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  1. Honestly, I forgot that this show was even on the air. When I looked at my recordings on the DVR, I thought, 'This is still on?' I smell cancellation. I want "Evil" back in this time slot!
  2. Yes!! I didn't mind the long hair, but the grease and stringy locks - how does Angelina fall "in love" with a man who doesn't wash his hair? Even in jail, prisoners get showers. Jace had that dirty, stringy hair too. Total turn off, regardless of his evil nature. Or was the hair left filthy to emphasize his inward and outward nastiness? In contrast, the third of resurrected water-spewers (can't remember his name) had a clean, fluffy Afro. I'm not obsessed with hair usually, but this show obviously uses clean hair / filthy hair to distinguish good people from bad people.
  3. Jayne Atkinson was on several seasons of "Criminal Minds". She played section chief Erin Strauss.
  4. So . . . President Biden spoke at, what, 7:30? 8pm? CBS told us that all shows would be pushed back accordingly. Comcast channel guide said that "Clarice" would begin at 10:20 pm (until 11:20 pm). So I set my DVR accordingly. As a result of the push back, or of a very short presidential speech, or just of a total screw-up, my DVR recorded only the last 37 minutes of the show (most of that time being commercials.) And guess what? The show made sense to me: Clarice drugged and in danger of being killed and/or sent to the incinerator, Clarice outwits the psychopath, Clarice stumbles and f
  5. Yes! During some scenes it totally wiped out the dialogue. I was watching from the DVR; so I did a few rewinds & replays and I still didn't get it! I'll watch a few more episodes just to see if I like it any more than I did Monday. If those episodes are equally incomprehensible with loud music and garbled dialogue, I'm out.
  6. 100%. I just watched this episode last night, and both Michael and his Velcro Wife had me nuts before the first commercial wife. Once, when Michael was driving and Velcro was being annoying and clingy, nattering on about how special he was, how strong he was, how proud she was of him, he finally (gently) brushed her arm off his shoulder. She asked, "Do you need me to be quiet now?" He said yes, and she kept on nattering! I'd have stopped the car and told her to shut up and get the hell out. IMHO, she felt superior to him because she had the surgery while he couldn't - even tho
  7. I meant going to the theater. When the only light in the theater is coming from a huge screen, it's a totally immersive experience.
  8. Long time member (name taken from old TWoP days), long time lurker & reader. I had to jump in here to comment on this: Yes, yes and YES! Typically, I'm more of a movie-goer than a TV-watcher, but alas, the pandemic has restricted me to watching TV. What struck me immediately about this show was the beauty of the cinematography, the editing, the moodiness, and the composition of the settings. This show startled me into believing that *maybe* TV is progressing into construction and editing, rather than focusing on plot, characters, stories. Yes, it was Criminal Minds-ish,
  9. Must this show have a happy ending to Every. Single. Medical. Crisis?
  10. One tiny mention by a woman at the Round Table discussion: Something like, "I want to know where the plane went for five years!" Then dropped. For me, this is the question I'm waiting for someone to answer. I don't care about soap opera love triangle, I don't care about kid with cancer, I don't care about crime-of-the-week. Answer the damn question, or give me an indication that the show is heading for an answer!
  11. I just got around to watching this last night (DVR'd it so I could FF through commercials.) I want to say a word about the doc's diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma. In 1998, I had this diagnosis. It was removed. Gone for 20 years. I was amused that a biopsy from the doc's throat - squamous cell carcinoma occurs on the skin - the outer layers of the dermis. If not treated, they can spread to areas such as lymph nodes. There is a very low risk of recurrence if the squamous cell carcinoma is removed early. So my questions to the show's writers are this: Did you do your research on this
  12. Best episode in the last few seasons, but that's not saying much. It did hold my interest, though. The blond chick - horrible acting, horrible lines, horrible in general. Best thing was the old-school CM profiling - I also liked the mis-direction of "Who's the real unsub here?" The guy making the drones? Blond chick? Her boss - the old lab guy from CSI? Good episode, not a great episode. I'd give it a B- .
  13. Raelynn failing her drug test was no great surprise - you use drugs, you fail a random drug test, you go to jail. Boom - easy as that. And now what is Jeanette to do? Raise the girls? Leave them with baby sitter? It's only mildly interesting to me. Now Gabrielle's story - that's what's pulling me hard. Will she be deported? Will she ever get anyone to believe her stories of abuse in the Coates' home? So much to resolve in only one hour next week. Save Gabrielle indeed!!!!
  14. The placement of the song "Crimson and Clover" was perfect: The crimson red and blazing orange as Emma's mother's body is consumed by the flames of cremation, then the clover green of the woods where Emma scattered her ashes. It truly was a thing of poetic beauty.
  15. Disturbing thought, but thank you for filling in a few blanks for me, mrsbagnet. I never thought Clair was hurting Gabrielle, but her sweet, French-speaking persona pulled the wool over these viewer's eyes. Never associated the whistling tea kettle with the burn Gabrielle soothes with an ice cube. Indeed, I think that Clair's rage at Nicholas is being misdirected at poor Gabrielle. I almost stopped watching after a few episodes, but I'm glad I hung in. This season is the saddest and most brutal yet. And what's become of the illegal immigrants working on the tomato farm? . . .
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