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  1. I liked the episode. I actually thought it was Abigail who cut the plant because she had mentioned earlier in the episode that she would love to be able to grow one (and she was acting sneaky when she was near the plant, and surprised that there were other people there). I thought the plant only affected Cassie, Grace and Abigail since it has been cut (and that the reason the boyfriend got a rash, was because of it's affect on Cassie and that she can't sense anything now). I also thought it was quite rude of Stephanie to assume that Cassie was going to give her something from the shop (althoug
  2. Why couldn't they just get a search warrant for those videos that every body kept saying he had? If he's denying that he ever kissed/had sex with any of the women , then wouldn't a tape showing that he was lying prove he was guilty (cos he wasn't even claiming anything was consensual , he was just denying that it ever happened). And I don't know why they didn't go after him for witness tampering when the threatened exposing the guys daughter cos she had been arrested. I also took issue with him threatening to sue the NYPD for slander and defamation of character when they were investigatin
  3. It took me a while to figure out where I knew dr. Mom from. The nanny having a shrine was a bit over the top. I didn't mind Tucker and Benson together (even if he did seem a lot older then Benson - on account of one of them dyes, and the other doesn't). They've been together for nearly 2 years. I was expecting Tucker to retire, move in with them, and be Noah's full time dad. I feel bad for Noah who seems to have gotten used to Tucker being in his life and now he'll no longer see him (although I thought it was odd that at the end, Noah referred to him as "Tucker" and not "Ed".)
  4. I thought that Laurie did a great job on her redemption dance. I was expecting 10's across the boards for it and was disappointed tha CA and julianne only gave 9. My biggest issue with the 9's is that there comments gave ZERO indication that they thought there was something wrong with the dance. They both praised her to the fullest and then they docked her a mark. If you're going to give less than a 10, you should say why on earth you're docking the marks. How the heck is someone going to improve if you give them rave reviews but then turn around and take off a point. (Especially when someone
  5. I read that the argument between Gibson and Virgil occurred because Virgil was harrassing Paget and saying very inappropriate things to her. (I have no idea if that is true or not). The rumor that Gibson started to walk away and then turned and kicked because he thought Virgil was coming after him is interesting- because if that was the case then Gibson might not completely be at fault cos I can understand why one might be defensive and nervouse if the guy that he had just had an argument with was that close to him that he could kick him. (Because if I just got into an argument with some
  6. I was surprised that Jesus ended up with a nail in his head (did they say it went up through his nose?) Did Jude really get addicted to marijuana that fast? And why did he have to buy it from the dealer at school instead of just ask his friend for some more. (Maybe the school should keep better eyes on their students, since it seem so easy to get the marijuana in the open at school). Can someone fill me in on the restraining that was taken out against Brandon? I don't think I saw all of the first season so I'm a bit confused as to what grounds they gave a judge so that he issue one
  7. Personally, I'd like to see Meredith come back to moderate (even thought there's no way that's going to happen). I think she was best moderator the show ever had (in fact, I feel like things really started going to go down hill after she left the show - probably because they then started having a rotating door of co-hosts)
  8. I'm actually surprised that Benson didn't start thinking that he was about to propose , which would be the natural assumption after he gave the little speech, and used her middle name and then so casually got down on one knee (I'll admit, how he ended up on one knee was very smooth - if he was going to propose). I'm not sure if having him get down on one knee was for the director/producer to tease the audience, or if the actual script called for the actor to crouch down and he felt that that was too uncomfortable and just ended up on one knee. (I can't imagine that there was anybody who watche
  9. I really enjoyed this episode. I know Liv was beating herself up about it for not checking to see Munson had a weapon, but I don't even know if they legally could search him. They weren't there because of a domestic violence issue (nor has there ever been a domestic violence issue). They were there because the wife just wanted back up in leaving just in case of his temper (but the wife had never said if he had struck her before). I'm not sure why it took the wife so long to get home. Wouldn't she have rushed home , grabbed the kids, packed a couple of essentials in a suitcase and have time to
  10. I'd also like to know how she found out she couldn't have children, since often that is something women discover while they're trying to have children. And not something that is discovered by accident. I really feel like Jodie is the breakout performance on this revival.
  11. I'm not sure about video , but I know in spots audio recordings work that way. But I was trying to say that airing the footage of the squad was illegal. Since on a lot of reality shows they blur out the people in the background. And I agree about giving Larisa a show (another one). I've been a fan of hers for years. (Alex Mack, Baby-sitter's club movie, 10 things i hate about you).
  12. I actually enjoyed this episode. The date bar scene with Liv and Tucker was cute but I loved the scene with Rollins and Carisi (and baby and Frannie). Rollins really does like her reality TV doesn't she? (At least that's some continutity). So when are the two of them going to start dating? Carisi is way too nice to get caught up in Rollins drama. (But yay for carisi with a baby!). Loved seeing Larisa Oleynik on it. I thought for sure she was sleeping around with the contestant cos they never did explain how the victim got an STD from the rapist when they had apparently all been tested pri
  13. I'm sad to see Jodie go. I've been wanting her to win since the beginning. I do feel like the judges have been inconsitent in their scores with her. There have been times when not judge made a critique about the dance and would give her an 8, and other times when they've commented on something and given her a 9. I do feel if she had had val for a partner she would have gone further in the competition- because val knows how to choreograph and teach, whereas Keo hasn't had that much experience with it (he's usually been out by the second elimination so he hasn't been required to give perfect sc
  14. Whoopi appeared to think that the women who Bill Clinton cheated with deserved whatever wrath Hilary thought they deserved and whatever iinsults she threw at them. She also acted like these women should have known better than to get involved with a married man. And I find this is a feeling that many women have. - they get furious with the women that their boyfriend/husband/finace cheated with but the only ones that deserve any wrath is the men. They were the ones in the relationship, they were the ones that made the promises/vows.
  15. This seems to happen in all crime shows and it really really bugs me. Half the time the ones with out all the protective gear on are the ones leading the SWAT team in. I wish they would just give the lead actors the gear so it looks somewhat realistic. I enjoyed the episode. I'm not sure how many bullets Lewis had on her, but I would have started shootign as soon as the first one came out of his cell. The doors were beign opened one at a time, and the serial killers were walking towards her very slowly. When the warden first went to the control room after the prisoners starting co
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