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  1. It was outrageous. He was like Dana Carvey's Church Lady, minus the charm.
  2. glowlights

    Unpopular Opinions

    I thought she snuck into a hospital office and changed the results? Maybe that was a dream sequence because they never explained how she would know to do that. The one good thing about Jack and Nikki together is hopefully he will keep her too busy for any more piano recitals.
  3. glowlights

    Unpopular Opinions

    I only have this show on in the background anymore, so the details are sort of hazy. Do you think she faked the paternity test results (a la Sharon)?
  4. glowlights

    Exercise: What's Your Workout?

    Have you tried doing push ups on an incline, like off the side of a bench or sofa? Question: does anyone here have a carver? And is it something you really enjoy and use often? Just wondering about the investment.
  5. glowlights

    Unpopular Opinions

    Oh my god. The havoc they could wreak! GC would burn (in a good way). My unpopular opinion is that I hope someone chops Nikki's hands off so we don't have to sit through any more endless piano recital stories. I am not unsympathetic to the cause of curing multiple sclerosis, but... *yeesh*.
  6. glowlights

    Patricia Atschul: Her Martini Has Its Own Butler

    I should not have logged in to PTV with a wicked case of jet lag because I've spent five minutes wondering if this is real or just a hallucination. WTF!
  7. glowlights

    Patricia Atschul: Her Martini Has Its Own Butler

    I really hope this isn't true. And yet I can easily imagine that it is true. :(
  8. glowlights

    All Episodes Talk: 48 Hours

    Same here. :( I was glad this ep showed what the family went through at the parole hearing, and gave us a perspective from the director of parole. And I something about "admit you did it and you can get out" makes me squeamish, even though my knee-jerk reaction was to be skeptical of his claims that he has been a model prisoner and should have a chance at freedom. But then I heard the DA say that she firmly believes he is a risk to the surviving family, and I have to believe she must have reason to state that publicly. What a great scene when the girls were reunited with the man who found their mom's body. More Tracey Smith reports, please!
  9. glowlights

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Oh for heaven's sake it's a soap opera character. We are not discussing "people's" rights to spell and pronounce their names, we are discussing a character who many think was ridiculously named and then managed to live up to that ridiculousness by being written and acted/casted poorly. Plenty of snark on here about the way some characters are dressed and styled, but funny how that has never elicited a lecture about how people are entitled to dress themselves however they want. Pretty selective finger-wagging, imo.
  10. glowlights

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Because they are mispronouncing Devon to rhyme with Yvonne. So it was not a tip of the cap to Miss Yvonne from PeeWee's Playhouse all along? Huh. I am disappoint. "Spray on confidence" sounds like something from those old late night infomercials. I would love for them to drop this pretense of being a high-end cosmetics brand and just go full Ron Popeil.
  11. glowlights

    Podcasts: True Crime For Your Ears

    The Lapse is not a true crime podcast, but it does have a couple of episodes that center around a crime. The episode called "Where's Violet" was quite intriguing, and sad. It is told by the missing woman's daughter, who is still searching for answers: http://www.thelapse.org/wheres-violet-felisha-martin/ The Lapse's other eps are overall excellent storytelling with great production values, for when you want a break from strictly true crime. :)
  12. I just listened to this podcast. While it was interesting to learn about the microscopic feathers that go all the way down to an owl's talons, the big problem imo with the lawyer's theory is that Michael Peterson claimed to be outside, and heard no screams. The defense tested to see if you could hear someone screaming from the stairwell. If Kathleen was attacked outside (as the theory goes) how did Michael not hear? The lawyer said the defense didn't show much interest in his theory, well that's why imo. Because it screws with Michael's "I heard nothing" story. Also, the podcast did not explain if the microscopic piece of feather found in Kathleen's hand was indeed determined to be one of the types of tiny feathers that go down to the talons, or if it was merely a microscopic sized piece of another type of owl feather. P.S. Tdoc72 owls are very silent predators so no they don't tend to screech when attacking, but a person having her scalp ripped by talons surely would. Unless she was stunned by the impact.
  13. glowlights

    JonBenet Ramsey

    For your reading pleasure: http://www.acandyrose.com/0408199948hrs6.htm Also: Take the case of Susan Bennett who went by the alias “Jameson” online. Bennett speculated so prolifically online on the popular Websleuths forum and on pages she herself set up, that she ended up becoming a figure in the case herself. Despite the fact that Bennett was a housewife living in North Carolina with no legal training whatsoever, her prolific online postings established her as an authority in the case. She was quoted in innumerable newspaper articles in the late 1990s and appeared on television. Bennett was the first online amateur sleuth to be given such a prominent platform. (Attempts to reach Bennett, if she is still alive, were unsuccessful. Her website is still up, but her email address is defunct and her common name makes her difficult to locate.) Three years after the case opened, Bennett appeared on a CBS 48 hours segment about the case to discredit a so-called handwriting expert’s claim that Patsy Ramsey had written the ransom note. It was a curious choice for the television producers to make, given that Bennett herself had no expertise or evidence to counter the findings. She was a civilian, like anyone else who’d followed the Ramsey story – but there she was on national television, presenting herself as an authority. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/sep/09/jonbenet-ramsey-murder-20-year-anniversary-online-detectives Seems we have a Jonbenet celebrity posting here! :)
  14. glowlights

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Well only nerds take the school bus. Super cool guitar-playin' condo-sportin' teens ride the mean streets. Freedom's just another word for no bus tokens left to lose.
  15. glowlights

    When did you start watching?

    Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I have vague memories of Snapper and those two sisters, but my memory really kicks in around the time when Nikki was making it rain dollar bills and Jill Foster was a low-class thorn in Katherine's side. And I have been watching it off and on (mainly on) ever since. Those of you who were faithful enough to watch during Pratt's complete tenure deserve a medal. I dabbled in OLTL, Ryan's Hope, Passions, B&B and GH, but Y&R has always been the go-to.