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  1. You should have told "Please never retire. We want you to stay here forever." Maybe she would have left sooner!
  2. Huh, maybe that's it! Unfortunate placement if that's the case.
  3. Ok. I am shocked that the organization allowed this picture to stay up. Her nipples show right through! Not her fault, of course. Personally I would not have posted it, at least without some photoshopping. Other thoughts: Her abs look awesome. She needs to control the hyperextension in her elbow, a common problem in pom. They should make her hair more red.
  4. Not talking about her attractiveness in this picture.
  5. Hey, we all have opinions. I think Jalyn is a very good technical dancer but also dull. The opposite of KaShara, if you will. She has a nice figure but so do lots of girls. I personally find her unattractive--her eyes are off and I think she is masculine looking. I don't know what she is like as a person but she gives off an unfriendly vibe to me. Purely subjective of course. I know many disagree but I don't give a hoot. My opinions are mine, yours are yours. Anyway, the people who hire SG don't care who is on it and neither do I, as long they do the job.
  6. Eh, I find it hard to get worked up. I don't care who is on SG. Jalyn was understandably upset but running off and not coming back in time for practice isn't a good look. I do wonder what they didn't show in the office. Did Kelli give Jalyn details they did not show? Did Jalyn apologize for her behavior? Who knows? Who cares? The SG they have is good and that's fine with me, with or without any one particular girl. Jalyn wasn't bad but she wasn't anything special either. Slightly above average dancer, below average looks, average figure, below average professionalism. That adds up to a big ... whatever. She won't be missed on SG and if she doesn't come back next year it won't matter. Now Kat and Meredith? That's the real mystery of this show.
  7. A football game takes three and a half hours for one hour of play time. That's a helluva lot of empty space to fill to keep the fans from getting bored. That is what cheerleading was designed to do--keep the fans occupied when the clock isn't running. It is an essential part of the game day experience and has been for over 100 years. The outfits are a minor detail. If we get women at the games to shout "nice ass" before every snap would the NFL would make players wear looser pants? Doubtful.
  8. Marshal was practically salivating over making her hair a better red shade.
  9. I think part of the reason KeShara's accent seems so jarring is that accents are disappearing. For example, when I lived in Dallas in the 80s everyone had a strong Texas accent, but when my daughter moved there to go to college 30 years later, we noticed that the kids didn't have Texas accents, even though their parents did.
  10. Hard to go by this because they were definitely not dancing full out.
  11. Sigh. As a woman of a certain age, there is nothing more exasperating to me than having people tell us what we can and cannot wear, do, or say. And now apparently we have to change our names, too.
  12. You think Maddie, Christina, and Rachel W look exactly the same? I don't think they look anything alike at all.
  13. The old days of pretty non-dancers doing simple choreography is over. Back then the dances were more strutting around with a big smile than what they do today. If the DCC did this show from 2003 today they would be a laughing stock. It's like an elementary school dance recital except with worse technique.
  14. I like how Charm made corrections. She was looking straight at Jalyn doing the arms incorrectly but addressed the whole group instead of singling her out, even thought it was clear who she was talking to. Also, she could have just said Jalyn lacked pop but instead she demonstrated what pop should look like. That's a good teacher in my book.
  15. Hi, my name is Kat, and in this episode of DCC: Kat Makes the Team, I am not even going to pretend I know how to dance or learn choreography. Watch as I make crazy faces for an hour in my interviews and when other people are talking. What other rookies?
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