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  1. What is the point of the cut out on Sara's shirt? It shows her bra strap-weird.
  2. That was shameless and a million kinds of wrong. Phil and his tiny eyed wife have lost their souls. Phil Super Fans? Give me a fucking Narcissistic break. UGh-is it spelled Phans? that is even worse.
  3. As long as that space is at least six feet away.
  4. I don't know if I have ever seen someone so thoroughly ruin their reputation like Couric has with this book. I am looking forward to seeing her grilled on her terrible takes on almost everything.
  5. She should not be wearing that bun. That is all.
  6. The Howard's mom Jean also was in Roseanne as the neighbor who liked to walk around naked. I have seen her pop up everywhere it seems.
  7. Sherri-I don't think it is a good idea to let everyone know that you keep your 9mm in your nightstand by your bed. Is this locked? I fear for Jefferey. Sherri has not changed. Still telling Jefferey's business. Still making bad decisions and broadcasting them. Every few years she forgets that she has diabetes....Jefferey reminds her....she diets because she needs to stay here for him--repeat.
  8. She does look great. When they were playing old clips of her on the show, I was thinking she looks younger now than she did in 2007. Good for her!
  9. I don't even watch Archer, but those articles made me tear up. I love Jessica Walter from Arrested Development. I was so sad when she died. It sounds like they gave a lovely tribute to her.
  10. I hope they gave Sarah a big raise to become the crazy hair person of the show. If Sarah is tired, I would like to introduce her to baseball cap because that mess on her head is just bad.
  11. Tinkerbell-all the good vibes to you. Yes, this pink crap and Save the TaTas makes me ragey. This is the kind of performative nonsense that the Princess embraces. Also-if she looks at herself in that ridiculous filter and thinks she looks good then she should go ahead and go for that look so we can all point and laugh.
  12. There is no tragedy too great that Shill will not shamelessly exploit for profit. He especially loves dead white girl deaths. The Petitos are too caught up in grief to see it now.
  13. This show today is typical Phil--he goes after the abused woman for not reporting her husband. She is clearly terrified and when you are in the midst of something like that, it can be very difficult to get out and get help. You reality is warped and you are unsure of everything. Fuck you Phil McGraw. Why do I watch this trash? ETA-she came there to get help and this is how he treats her? So disgusted right now-even moreso than usual when I watch this show.
  14. Sunny looks fantastic today. No crazy lashes-just a fresh look and I love that lip color on her. Sarah-Tammy Wynette called and she wants all her hair back.
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