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  1. PrincessEnnui

    Final Fantasy Games

    A little late on this, but I really liked Episode Gladiolus. It was short, but I really liked that it was just him and Cor. I also liked the balanced tone, it wasn't too light or dark. I also like the Rugged outfit they give you for getting 500k+ in the score mode. Gladio has a nice tatoo and even better abs. ;) Sadly, I think it will be forgotten about after Episode Prompto and Ignis. Gladio probably is my favorite character character after Regis and Noctis. They never revealed who he was dating either.
  2. I do vaguely recall watching the premiere at night. I could just be remembering the Batman Beyond premiere though. Man Lenard Nimoy has lots of cool VA credits. Anyhoo, thank you.
  3. Does anyone remember an animated cartoon that aired circa 1996 or 1997 about aliens suddenly making their presence known? It aired Saturday mornings on the WB/WGN and followed a mother and son. It was revealed the son was half alien and supposed to be something of an ambassador. It was dramatic a la Batman: The Animated Series season 1 and 2.
  4. This is the saddest, funniest, and thoughtful thing I've seen today. I think I want to see this movie, but I can't make it through Precious. Don't see myself making it through this movie.
  5. PrincessEnnui

    John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

    I don't know. I did love the movie though. And I have to say, if women and poc aren't going to be focus of a story. At least write and shoot (with a camera) them well, like Chapter 2. I count the number of Black women (now people in films) and I love that of the few here they were all characters first. I counted Charon, Cassian, the Rome Continental concierge, Laurence Fisheburne. And for once there was a nude scene and I didn't feel uncomfortable about it. I hope more action movies are made like this. I was reading about the production of John Wick and it seems quite of few of them (director and actors IIRC) worked on the Matrix franchise.
  6. PrincessEnnui

    John Wick (2014)

    So, I just watched Chapter 2 and it was awesome, the ending was excellent and depressing though.
  7. PrincessEnnui

    Final Fantasy Games

    Bump. FFXV got updated today along with WoFF. A lot of preorder DLC was released for general purchase today, as well the Chocobo/Moogle Festival. You get to travel a festive Altissia with Carbuncle to earn a fireworks studded ending. You can also collect two new recipes, a new rod and wheel, two new outfits, completion of the event nets you a dream egg. There's news slated for Episode Gladio on the 31st. WoFF got the Sora Champion DLC today as well. I gave WoFF a second chance and reached chapter 19. I stand by my initial reaction, though I would like to expand on it. It well done from an artistic, musical, story and gameplay perspective, but all together it's the least interesting game I've ever played. I just can't connect to the main characters. The best part of the game to me (miniventures) pretends they aren't even there! By the time I reached the Eclispe region, I just fast forwarded through their dialogue. Having said that, the crossover aspect is really well done.
  8. PrincessEnnui

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    In fairness to them, people have taken naked images of themselves and other since the invention of the camera. And of course porn has existed from the beginning. But this recent phenomenon of celebrity nudes and sex tapes, should we care beyond criminal issues (hacking, consent, etc). If we can go TMI on Facebook posts about BMs, then we should tell the hackers and leakers and stars the same thing, and certainly not reward them. Note: I'm kind of upset because the last time I was in this thread the health of the Bushes was being discussed, and I thought the worst had happened. Thank you editorgrrl, I'm just clarifying because my first post on the subject was angrier than intended.
  9. PrincessEnnui

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Not picking on you, but in this world filled with porn, who gives a shit? Why does this keep happening?
  10. PrincessEnnui

    Final Fantasy Games

    Oh, hey y'all. I was actually thinking over FF today, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Sania is, as far as I know, FF's first human Black woman with voiced dialogue. YMMV on Donna from X, she reads more SE Asian to me. There's only one other human Black woman character that I know of otherwise and that was the Sephiroth fan in Crisis Core. Same director, Tabata. Apparently Tabata has implied that Lucis is more open than Japan under PM Abe (IIRC), but I can't remember where I read this. Any, I just found that an interesting tidbit. ETA: Tabata speaks of it briefly during an ATR for XV this year and was referring to friendliness of the gov't. Also, Sora was released as free DLC for WoFF in Japan today. Keep your eyes peeled.
  11. PrincessEnnui

    Unpopular Opinions about Music

    Two. I like Pitbull, he comes across as a down to earth, but fun loving guy. I read up on his background and it seems like he's matured over the years, so I don't get the hate. And I hate Johnny Cash's? cover of Hurt. Hurt isn't even a good song, but he doesn't even sing it. Just singsong it.
  12. PrincessEnnui

    Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: The Original '92-'96 anime

    There's a link in the DiC/Cloverway dub thread. Anyhoo, has anyone seen the overdub Ford Fusion ad with the new Sailor Moon English VAs (Stephanie Sheh and Michelle Ruff). Very exciting for me because I drive a 2006 Ford Fusion. XD
  13. PrincessEnnui

    Sing (2016)

    Uh, Nicki Minaj's Anaconda... With rabbits... Nevermind. XD That's the one that gave me pause. It's best if you don't think too much about it.
  14. PrincessEnnui

    Power Rangers (2017)

    I don't understand why every "teen" movie nowadays needs to follow "outcast" teens. One of the things I really liked about Power Rangers was they seemed like super decent kids, well liked enough that it didn't matter they weren't super popular like the Saved By The Bell kids and didn't get involved in teen pitfalls like drinking, sex... and diet pills. Ugh, I can already tell that the romance angle will kill this movie. And I tired of the Black kid being the spoil sport in these types movies (super hero, adventure, horror, comedy... well, I guess all types XD). There's a difference between common sense and caution and being too terrified to take a leap of faith.
  15. PrincessEnnui

    Final Fantasy Games

    Catch a tonberry for me. :) Tonberries were ALWAYS my favorite.