vs. switching venues, etc. etc. if you knew the amount of people that were on her guest list, you’d be shocked and to know that her family treats everyone as part of their family, it was hard for them to uninvite people...but everyone understood.
  2. 1) My husband is a retired Marine Officer, not army...very different. Neither of us really have an opinion on quarantine other than we are over it, and people need to get back to their livelihoods. 2) Texas rules have lifted for public places, such as restaurants, churches, etc, with 25% capacity. There have not been any limitations on private homes since mid May. Lacey’s wedding was bridesmaids, groomsmen and family only. I know that everyone that attended had come into agreement about being together. It was at her family’s home, which sits on some acreage. Lacey hasn’t lied about anything...she, her fiancé an their parents decided on what they were comfortable in doing. I’m sure no one was forced to attend and their guest list dropped dramatically from the original number. 3) Kaitlyn and Khalyn went to high school together.
  3. Several boot companies over the last 30 years...Dingo, Evening Star, Justin, Capezio, then Lucchese. There was also a company in between Dingo and Evening Star, but I can’t remember the name. When we first met Rainer, he worked at José Eber, our sponsor for 2 or 3 seasons. That salon was bought out by Premier Atelier, which Rainer remained with for several years. DCC was sponsored by Jean Philippe, also a former stylist with José Eber, for a season or two before moving to Premier Atelier. Rainer eventually left PA and opened his own, Pin Salon, but was never the sponsor. After 3-4 seasons with PA, DCC began a sponsorship with Tangerine. and before all of the salons, we were sponsored by Paul Neinast Salon. The only things the TCC keep are the outfits from finals and their Nikes. Everything else is returned.
  4. Courtesy of my MIL, she’s a very talented artist!
  5. Thank you! This dress/kilt was for his Prom. The pic below is her Prom.
  6. Yes, especially around the Star due to so many big businesses and several HQs.
  7. There have been many that have worn their natural hair. The extensions, weaves and wigs have been individual choices, and usually preceded making the team.
  8. Usually each candidate has sought out living arrangements prior to TC. Host families are not promoted or suggested for Alumni. Those that have opened their homes, have done it on their own terms.
  9. Honestly, we have not discussed that yet. Too much other pressing things going on since quarantine. Maybe once Finalists are chosen, that discussion will be on the agenda.
  10. Wouldn’t that be nice? There’s a lot that goes into guests...interest, availability, budget, etc. We will have to see how this all plays out and if we are taping and have time to shoot guests.
  11. Hair consults and makeovers during TC mostly determine the hairstyles. Most girls show up with extensions, or in Kat’s case, a wig and their styles are tweaked. It’s been a while since I can remember anyone with their natural hair.
  12. His name is Jim Cooper and he owns a studio in the Dallas area. His students used to participate in halftimes with us and occasionally Kelli brought him in for technical critiques.
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