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  1. Yes! You absolutely can make cuts after across the floor and pick a great team by the 4th of July. Forexample, here is the Rockettes audition schedule: Monday, August 12 at 10:00am – Rockettes Open Call Tuesday, August 13 at 10:00am – Rockettes Callbacks Boom, done. A legit "world class" dance team chosen in two days. If I ran this circus, I would pick the team in a weekend and spend the summer rehearsing. No cameras.
  2. So all these dance teams getting cut... It's a man's world where if women complain about being sexually harassed they just get rid of the women, instead of fixing the problem. Like not using trained dancers as paid escorts off the field. Or banning fans who misbehave. Or stop making them dance in bikinis. Or eliminating overly suggestive choreography. Nope, let's cleanse our wholesome teams of manly sportsmen of these temptresses. Problem solved!
  3. This isn't the formation for Thunderstruck. It's just for this one routine. There will be different formations and different girls at point for different dances, especially with regard to SG performances.
  4. The scene where there are three Christinas and the middle one is coming straight at the camera with her giant yellow boobs makes me duck like I'm watching a 3-D movie.
  5. My gut tells me that even if (and that's a BIG if) the rumor that they are mad at Jalyn for helping Victoria is true, it would not be enough to cut her if they loved her. If she is cut, it will be because she was already on thin ice over things we know nothing about and they are looking for an excuse.
  6. Now that's a good lesson for a lot of folks.
  7. They let Jenna be point with that horrible scar, so I doubt they care about an outie.
  8. If you believe in equality, you shouldn't feel bad about talking about her looks just because she is gay. It's patronizing. Treat her the same as you would treat anyone of any sexuality.
  9. DCC Tea for July 7, 2019: Your daily summary of the Primetimer world of DCC, no receipts necessary. A coalition of powerful vets is planning to approach Kelli, but not before sharing this plan with non-TCC insiders and the world at large. The TCCs, including vets, are considering quitting en masse. The anticipated number of women trying out in 2020 is now zero, as no lifelong dream of dancing in front of 100,000 adoring fans is worth having to play politics in the workplace. Better off in corporate America where that never happens! Or getting married, which is a Texas thing. No offense to Texans; some of my best friends are Texans. Jalyn was nice to Victoria and this was interpreted as being not nice to Victoria. She was then cut from Show Group in an effort to encourage the girls to be nice to Victoria. Since last week’s Show Group auditions, Victoria has become fat. Victoria masterminded a misinformation campaign against Madeline. September 2019 is ruined because of Brennan’s manbutt despite looking beautiful thanks to photoshop. Miranda is A Girl who wears many faces. When Victoria said she wanted help losing weight from someone who has lost weight herself, what she really meant was no lesbians. Tara purposely got fat and untalented in order to induce the DCC to cut her, in an attempt to expose them for not cutting another candidate she deemed fat and untalented. The DCC unwittingly played into this diabolical plan by cutting her, and then cutting the other girl. Jinelle’s lesbian relationship was kept quiet because when DCC asks people not to discuss things they don’t. Kelli has conclusively determined that her successor will be a teenager with no work experience. She has to move quickly because word is they are getting ready to fire her. It cannot be randomly stated enough—Sam Finglass is too smart and not pretty enough to be a DCC. #primetimerdcctea
  10. I loooove Todrick. His tour is coming to my home town and I am thinking of getting a ticket. I have seen the NHHH video 6,332 times. My daughter did a class with Stevo to that song and it's really cute but it's not Brian Friedman level, lol.
  11. The angles here are just weird. Her head and neck are too far away from her body and her right hand is growing out of her elbow. And why so many armpit shots? Does someone have a fetish?
  12. When Malena quit her job because cheerleading was more important to her than a career, she was not told she had to get another job.
  13. So just so I am up to date on all the latest, the reason Jalyn did not make Show Group was not because danced poorly or did not meet standards last year, but because she gossiped publicly about Victoria or another popular girl, despite having been told numerous times there would be repercussions for said behavior. So my choices in deciding what to believe are (1) she had a bad audition, (2) she is unprofessional, or (3) she is an idiot.
  14. I've been wondering about that and my guess is that she had an injury and told them about it in advance. You can see how low her right kicks were especially compared with her left, and how low her right leg was in the jump split. That could be a groin or hip issue. This is just a theory, I am not stating this as fact.
  15. Jalyn is a good dancer but anyone can have an off day. It kind of sucks if your off day is auditions, but that's show biz (literally).