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  1. I caved and watched the video. Jill’s boys seem so sweet. I think this is the most I’ve ever heard Sam talk, he seems like such a happy little thing! He’s adorable.
  2. This season was filmed June 2018, so it’s been a while. I personally don’t see them getting another season. Andy seemed pretty done with Kim during the RHOA reunion (also filmed in 2018)
  3. Anyone watch the season premiere tonight? I feel bad for the poor Nanny who traveling in the RV with them. Why do they need a nanny when there are 5 adults on the trip as well? How much staff do Kim and Kroy have? “Is KOA like the Ritz Carlton?”
  4. From my rewatches, there was a moment that stood out to me. Kate is doing a special one hour long sit down with TLC. She says the sextuplets refer to “New Daddy” (Jon after divorce)and “Old Daddy” (pre divorce) but that does not seem like something that would come out of the mouths of 5 year olds, especially the Gosselin kids who were a YOUNG 5
  5. If I remember correctly, Jon gave up legal custody (the rights to sign waivers, etc) of the kids so he didn’t have to pay child support. This worked out for Kate because she could get the kids to film again. Jon still had visitation and had the kids every other weekend. The twins stopped wanting to go over there, then Collin and Hannah, then the other 4 sextuplets.
  6. I’d lean more towards difficult. I’m rewatching JK8 on YoutubeTV and Jon and Kate talk a lot about Alexis pirercing cries that make your ears ring. Alexis was sort of the wild child and not as princessy as the other girls. Jon and Kate also had her sleeping in the basement because she was known to wake up in the middle night and try to wake up her other siblings. The only sibling Collin seems to get along with is Cara. On my rewatch, it’s sort of shocking how easy the twins meltdown and revert to toddler like behavior despite being elementary school aged. But I’m assuming it’s because i
  7. Thanks! I was curious because I’ve heard how hard it is for people who need help to actually stay inpatient for as long as they need. The most I’ve heard of is like 3 months. But 3 years, for a child who as far as we know hasn’t committed a crime? That just sounds excessive. I can’t imagine how terrified he felt not knowing if there was an end in sight
  8. Doing a rewatch now 🙂 When I first watched i thought Ashlee was a brat. After rewatching, I have to give her a bit of a break. For starters, Jacqueline slyly needles her, waits for her to blow up, and then starts the “poor me” act. In one scene Jacqueline whispers to her daughter with a smirk “You looked just like Grandma walking in”. Ashlee is upset because the person she is talking about is overweight and old. They get into fight and Ashlee is thrown out of the house. Also, the Manzo kids (who are older than Ashlee) love to lecture her about responsibility... while living at home with t
  9. Is it normal for a 12 year old to be institutionalized at an inpatient facility for 3 years? I imagine just that alone would bring trauma, especially if your mother allegedly only visited you twice.
  10. Uh oh 😞Looks like there is problems between Joe and Q
  11. Jessa, Joy and Jason look very similar Jinger, Jed and Johannah look similar Jana, Jeremiah, and Jennifer look alike Josiah, Jackson, and Josie look alike I think James and Jordyn look like Grandma Mary/Aunt DeAnna/Amy
  12. I remember her pictures of sitting in a car outside of Derick’s work waiting for him with James! She always had her buddies over. But I would have people over too if I was in that big house alone all day
  13. I don’t think any of these kids have ever slept alone in a room in their lives
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