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  1. I suspect this is the Duggar equivalent of sending your kid to boot camp. :( Didn't one of the girls get banished to an ATI thing when she was showing signs of being an independent thinker? Maybe I imagined that...
  2. ShannonL, if anyone butchers an Elvis Costello song next week I will blame you personally for giving them the idea. Some things must remain sacred! :) They may have loosened the purse strings this year and still not been able to get the rights to certain music, although I wouldn't be surprised if it's only 20% catalog limitations and 80% bad choices. I am probably the only person on the planet who feels this way, but If they get to choose songs for each other then I would actually be interested in seeing them choose songs that are completely out their respective comfort zones. Let's see who
  3. ARGH! (I am saying that to myself now for making such a dumb mistake while ranting - thx for the correction, sorry for the stupidity)
  4. Jack frequently bugs me because of the way PB shouts his lines and enunciates every syllable. He sounds like Ted Baxter. The rivalry with Victor is getting old for me, and that's not good considering it's one of the show's central, enduring story lines. Jack really needs something else to do (and by that I do not mean popping oxy).
  5. Hey guys, I wasn't on the TWOP forum but hope you won't mind if a stranger adds herself to the (store bought) mix. Aunt Sandy has been a bottomless supply of laughs and cringes for me. So glad there's a place here to discuss the magic of chili seasoning packets and canned frosting. Here's hoisting a glass of PB&J martini to ya!
  6. The first time I ever saw a Semi-Ho show was at Xmas years back, and because I didn't know any better I was thrilled to see a bunch of shortcuts for Xmas cookies. Oh my god. The candy cane cookies tasted so strongly of the red food dye (took an entire bottle) that they were inedible. Pretty sure there was a russipee involving eggnog that tasted nothing like eggnog. So those "time-saving russipees for the way we cook today" ended up wasting an entire evening of my precious holiday baking schedule. I have had a hate-on for this woman ever since. The only good thing about Sandra is that I can th
  7. Hi all, another lurking TWOP refugee here (although I never looked at the BC threads over there). I love watching Ina's stress-free approach to cooking and laid back attitude in the kitchen, as well as her emphasis on local produce. Really don't cook much (no kids, and my husband is often away) but have learned a lot of tips from Ina over the years. Semi-Horrible With Sandra Lee is one of my guilty pleasures, so I always keep a few episodes of BC on my DVR to cleanse my palate directly after. :) Look forward to meeting other Ina fans here! Even when I snark on her, I snark with love.
  8. Glad I'm not the only one who caught that! I gave her the benefit of the doubt with crossing in front (perhaps the director was positioning her) but the giant grin was awful. So I'll wade into the "old ladies" controversy... prefaced with JMO. My issue with the old ladies comment, as well as the sarcastic baby face comment, is that it tells me Caleb doesn't understand the music he's singing. He thinks a classic standard by Journey is a song for the old ladies (because it's from the 80s? because it's by Journey? wtf?) and not a song that has emotional relevance to human beings. I'm not the wor
  9. She went on David Letterman and (among other things) pulled out the tired old excuse of blaming stuff on editing. Apparently, things were taken out of context. *eyeroll*
  10. Tally1068 said: Supposedly, Matt left after the show because she couldn't pay him out of her own pocket (Oprah stopped paying after filming). ITA about the life coach. I know there are a lot of airy-fairy ones out there, but what Lindsay needs is someone who will be blunt and practical. Of course, she can't afford one now. Not with all the shopping she needs to do.
  11. ITA about Drucilla, although it never fails to crack me up when her storyline is summed up with "... and then she fell of a cliff." I believe VR didn't so much write the scripts as go over them and give changes for the plot and dialogue, so basically directing the character. It was indulged for a while but I guess got nixed when she wanted to full-on write her scenes and Bill Bell passed away. I don't think even EB gets to write his scenes. Thinking about Drucilla makes me nostalgic for Mamie. *sigh*
  12. Aaaannnd.... I'll have to FF. *barf* (Thanks for the heads up!) Serious question: how is this not defrauding? I can't wrap my head around a fundie sect that won't allow boys to wear shorts when running a race, but will allow married couples to do this, and on national television no less. A married couple that is the public face of Gothardism, to boot. Pickles, pickles, pickles. At least we know the kids won't be in danger of low sodium levels.
  13. LOL That's a good way to put it! I think you're right about his pitch - at least he (apparently) has a good ear. Sometimes I don't know if some other contestants know they're off pitch or off key and are having a hard time that night, or if they just seriously don't hear it. One thing about Caleb is that I doubt he'd ever need auto-tune.
  14. Hi BogoGog, Thanks for those insights.... and for not jumping down my throat. :) I didn't know he'd auditioned a few times before. To me that shows persistence and he doesn't buckle under rejection, which is important in that business. (I also didn't know Taylor Hicks was performing in Vegas!) You make a good point re: consistency. Even when his performance is less than stellar he hasn't totally laid an egg, vocally. Maybe if he manages to pull off a ballad it will show more nuance and that he can emotionally connect with lyrics instead of just power-housing. As someone else here mentioned (I
  15. Okay, help me out here... I don't get Caleb. He has a terrific voice for stage (imo) but whenever he performs all I see is someone in a cheesy "!!Rock'n'Roll!!" routine on a cruise ship. Or a theme park. It feels like the sanitized impersonation of a rock artist. He sucked the life right out of Chain of Fools, imo. It's a great song that can translate to a rock version quite well, but he took all the soul and grit right out of it. Removed all the edge from Radioactive. I'm not really a Rush fan (you know how you can appreciate someone but it's not your cup of tea?) but oh lordy when he did Wo
  16. I sure hope Alex's look is courtesy of the AI stylists and not something he came up with. He's certainly not the worst contestant on this show and I won't mind if he wins (and won't mind if he loses) but the unique "style" and herky-jerky leg kicking and uptight expression is coming off to me as an affectation of someone who's trying too hard to convince us he's an authentic artiste. I wasn't bowled over by Fairytales (but it didn't stink). JMO, obviously.
  17. LOL! Yes, he's quite the master of emoting. Maybe his character should go crazy from PTSD again - give us a little excitement. I really liked Chelsea with Adam. But this fashion designer nonsense has to stop. I don't know if this is unpopular, but I don't give two toots about the Winters clan. Any of them, and that includes people in the WintersSphere like Leslie. The only one I sort of care about is Lily, and that is "caring" in the sense of hating her so much I have to FF through most of her scenes. When she had her cancer scare a while back (the scare that lasted all of two days) I was cha
  18. Excuse me, but what the hell is Anna doing with building a playhouse? THAT'S A MAN'S JOB. Get back to toilet birthin', hussy. So super-excited to see Jill fix a snack. This truly is appointment television.
  19. This is the one of the things about this show (it's a long list) that gets me steamed: the sheer hypocrisy of Boob and Mullet denying their kids the ability to go a-courtin' themselves and discover things like what a good kiss feels like or what it's like to have chemistry with one beau versus another... when Boob and Mullet had that advantage themselves. Mullet was out there in her cheerleader skirt and Boob was (okay I don't like to think about that horn dog's dating days). They had their fun and then made it life's mission to withold the same joy from their kids. Gave away pieces of their
  20. My eyes rolled halfway out of my head when Kristoff St John made a parallel between fan reactions to MM's firing and the LA street riots. I don't think MM was the only one carrying around a big bag of hubris! (btw, his iMDB page doesn't show that he's working on anything in production)
  21. Yes, Gothardite men are supposed to be self-employed. Maybe that's so they don't end up working for a boss or company whose values aren't godly enough. Although Walmart might be something Jim Bob would allow the Howlers to work at. Special employee discount on styrofoam plates, dontcha know.
  22. Oh man, the side-hugging thing. UGH! It's so incredibly perverted to think that any human contact is sexual. Says way more about Boob and Mullet (and the teachings they follow) than it does about anyone around them. I hugged a co-worker last week. On this side of sanity, it was a compassionate act. On the Diggar side of sanity, it makes me an adulterer. ITA with Jasmar (can't get the quote thing to work for me?) about objectification and the lingering psychogical effects. Even if and when these girls get out into a comparatively real world life, they won't know how to function. Great job, Jim
  23. Did Lyndsay really say that people tell her she's the best actress there is? Because lord knows when I re-watched Winter's Bone the other night my first thought was, "Too bad they didn't cast Lyndsay Lohan!" Actually, I had the same reaction to Gosford Park. I'm not sad to see AJ go. The last thing an (allegedly) recovering addict needs is one of Oprah's hare-brained lifestyle experts.
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