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  1. Ana didn't want to do it. I also seriously doubt it! Just too convoluted.
  2. Oh, good lord. Will give that a miss.
  3. Ha, ha. Reminds me of the time I was in a salon getting my hair done. This woman came running in with one of those round styling brushes stuck in her hair. It took 3 hairdressers to get that thing out of her hair. I have a brush where you can press the button & the brushes contract, bought after seeing that little spectacle.
  4. Seeing as how she's barely been on this show, I am inclined to wait & see before jumping all over her. AND, it's quite pleasant to have a not-screaming, not-foaming opinion. She's more Jed than Meghan, which is fine with me.
  5. What if you have color on your hair??? I guess you should always have a bucket of water handy.
  6. I don’t think this will hurt them. The sweat shops didn’t.
  7. Wasn’t Nike in trouble years ago for their labor practices? Sweat shops, low wages. A lot of people stopped buying their products at that time.
  8. For sure! I don't know what the beef is.
  9. Absolutely! So far, I have no problem with her. Early days, but MM grated from the get-go
  10. Maybe people know her better than I do, but I don't have a strong opinion about her as yet. She seems fine to me so far. This is only her second day, how about some slack? Her lips? Jeeze, give me a break!
  11. These divas do know they’re on a home shopping channel, right. Get over yourself, Isaac! ?
  12. I thought she was fine, although she didn’t say that much. But then, I was okay with Jed.
  13. She would be DOS (Duchess of Sussex). LOL
  14. Food for thought. I still think Ronan is a little weasel. https://forward.com/opinion/393663/i-dont-believe-dylan-farrow/
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