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  1. I believe it was Macy who mentioned it was a power upgrade.
  2. I really hope if there is a Season 3, Dr. Smith does not return. Ugh. There really is no way that she could have survived. Scarecrow was not the SARS robot. But the ones attacking were not the same as Scarecrow. It seems to me that there are different robots, so some bad, some good. The ones attacking were silver, Scarecrow was gold, Robot was black. So yeah, maybe they are allies, or on the same side in a robot war.
  3. I like Penny but we really don't get to see her "do" much. I think they showed her in the last couple of eps having ideas and stuff, but she often is sidelined in favor of Judy and Will when it comes to the writing. I also feels she's treated more like a child then Will even though she's older. It was stated in an earlier ep (maybe the one before this one?) that the Robot was able to locate a signal that was the same as a Jupiter. The humans assumed it meant Alpha Centarui so that's where they headed.
  4. Yeah she is too much. But the last five eps are good. Despite her.
  5. I liked the show. I really liked the flashbacks to John/Judy. The scene where young Judy is giving a speech about her hero (her bio-dad) and John is all proud, then his reaction when she flips and also claims him as her hero? TS really sold that.
  6. I was wondering as the show progressed if they were going to set up the court report and the judge. Then after Judge what's his name gave the warning to Lola, I wondered if they were setting up a sexual harassment story with the Judge. It would be interesting to have the story be between two women since it's usually a male/female. But it would have to be handled carefully.
  7. Was I imagining things, or was James's/Dark Harry's accent a bit different than Harry's? It sounded less polished than Harry's.
  8. Macy did ask but we never saw the reply.
  9. I think this whole season was a bit rushed. But I think the finale helped set up a lot of potential for season 2, so I will be checking it out. Hopefully they stick more with the magical aspect. Was it my imagination or did the finale imply that Harry had romantic feelings for Macy?
  10. Actually we established Ed is a creep...or at least creepy. He stated he looked up Kelly a dozen times over the past 7 years. And he stated he tried repeatedly to get in contact with her even though she never returned his calls. They went on one date. One. Years later they get a sorta second date and he proposes marriage?
  11. See that scene had the opposite effect on me. Any openness I had to Lucy/Wyatt officially closed because the actors, for me at least, are just not generating the kind of chemistry to convince me they are attracted to/in love with each other. *shrugs*
  12. I had a problem with both the romantic relationships this season. I liked Lyria but never felt the connection or chemistry between the two actress that convinced me they really did love each other. As for Mareth and Will, I swear they were going for a sibling vibe until someone commented on the way Mareth looked at Wil. And up until the last ep I would have sworn Wil didn't feel anything for Mareth. If anything, I kept getting the feeling Eretria and Wil were going to hook up again, or at least start down the path to hooking up. I haven't read the books so I don't know endgame couples. Still I'm hoping the show isn't canceled.
  13. I started season 1 of the Good Witch about the time season 2 or 3 was airing. I couldn't help noticing how much chemistry the actress (who's name I'm to lazy to look up) had with Anthony Lemke and how forced the chemistry felt with James Denton. I decided to read spoilers to see if the writers would go against expectations but nope. So I stopped watching. Uh...on topic. This show introduced me to several people I hadn't heard of before but will now keep an eye out for.
  14. I had the same thought. And to make it worse, he communicated with Lockjaw. So the dog and Medusa have learned his form of communication but no one else?
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