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  1. This post just made me laugh out loud. OMG amazing. I think that Lisa and Kyle have a relationship that has a strong foundation and they will weather any issues between them regardless of who tries to come between them. Dorit, if she were smart, would not try to touch that relationship but she is gunning for the two of them with gusto. I don't think that Lisa will betray Kyle in favor of Dorit. I think she's got Dorit's number and will absolutely be more careful of what she says around her from now on.
  2. 1,000 times this. Teddi fell for the oldest trick in the book. Kyle was crying so that meant she was hurt and therefore her feelings were more valid than Lisa's. She never listened to Lisa's explanations (how could she with Kyle yelling in her ear any time Lisa tried to explain) and just assumed Lisa was the problem child. Have Lisa and Teddi ever spoken for longer than five minutes? I usually like Teddi but she was out of line tonight. Shush....it's not your business.
  3. Anyway.... It continues to be sad and troubling that Farrah is allowed to speak to people the way she does. Did she call a realtor a rookie for sending her an email to tell her it was inappropriate to go to someone's house and ask to look around? Open Houses are incredibly invasive. What kind of person just pulls up to someone's house and asks to look around because there's a For Sale sign out in front? She's scary. God help us if she ever buys a gun. Amber's complete disinterest in being a mother is sad to watch. And she thinks that she can replace the fact that she's ab
  4. I think this is a huge problem with how mental health is viewed in this country. "Most people" would do what now? How does anyone know how "most people" handle anything? This reminds me of cops who come to people's houses and decide someone's family member slaughtered them because he didn't cry hard enough or show the proper amount of emotion. Cate had a miscarriage and from what I could tell it was for a kid she and Tyler desperately wanted. I don't think "most people" would handle that by just popping into their therapist twice a week and then getting on with their lives. Depressio
  5. My friend had it done. She has to constantly be cognizant of what she puts in her mouth all the time. And how much. And if she eats too much or eats the wrong thing, she gets very sick. Yet she still has to get her calories in and she still exercises just as hard as I do. All the surgery did was drop the weight off of her. It is up to her to keep it off and she works very hard at it. We have another friend who had it done and she's gaining weight. She doesn't get it. Keeps asking my friend why she's gaining weight. We know why. She posts enough on Instagram for us to know exactly wh
  6. She's gonna....take off her glasses. Really....really....slowly And then speak with deliberate sentences so as to instill....*eyebrow quirk* fear......
  7. I'm sorry, but the moment I pulled up a "fold" and found maggots? I'm out. Sit there in your own filth and eat yourself into a blob....there is no amount of money or love that would have me dealing with that shit. And her attitude as if she was bad ass while lying in a bed? Fuck you lady. Come get me. I'd sit on the other side of the room and throw grapes at her "Here, this is what you get."
  8. I could not stand this woman. OMG. If I was one of the crew people who had to film this woman I would have left, she creeped me OUT! All the manipulation about sex....gross. Herbert was a pervert. He didn't love her...he just wanted her to blow him every time he gave her food. Blech! There was not a single tear coming out of her eye when she was in the ER. What a complete and total baby. I hope her daughter gets away from her immediately. Her wailing in the ER was ridiculous. Let her wail and cry herself into a puddle. Close the door. She does it because people react. U
  9. Not from where I sit. Insecurity - again for me - is born out of thinking everything is about you. What people say, what they do, a look they may throw your way....all about you. What they said, probably had nothing to do with you - but you think it did. What they do, probably had nothing to do with you - but you think it did. The look, probably not meant for you - but you think it was. And then you get sad and weepy and suddenly everyone is asking you why. Satisfying your need for....making it all about you. You never asked if what they said or did had to do with you...you j
  10. This right here. This is the problem. Kyle never asked her how she felt about what she was just told. Kyle just decided Lisa was peeved and therefore she should have reacted the way Kyle decided she should have. That's selfish. When she didn't, Kyle decided Lisa had hurt her feelings and started crying. Painting Lisa as the bad guy. That's manipulative and calculating because Kyle needs everyone to know that it's big bad Lisa always hurting poor defenseless Kyle. And it's not the first time she's done it. She cried at dinner with Dorit when Lisa didn't react to something the
  11. Insecurity - for me - is an inherently selfish quality in a person. It says to me "I expect the world to bend to my will." Kyle expects Lisa to behave how she thinks Lisa should behave and if Lisa doesn't do this, Kyle throws a huge big baby fit because her feelings get hurt and then she paints Lisa as the bad guy for hurting her. Lisa didn't do anything last night that I would deem as so hurtful Kyle needed to display the level of histrionics that ensued and I would guess Lisa felt the same way. Kyle needs to learn to communicate with Lisa and not do things she "thinks" will make Lisa rea
  12. I hope the kids of those two parents from yesterday's episode get great grades and scholarships to get the hell away from both of those parents.
  13. But why? What Lisa chooses to share with Dorit doesn't have anything to do with Kyle. This type of thinking exhibits nothing but jealousy and insecurity on Kyle's part. Lisa has shared many more deep things with Kyle over the years I would imagine. Why does Kyle care so much that Lisa told Dorit some passing comment - which she doesn't remember or acknowledge as truth now - about her parents ignoring her? Dorit also went and told that information to pretty much anyone who would listen...which I would assume will prompt Lisa to never tell her anything again. Here's the thing. Kyle is
  14. Kyle is usually someone I can get behind but not after seeing that last night and not after how she's behaved concerning her issues with Lisa this season. Look, either be her friend or don't. I'm tired of the shade whenever Lisa does something Kyle doesn't like. Kyle went after Dorit, but it wasn't to defend her good friend Lisa, at least not under the surface. Kyle did it so she could show Lisa that SHE was the better friend. It was a very desperate "LOOK! I don't talk about you behind your back like this. I found out and I'm defending you!" And when Lisa didn't act accordingly, that's
  15. His mother was very critical of everything he did. Insecurity would definitely manifest when you spend all day being told everything you're doing is wrong. She was also super duper manipulative and would start crying or get angry if he dared express an emotion.
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