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  1. ITA about Mathew apologizing, that was good on him. If he just would have gone to his cabin and gone to sleep. Vexey Lexey is a spoiled brat, that's her biggest issue IMO. Calling mommy while your being spoke to by your boss. What was that??
  2. He is trying to scrape the barrel for some redemption to future potential employers. Not sure it will work...
  3. I'm not sure why they did it this way, it is a bit confusing. It's minor though on the grande scheme of things.
  4. What good would it do to wake her at 3am? She needed sleep I'm sure. Matt is a loose cannon, he got what he deserved. Lexi however did not get what she deserved from Sandy.... a stern warning? Something?
  5. I watch it early on Sling. What are you using to watch?
  6. So just as I figured Matt was back, for a 2nd time, full of regret. Dude is unreliable, and suddenly he realizes it's not a good look on film to future possible employers. I don't blame Sandy for her decision on him. Now Lexi is a whole other issue. She called her mommy, I was floored. Mommmmyyyy, i can't take itttt, wahhhhh. It explained a lot though... why does Sandy force chief stews to deal with such horrid staff? Lexi was worse than Matt, she just stayed on the boat. WTF Sandy?? Lexi is toxic as hell!
  7. Mzi is growing on me, when he talked about his mom dying when he was 3, it was so sad! He seems like a good hearted person. I can't walt for this episode to drop live next week, Lexi really got ugly tonight. She managed to overshadow Mat's dramatic exit even.
  8. OMG, Lexi is so gross, just full of herself! Rubbing her boobs on a male coworker while calling him a pussy? Miss Congeniality has got serious issues... PS, she's a mean sloppy drunk.
  9. WTH Mat, talk about unprofessional... the creep has got some issues. And that sex party talk... ewwww, just ewww.
  10. Malia is still a snake but you could bounce a quarter off her ass, she is in shape. I'll give her that much. Hard not to notice it while she consoles Miss Burn Book owning Lamb Pop thief over the recent death of her father. Still find it hard to feel sorry for someone with a burn book..... is she 17?? Lexi is of average looks to me, sure she is attractive with a figure, but there are many many more beautiful women out there, inside and out. Pageants are jokes IMO. Watching Courtney drunkingly making out with Mzi was making me uncomfortable. Glad they all went to bed shortly after, m
  11. That's what I remembered of him too. He was acting so weird... not a good look.... his trophy wife looked mortified.
  12. Yeah looks like Matt loses his shit again. His food seems good, the guests and even Sandy rave about it. It does seem like a lot of work though, and I doubt movie stars require this level of output.
  13. Right, are they getting fed enough? She was a bit like a stray dog who hadn't been fed in weeks with those lamb pops. Yes she is very condescending, to everyone it seems. She's constantly bitching about Katie and how she does things.
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