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  1. I didn't think the guy brought into the station was the same one. The shooter had very blue eyes, you see it when he has the flashlight in his face. Maybe I'm just mixing all the white guys up, lol
  2. She needs to learn to braid it, that's the best solution for her on a boat in hot, humid weather. Kevin is acting like a total douche bag. Good chefs seem to be hard to find....
  3. Did anyone else think the guy who took the cyanide pill was the same one who shot the cop in the beginning? I thought it looked like him, but wasn't sure.
  4. Buncha horny women almost stripped Jack, lmao. Didn't need to see a close up of Aesha's ass crack for so long. Luckily it's a decent ass, but still....
  5. The chef is getting annoying, you serve burgers and fries together. Not 20 min apart.
  6. That was so uncomfortable to watch.....
  7. I just got around to watching so I'm late to the party. The chef is such a mess, it made my stomach hurt seeing the food she was serving. She served them beef, cheese, and lettuce at each meal, that is overkill. Then so goes and microwaves the steak? You put it in an oven on warm if nothing else. So uncomfortable to watch, lol
  8. Observation..... people in this show love to stare at pictures from the past, usually of themselves with someone Hannah is constantly staring at the folded one with Ulrich.
  9. Lots of spoilers. Good read if you're trying to understand what you just watched, lol https://www.indiewire.com/2019/06/dark-season-2-ending-spoilers-season-3-questions-netflix-1202152315/
  10. I'm rewatching too, and I'm finding it easier to follow.
  11. Question for those who have seen all episodes
  12. I love this show, but boy is it hard to keep up with all the characters. There is so many reveals of who is actually related to who, and people interacting with their older or younger self. I definitely need to watch again. I will have to start from the beginning to really understand, lol.
  13. 100% agree, how bad must that suck? He's such an ass. They are spending serious $ on this sham of a wedding too. What a waste. But Bravo loves a story line, so there's that.
  14. Sheana is just so awkward to watch, I cringe so hard..... repeatedly
  15. I thought he looked big for a puppy. Maybe he's fluffy.
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