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  1. Caitlyn Jenner-Gas has gone up since I moved to California in 1973 so I need to be governor.
  2. I like it too for the same reason. If I see Me-again is there being a fool then I skip it. I think it is impressive how quickly the recap gets published. Great job, cslustig! I followed you on twitter!
  3. Dammit! I want some of those pocket socks.
  4. You should have won! We would not be having these problems if you did.
  5. I thought the very same thing.
  6. Yeah, but here he is on The View hawking his book so it doesn't feel like much of a win. That is so-called cancel culture right there in a nutshell.
  7. Wow. She constantly claims to be the only conservative on tv and now she says this about herself: "the only plus-size girl in all of news and TV."
  8. I clearly don't know much about PRIDE. Thank you both for the information.
  9. Do people generally wear their work uniforms to PRIDE? I mean are nurses out there marching in scrubs? I don't understand the need for what I would assume is an off duty officer to be in uniform
  10. He looks like a bargain basement Al Borland (Richard Karn).
  11. I see she is wearing those ugly ass pants again.
  12. I don't think anybody does care what Dennis Quaid has to say about anything.. I know I don't. Thanks for mentioning that he is on the show because that was all I needed to hear to decide to skip this mess today.
  13. Part of me thinks that Meghan did this today as a way to singlehandedly lift The View ratings--the other part thinks she is an unhinged, priviliged lunatic who actually is just like she appears on the show. The bottom line is, I think people are tired of the vitriol and stress of the last four years. If this little stunt lifts the ratings, prepare for more of the same. Me? I prefer peace these days and just have no interest in more Trumpism and Real Housewive's antics. This show is becoming less and less appealing every day.
  14. Someone posted this screen shot from Meg today on Twitter. She retweeteed a story about her assertion that she would talk about her father or brother on The View if they were accused of sexual assault. Spoiler alert: Nobody's buying it.
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