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  1. What weird composition! Holding a box of grapes in front of a ferris wheel does not compute for me. I guess she's standing in that position and smiling because she's supposed to be playing a game, but it's no wonder she lost if she played while clutching her grapes. Looks pretty but makes no sense.
  2. I'm gonna speculate that Benessa noticed that Derrick's assholery was putting the Dullards ahead in the social media attention game.
  3. The hair and hipster glasses remind me of David Rose on Schitt's Creek. Sorry Jer, you look non-hetero.
  4. I notice that the most holiest of beds, where lotion is applied, where the Kama Sutra Lite is practiced, is quite ostentatious compared to their other furniture, particularly the other beds. Their Godly Union is obviously top priority, not that we had any doubts.
  5. Oh wow, that picture of Babs in the leggings. I can't imagine she put those things on voluntarily. They are not flattering. Whit, your mother may be a bit of a stealth bitch but you shouldn't make her embarrass herself on Mother's Day to pad your bank account.
  6. We have fans in the two bathrooms that do not have windows and no fan in the one that does have a window. The bathroom with the window gets a lot more mildew than those with the fans. I am definitely pro-fan.
  7. "Fatphobia" now? So those who do not find her attractive or sexy are actually suffering from a psychological disorder. Got it. I go to the gym because my "phobia" is that I could end up like you, Whit. You're a waddling cautionary tale.
  8. My feeling about the proposal scene was that it was fakey-fake, scripted by producers, and Jessica was uncomfortable about acting out this intimate moment for the cameras. I thought she kept eating because she felt so dang awkward she didn't know what else to do. I believe Cillas proposed but I don't think this scene was the real deal.
  9. I'm guessing that Lauren (like me) feels faint at the sight of blood, and knowing what that blood probably signified made it worse. I've hit the floor getting a blood test. I think something similar happened to her but she had to up the drama by claiming it was from blood loss.
  10. Jill had no problem asking Jinger if she was "pregnit" on that video call, so they do use the word. Maybe they think expecting sounds fancier.
  11. While I felt that Steven A. was superficially more horrible, I feel like he's too broken to qualify as my personal worst. James K was just pathetic. Penny got my vote because of her narcissism, delusion, lies and manipulation. I felt like a positive outcome was more attainable for Penny than some others, but that simply wasn't what she wanted. She wants her husband and son to be her slaves while she spends the rest of her life in bed. She's the one I really love to hate. She gets bonus points for setting up a "public figure" social media presence in advance of the first airing, which she quick
  12. If Lily and Ellie are correct, there is no cheese. http://www.duggarfamilyblog.com/2010/03/tater-tot-casserole.html My god, that sounds disgusting. Tater tots drenched in creamy slop.
  13. I'm finding a disconnect regarding the Duggars' interpretation of hospitality versus their promotion of the traditional family lifestyle. My mother was born in 1929 and grew up in the middle of nowhere but she was a huge proponent of doing things Properly. For the most part I'm sure she would have been a huge fan of the Duggars' values but she would roll over in her grave if she saw how they treat guests. Mom financed our wedding and insisted on an open bar and full sit-down meal. To her, that is how a wedding is done, end of conversation. You limit your guest list to the number of people you'
  14. I had a pretty long train on my wedding dress and my veil was the same length, though this was in the excessive '80s so maybe styles are different now. But my policy was, if I can't go over the top on my wedding day, when can I? I'm all for going big on the dress. Jinger's was my favorite.
  15. *sigh* Once again, Jill. My husband vacuums all the time. Out here in the real world, a man vacuuming is not worthy of a post. Mine also cooks dinner almost every night, and he has a full-time job and a small business on the side. That's normal. That's what people do.
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