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  1. Nor would anyone want to. It's not like going through airport security. My guess is that the time of these medical professionals is far too expensive to spend it going through the unpleasant entry and exit process from Rikers. Furthermore, they were interacting far too freely with the inmates in this episode and it all felt very fake. That fight would have brought out guards in riot gear, and not even superhero Max would have joined in.
  2. I agree, that's a gaping plot hole. They have plenty of air time to fill this season, and they could have gotten a full episode out of that one plot alone. Just the reaction from Helen alone would have been great TV. Show us Helen's reaction to the blood memento! I did think the sad hug at the end of this episode was well done, though. I felt that one.
  3. I liked the last few minutes of this episode. The only thing I didn't like was how we didn't get to see the reaction of his coworkers finding the blood stained carpet. That was too big of a plot point to just bury off camera. Maybe that reveal will come in future episodes, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.
  4. And even if he could sneak in, wouldn't an intelligent professional in his position know that it's incredibly bad to do that? The writers have made Max a protocol-breaking dope. I am rarely on his side because he is always doing something dopey and breaking rules that inconvenience him. The astronaut story was nonsense, the cancer patient was never going to have a kid in any real world scenario, and Bloom/Kapoor were uninteresting. The only highlight in this show was the manipulative kid. Her story was so interesting, and the acting was great.
  5. Why are they filming this show in the dark? It looked like they were running on an emergency backup generator with how low the lighting was. But even in dim light, anyone could tell that this show isn't very good.
  6. I can't believe they dropped the cake in the final scene. How dare they! There was a little bit of Helen/Max drama in this episode, and even though the scene wasn't perfect, it was miles ahead of most of the other scenes in this show.
  7. Bloom shouts verbal abuse at her PT for half an episode, he enjoys this abuse for some reason (because she's hot, right writers?) and mutters some deadpan sarcasm, then she falls on him, and they just start making out and rolling around in their very public professional space? Completely unrealistic and inappropriate! That felt like a plot from a porn movie, not a medical show. I'm surprised they didn't throw a third person in there just for fun. They played it for laughs, but that only undermines the scenes where they do try to be heavy/dramatic. In this case, it undermined the Bloom/Reynolds confrontation about the unsupervised intern, which is obviously a serious story: Reynolds (smelling the sex on Bloom): "You seem better." Bloom (sweaty and with hair out of place): "Yeah? I think I found something that helps!" HAHAHA! Well done writers! She had sex so now she's done being mean! Very clever.
  8. Yeah, that was mustache-twirling villain stuff. So over the top. This episode was a bit dull. The Iggy scenes just draged for me, as they usually do. It's as if he belongs on a different show altogether. And Kapoor feels almost as disconnected himself. Frankly, when Max and Helen aren't in a scene the show stinks.
  9. The finale of Season 5 was poor. Too much screen time was spent interviewing Hastings (I actually dozed off once or twice), who we all knew wasn't going to be the real catch, while the work to nail the actual criminal went on mostly off screen. But what annoyed me the most was the return to Dot's dying declaration video. While he had a giant fatal wound in his chest, apparently he was tapping out messages in Morse code? Get real. That's so incredibly implausible, and now they're going to build an entire sixth season off of that ridiculous premise. And all of the non-case stuff like Steve's back injury and Kate's relationship problems didn't go anywhere. I still want to see Season 6, but I felt like Season 5 was the show's low point so far.
  10. I agree with all of this. I get why they did the dog thing because the world is full of dog lovers and this would have a monumental effect. But for me, the big story was the human robots and the horror of facing that gaping exploded reactor. That 90 second scene was intense, but it was somehow overshadowed in this post-apocalyptic episode.
  11. It's been a while since I've seen an episode of television so poor that I start laughing at it. But there I was, totally amused by the Angels of Earth actress (Meadow?) attempting to speak through pain while suspenseful music signaled to us that Natalie was about to break another rule. Then there was Big Red using charades (with props!) to try to communicate to the Moldovan patient who knew very little English. I also enjoyed the unnamed hospital worker's reaction to seeing a patient with a plastic bag over their head. "Dr. Choi, come quick!" Did she think taking a plastic bag off of someone's head required med school and years of experience?
  12. It was all so over the top. There were half a dozen plot points in this episode alone that made me go, "Oh come on!" For me, the worst of those was the show figuring out a contrivance to get not only Dr. Bloom to that apartment but also Dr. Sharpe. Bloom hasn't been seen in months but just happened to show up the minute her boss had an active emergency (even if he is too much of a delusional do it all himself doofus to notice). And Dr. Sharpe, well she just happened to be available to ride to the scene herself because the show was worried we would forget how much she cares about Max despite them showing us this fact in every one of her scenes. Does anyone really believe they would kill off Dr. Sharpe? Without her, there really isn't a show. Put anyone with an ounce of logic in that writers' room and they would be pulling their hair out dealing with this mess, but not before they finished pulling out more of Max's hair to make his chemo story start to make more sense.
  13. That bathroom scene was implausible and just plain terrible writing. Were the police just hanging back thinking, "Let it go another 10 seconds, we have to hear him talk for a bit too!" So ridiculous. They're not going to orchestrate their informant having a gun pulled on them, and they certainly wouldn't wait to step in if it did happen.
  14. The concrete burial scene was excellent, especially the way they brought in the cement truck. I will remember that scene for a long time.
  15. I am watching the first episode now, and one of my TV/movie pet peeves has already happened. They started the show with the suicide and then jumped back in time. Damn, I hate when shows spoil themselves! I know it's a historical event, but the specific character outcomes are mostly unknown. Let us get there in time!
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