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  1. Same here. I was specially touched by her deep concern over Yumiko and her feeling so bad about getting her hurt. She seems like a really good person. Me too.
  2. I think the point was supposed to be that Negan was always terrible, but his wife and society kept him in check. He's an asshole and he has rage issues, but in his own way he loves his wife, which is why the fight is, specifically, about Lucille not being able to listen to "their" song, instead of being about some other random thing. With Lucille dead and society gone, there was nothing else to keep the monster in check. For me, I guess the problem is that I don' see how this helps to make the case for Negan NOW. If he was trash before the zombie apocalypse, not a good person turned bad b
  3. I've been so frustrated with this show. I LOVED season one. Loved it! Some of the best zombie stuff I've ever seen. So many twists and turns, right up until the last twist of the season that left us with that awesome cliffhanger. I actually still remember what happened in season one. But season two killed the excitement I felt over it. I can't even say exactly why because I don't even remember what happened in season two anymore, but I found it underwhelming. And the same thing happened with that movie/special episode that just premiered on netflix. I spent most of it lost because of all
  4. Why not just... murder Sam the old fashioned way tho? He was a serial killer anyway.
  5. 1666 was great! Super entertaining and satisfying, even though it had its flaws (like everything does).
  6. He did. He was going to knock on the door, but decided to write the note instead.
  7. I think Sam got possessed because she has some other connection to Sarah. Didn't Sarah Fier say "it's you" to her a couple of times when Sam saw her? Maybe she's the reincarnation of Either way, Ziggy told Deena over the phone that Sarah makes the rules. So she can do whatever she wants. When Sam's name appeared on the rock there WAS someone there though, I think... and the rhyme says that Sarah made a deal to be immortal.. right? so I wonder if she's hanging out somewhere in the town or something, even if those are her bones or whatever. I suspect, though, that they will come up w
  8. Yes. Just like we were supposed to think that Sam was a guy until "surprise! It's a girl!" The trailers played a big role, but neither trick worked on me. At all.
  9. I really, really liked this movie. A lot of fun with great characters. I was never bored and I can't wait to see the other two, I hope they don't disappoint. I'm really looking forward to seeing the answers to my questions, too. I might even watch it again before I see part two.
  10. They probably don't know them yet.
  11. Random comment, but whenever I see her name I can't help but think that Athena is such an awesome name.
  12. I don't mind religion and would (and have) watch shows with religious themes and tropes and angels and mythology and all that's stuff. What bothers me (deeply!) is when I start to watch a show and they change the show I'm watching halfway through and without warning.
  13. I'm three episodes behind so I can't totally comment on the end of the season, but to the bolded.... i know right? My memory sucks and this is a show that I have never rewatched, but I have spent this whole season thinking "wasn't this show originally about maybe getting lost in some electrical storm that sent them forward in time and gave them powers or something?" I know they have never fully explained things but I feel like the original hints pointed to somewhere along those lines. Then season two happened and it started moving more and more towards pseudo religion and this season has been
  14. I think the convoluted answer is that they wanted Hope to have some sort of growing up adventure so she could learn what the world is really like, what's at stake, so she could also toughen up and agree with their "we must do what must be done for the future at all cost" mentality. If she never felt in danger then that couldn't work? I guess? Anyway, I thought this show was okay. There were some slow episodes, but overall I enjoyed that the characters had backstories and wounds. I also liked that the show seems to have a clear theme (or maybe two): "sometimes you have to do bad things for
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