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  1. I pray to the god of our racist forefathers that Meghan gets a crib with one screw of each size missing and that she spends the rest of her life in a screwless purgatory trying to rock her baby in a colonial style crib with the creepy face of George Washington baring his teeth that he stole from his slaves. I call it the McCrib. You can only get them for short periods of time each year.
  2. I can't believe no one mentioned what Meghan said about having her foot amputated live on air by Joy. Who the fuck says something like that? WTF?
  3. One thing comes to mind here:
  4. I am so tired of seeing Kristin Bell's fucking face everywhere. She comes off as a know it all. Her voicing a biracial character and her "purple people" race book finally pushed me over the edge.
  5. Let us never forget her dead dad's club from last Father's Day. Girl sure knows how to put the "i" in grief. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/allthemoms/2019/06/17/meghan-mccain-copes-john-mccains-death-fathers-day-twitter/1475545001/
  6. I totally agree. I wonder if Whoopi would have still defended her if she had called Whoopi "low rent" or described her job as being not as bad as picking cotton? Let me speak to Whoopi for a moment... "Whoopi-heres the thing, Bitch says racist things about your coworkers and black brothers and sisters, she has the power to affect their lives and livlihoods-bitch is racist." I hope whatever she has said about Whoopi comes out-(and you know she said something) and then we can replay the clips of Whoopi saying she knows she isn't racist. Sunny saw what Whoopi did. I hope she stops kowtowing and kissing Whoopi's ass now. Sunny is too high quality for this shitfest.
  7. Meghan's new memoir, "Drunk in a Wendys: A Story About a White Girl".
  8. Who calls their children spawn"? The Devil. That's who. D-i-a-b-l-o
  9. The baby moving shifted paradigm? Did she think the baby was not going to move around inside her? Do wildcats move around all day? Because I have a lot of felines and they are known for sleeping a lot. She will truly become more and more insufferable.
  10. Maybe she meant that she missed being exorcised? I am not sure exorcism was considered an essential service during lockdown. The only exercise I remember her mentioning was slugging whiskey and shootin up them squirrels with her automatic weapons. Also dancing sweatingly in clubs with her friends. Forgot that one.
  11. What? This is flying right over my head.
  12. I don't see it. Her beauty I mean.
  13. I wish someone would ask Meghan how she feels about Kaeperneck's peaceful protest now? Would she prefer that or the Target being burned down? RIP to all the cribs lost in the fire.
  14. I think this not mentioning Meghan's constant mispronunciations and improper word usage is either a case of The Emperor Wears No Clothes or one of giving someone enough rope to hang themselves.
  15. I know. After he was groped and treated so poorly by other black men, he became a sort of icon for metoo. Here was this masculine guy who was speaking up about the powerlessness a person feels in that situation. I was a big fan of his from his role as the dad from Everybody Hates Chris. I actually had printed a small pic of him and put it by my computer where I tend to shop online. Anyone not familiar with the series, he made a face anytime his family spent money or wasted something. It was there to remind me to think about whether I really need to make that purchase. Anyway-not only did he not support Gabrielle, he made an ass out of himself on Twitter doubling down on his crap. I am not surprised The View had him on. Trash guests are their signature. They love to promote these anti-woman assholes. I will never watch anything with him in it again. Needless to say, that tiny framed picture of him scolding me for shopping is long gone.
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