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  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS ! I fell in love with this show after seeing 'Unorthodox'. I finished watching a few weeks ago - watched no more than 2 episodes at a time, didn't want this to end. (Recommended this to friends of all ages - they all loved it. Some watched all the episodes in a two day marathon). I've become sucha fan of Michael Aloni - I could listen to him talk forever. What an intelligent, interesting man to listen to and learn from. I hope he makes it on to Broadway some day - would love to see him in person.
  2. Only if she didn't have to do a 'chemistry test' with the other cast members, I'm sure. She'll tell Andy 'you know my work, what you see is what you get! I'm not doing a chemistry test with the other bitches!"
  3. I believe because the DM is a conservative newspaper, and he's a liberal. So they have very different political views. I think she came across to him as less than conservative, IIRC.
  4. As much as I liked this series, this is what I found so distracting. Between the plastic surgery and the lighting they used on her to soften that 'jarring' appearance, it's very distracting to watch her scenes. The delivery of her lines is rather sharp and robotic, too - not too much emotion. Overall, I'd give it a B+ since the direction was pretty good and the series moved fast. Some of the characters could be more interesting, and better-written, too. I'll see if I tune in next year.
  5. Most of the plots this season seem like 'subplots'. I still love the show - still think it's one of the best dramas on TV - but it seems to have gotten lost in itself, once again, as it did in S3. WIth a shortened season 4 (episode 7 is going to be the last, as they cut the last three due to the pandemic) it may go down as the most disappointing season for the series. The good news is that the show was picked up for a fifth season for 2021, and the last three episodes written for this season (S4) will start the season off.
  6. I wonder if they will be taking next week off ? I think they usually do for Memorial Day week, now that May ratings sweeps are over. They may come back live the first week of June. (I think they should take the summer off and come back after Labor Day - in studio).
  7. May 23 was the 13th Anniversary of the 'big blowout' between Rosie and Elisabeth, and the media remembers it.... Page Six - Remembering May 23, 2007 on 'The View'
  8. As for the cases on 5-22-20: Can JM please leave these 'shocking family secrets' for Dr. Phil ? She is supposed to be a Judge (or mediator), not a family therapist. Please stick to the legalities of the case and stop exploiting these young people for ratings. A month ago, we had the young man who found out his grandmother died while taping an episode, yesterday we have the big family secret that the brother sexually abused the sister. If I want to see this exploitation, I'd tune in to Dr. Phil each day - but I purposely don't. Stick to the case and the facts presented - we don't need to d
  9. One thing Judge Milian needs to teach her daughters - as well as herself - is grace and humility. They are all lacking these noble traits.
  10. I also found it rather odd that Whoopie kept saying how excited she was that it 'was Friday' and kept interjecting 'It's Friday, everyone!' when we all know damn well the show was taped on Thursday afternoon. Even Sunny and Meghan gave her an odd look when she wouldn't stop. Quite honestly, viewers don't care what day it is or when the show tapes - every show seems the same to us for the past few months.
  11. The only one I can think of is Clay Aiken, and he probably had to cancel the two concerts at the Mary Kay conferences he had on his calendar for this year.
  12. Today ? They announced them yesterday, which is why I posted last night.
  13. To say the very least. It was like watching wall paper peel. If I wanted to watch a boring talk show, I'd DVR 'The Talk' each day. It's now become a 'chore' to watch this show, rather than 'a pleasure'. I'd have even taken Andrew Glassman pushing Oprah's crap in one of the dull Tim Scott interview segments. As for Meghan saying she didn't get the job the first time around because "she wouldn't do a chemistry test" is not true at all. The truth was everywhere when they were auditioning that season and it has nothing to do with what she claims. I wish Whoopie would have called her out on
  14. Yep, I know why she did it. But she's being 'disrespectful' in a court of law by doing so, something she reprimands others for doing. If she wants to be taken serious as a 'judge' she needs to act professional. Save the over-acting for your kids at home, when they misbehave.
  15. Rachel Dratch was on 'The Good Fight' tonight, and all I can think of was - now there's Rosie O'Donnell! Although Dratch is on the shorter side (and I always think Rosie is tall - I may be wrong). I'm really liking my suggestion of Lynn Whitfield for Star Jones! Can I please cast this ? Please, please, please ????
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