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  1. Superpole2000

    Line Of Duty

    The finale of Season 5 was poor. Too much screen time was spent interviewing Hastings (I actually dozed off once or twice), who we all knew wasn't going to be the real catch, while the work to nail the actual criminal went on mostly off screen. But what annoyed me the most was the return to Dot's dying declaration video. While he had a giant fatal wound in his chest, apparently he was tapping out messages in Morse code? Get real. That's so incredibly implausible, and now they're going to build an entire sixth season off of that ridiculous premise. And all of the non-case stuff like Steve's back injury and Kate's relationship problems didn't go anywhere. I still want to see Season 6, but I felt like Season 5 was the show's low point so far.
  2. Superpole2000


    I agree with all of this. I get why they did the dog thing because the world is full of dog lovers and this would have a monumental effect. But for me, the big story was the human robots and the horror of facing that gaping exploded reactor. That 90 second scene was intense, but it was somehow overshadowed in this post-apocalyptic episode.
  3. Superpole2000

    S04.E20: More Harm Than Good

    It's been a while since I've seen an episode of television so poor that I start laughing at it. But there I was, totally amused by the Angels of Earth actress (Meadow?) attempting to speak through pain while suspenseful music signaled to us that Natalie was about to break another rule. Then there was Big Red using charades (with props!) to try to communicate to the Moldovan patient who knew very little English. I also enjoyed the unnamed hospital worker's reaction to seeing a patient with a plastic bag over their head. "Dr. Choi, come quick!" Did she think taking a plastic bag off of someone's head required med school and years of experience?
  4. Superpole2000

    S01Ep22: Luna

    It was all so over the top. There were half a dozen plot points in this episode alone that made me go, "Oh come on!" For me, the worst of those was the show figuring out a contrivance to get not only Dr. Bloom to that apartment but also Dr. Sharpe. Bloom hasn't been seen in months but just happened to show up the minute her boss had an active emergency (even if he is too much of a delusional do it all himself doofus to notice). And Dr. Sharpe, well she just happened to be available to ride to the scene herself because the show was worried we would forget how much she cares about Max despite them showing us this fact in every one of her scenes. Does anyone really believe they would kill off Dr. Sharpe? Without her, there really isn't a show. Put anyone with an ounce of logic in that writers' room and they would be pulling their hair out dealing with this mess, but not before they finished pulling out more of Max's hair to make his chemo story start to make more sense.
  5. Superpole2000

    Season 1 Discussion

    That bathroom scene was implausible and just plain terrible writing. Were the police just hanging back thinking, "Let it go another 10 seconds, we have to hear him talk for a bit too!" So ridiculous. They're not going to orchestrate their informant having a gun pulled on them, and they certainly wouldn't wait to step in if it did happen.
  6. Superpole2000


    The concrete burial scene was excellent, especially the way they brought in the cement truck. I will remember that scene for a long time.
  7. Superpole2000


    I am watching the first episode now, and one of my TV/movie pet peeves has already happened. They started the show with the suicide and then jumped back in time. Damn, I hate when shows spoil themselves! I know it's a historical event, but the specific character outcomes are mostly unknown. Let us get there in time!
  8. Superpole2000

    S08.E05: The Bells

    This is the main problem I had with this season. If the dragons could do this then why not do this a long time ago? They could have targeted Cersei whenever they wanted since she's always standing on her balcony anyway. And Arya...I despise how invincible they've made her. The writers love her so much that I thought they would invent guns in the show just so she could dodge bullets on top of all the other miracle survivals she's had.
  9. Superpole2000

    S08.E03: The Long Night

    But they all should have died. What saved them was the simple fact that the writers love them too much. I can't blame Sansa's real world sensibility because the writers have given the other characters you named way too much superhero bravery and dumb luck. It's like they get to play Game of Thrones on invincible with infinite lives. Honestly, they should have killed one of the core group to avoid it becoming so predictable and convenient for the heroes.
  10. Superpole2000

    S04.E18: Tell Me The Truth

    That's my major complaint about this show. For example, this FBI agent and Will...we know the writers are trying to start up a thing with them, but instead of showing us an organic buildup to a relationship, they instead have to go overboard with a teary confessional to draw the characters together. It's okay to give us a coffee shop scene or an ordinary conversation once in a while. I know it's an ER show, but not everything has to be life or death dramatic.
  11. Superpole2000

    S04.E15: We Hold These Truths

    I know doctors and nurses who date coworkers, but I have never heard of any of them dating patients or family of patients. I am obviously a very small sample size, though. Nevertheless, it strikes me as unprofessional and unethical for Natalie to get involved with this patient's father, and even if it wasn't, his wife only just died a few weeks ago. I can't get over that.
  12. Superpole2000

    S04.E14: Can't Unring That Bell

    I have always considered him the best character on this show. I kind of want more scenes with him, but with these writers, I just assume they'll destroy his character like they have with everyone else.
  13. Superpole2000

    S04.E13: Ghosts In The Attic

    I also can't get over how unprofessional nearly everyone is. Dr. Charles and Goodwin are usually pretty good, but everyone else is an ethical nightmare. I would hope that the average medical professional might commit an ethical faux-pas at most once or twice in their entire career. These people can't help but overrule protocol every chance they get. Even the Enron executives held themselves to a higher standard.
  14. Superpole2000

    S04.E05: What You Don't Know...

    This Will as CI storyline is horrendous and probably the worst thing this show has ever done. Stick to medicine Chicago MED. Natalie's slow and overly empathetic way of speaking to patients is irritating. I don't think April has ever agreed with anyone. That would seem a terrible quality in a nurse. This show keeps dropping interesting medical-related stories and focusing on crap like police investigations and loser siblings. Where are the med students? I want to see more ordinary people struggling while trying to do extraordinary things.
  15. Superpole2000

    S03.E09: On Shaky Ground

    She might be the worst ever TV doctor. If not, she's definitely on the shortlist. She makes more bad decisions than good ones, which is pretty incredible considering her profession.