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  1. I agree so much. I like to see Gil and Kelly be affectionate to each other( and their kids) . They love being in love. All the family is much more loving than the Duggers.
  2. I am sorry but with that ugly pink eye shadow she looks like she has a really bad case of pink eye
  3. I like her too. She seems very down to Earth and grounded . I know she did not grow up in the Midwest but you can tell that she was exposed to those values growing up.
  4. I work in a Hospital and you would be very supersized on the tests (some are required by state law ) that parents refuse to have done on their new born. I don't have kids and it just does not make sense to me. Kinda of sad, you ever know what the baby might develop down the road and could have prevented or treated if these tests would have been done.
  5. I am glad to hear that everything came out OK . I was so happy to see that they had the baby in the hospital and used pain meds. I don't have kids but I know my family members all had some type of help with dealing with the pain . I can't remember did Whitney Bradley in the hospital ?
  6. Sorry this has nothing to do with the show. I got a flyer at home for Crown Collage. It is Minnesota so I am not sure if it is the same one that Gill and Kelly went to. I am not sure why I got this never have looked into schools .
  7. I did not know the new season had started so I am watching it on demand . I am up to the visit to Chicago. I loved seeing that they do not do the side hug thing. Also I that Michael had her arm resting on Brandon;s leg while they were sitting in the lobby of the hotel . They seemed like a normal dating couple.
  8. I am from Waukegan and if I am asked where I am from I say the far Northern suburbs near the ILL/WIS boarder . If they know the area they may ask where. I believe if I remember right Vickie is from Cary which is maybe North/West of Chicago .
  9. I agree that Megan's Stepdaughter is an ungreatful little bitch. I can't believe that she is only in High School . I really thought she was in Collage. Was very happy to see that a crew was not sent with Vickie for her Mom's services .
  10. I am from the far North Suburbs and remember this so well. I made my heart hurt watching the coverage. It did change alot of laws in Illinois about getting a drivers licence The faith the family has got them through so much.
  11. You know I never noticed that before. That is what I love about the Bates. They laugh and enjoy life.. We have a Pastor at our Church who brings humor into his sermons . You have to have humor no matter how religious you are..
  12. Was I seeing things or was Jill's belly kind of shaded out when they were doing an Ultrasound on her? Please don't tell me that is a whole part of the modesty thing?
  13. These are sometimes called a load and go- it usually means they need to get to the Hospital ASAP . They will do more involved eval in the squad on the way to the Hospital .
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