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  1. James is pictured. Gives some meaning behind those Lauren Caldwell courtship rumors...
  2. I’ve always been interested in that too, and I would have liked to see Jill participate since I know their buddy team seems to be the closest/most affectionate. But I thought Austin and Tyler were great additions, and Tyler was totally the MVP. Poor Johannah got stuck on the team with Jim Bob and a very pregnant Kendra because both of her buddies, Jed and Jinger, were nowhere to be found. She by far seemed the most invested in the game
  3. Thank GOD Jim Bob was placed on sweet Joe and Kendra’s team, otherwise I imagine anyone else would have dropped him off on the side of the road. Loved how competitive Jessa’s buddy team was, there is no keeping sweet in that crew. I think I really like Austin on the show, I think he’s genuinely funny
  4. I laughed when Jeremiah described his style as “needs help” and Josie describing hers as “ugly” with a laugh
  5. From the DuggarFam account, looks like they might be out of town somewhere. Unless that’s Jessa and Ben’s house?
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