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  1. It would be rather ironic if after Serena gives birth she was only allowed to keep the baby with her for a few months so she could breastfeed. Then because she's going to jail or back to Gilead or whatever reason he's given to June to raise.
  2. I think the main legal argument would be that the biological/legal parents of the children didn't willingly give them up. June and Luke were and still are Hannah's biological and legal parents in Canada (and everywhere in the world except for Gilead). June and Hannah were kidnapped and brought to Gilead against their will, in Hannah's case against the will of both of her parents. Neither June or Luke ever consented to Hannah being adopted or raised by anyone else. If they can somehow get Hannah onto Canadian soil then I don't see how the Mackenzies or anyone in Gilead could lay any legal
  3. ww92


    Instead of Lady Gaga they should have had the cast recreate this version of Smelly Cat.
  4. I wonder why they haven't done a DNA test on Nichole already considering Fred and Serena were trying to claim custody of her. Seems like the first thing they would have done once Nichole was in Canada and the Waterford's tried to get custody of her was establish that neither was her biological parent. I know Luke isn't either but he is still the legal spouse of Nichole's biological mother. On that note wouldn't it be funny if DNA testing showed that Fred wasn't the father of Serena's baby either?
  5. ww92


    LOL, when I said BTS I mean the behind the scenes footage. While I (secretly) like BTS the musical group they were out of left field at the reunion too. I just had a thought. If they just had to use gimmicks they should have had Denise Richards come out in the leather pants outfit and she could have whipped her hair around in slow motion. 🤣
  6. ww92


    Same here. I didn't see the point of the celeb cameos like Cindy Crawford and Kit Harrington. They were pointless and took up screen time that could have been better spent letting some of the former guest stars like the Janice, Richard, Geller parents and the Gunther actors say more than 3 words. I would have liked if they spent more time just letting the cast reminisce. I did enjoy the BTS footage and bloopers, some of it I don't think has ever been shown before.
  7. Can anyone remind me? Does Luke think that Commander Waterford is Nichole's biological father or does he know she's Nick's (or at least someone other than Fred)?
  8. I agree, the fake date scene was just weird. Olivia was only in the episode for about 5 minutes and she spent 4 of them doing her stupid whispering while squeezing her eyes shut that Mariska passes off as acting. Nothing against the actor but how did Eli, who was a blue eyed blonde with curls as a toddler grow up to have brown eyes and stick straight dark brown hair? He doesn't look anything like Elliot or Kathy. Otherwise the storyline itself was pretty good.
  9. I quit watching SVU sometime during the Peter Stone season. I couldn't take all of the Saint Olivia squinting and whispering anymore. She got worse and worse every season after Chris Meloni left. I did and do like Stabler/Meloni and plan to watch OC so I did watch this SVU episode. So many things made no sense. Why was Olivia called to the car bombing to begin with. What does a car bomb have to do with her job as captain of a sexual offense unit? Why were the suspects held and questioned at SVU when the crime had nothing to with with a sexual offense? Why was Olivia, who at that point had a cl
  10. Anyone else notice around the 5:00 mark, right after Jennifer talks about how important a clean kitchen is, she takes her hands that have just been mixing raw meat, wipes them on a dish towel, then keeps on going touching everything else? Is e.coli a popular part of Turkish cooking too?
  11. Eh, they're getting divorced or at least are separated. Why is it a problem if he is having fun with other women? Did Teresa and the girls think he'd live like a hermit from now on?
  12. I have a love-hate relationship with Brandi but I'd never want her to know anything I wanted to keep private. No idea what she claims to have on Aaron but spilling the surrogate info on Adrienne was flat out wrong. That had nothing to do with Brandi at all. Not her place to decide it should be made public, especially when Adrienne's own children didn't even know.
  13. In that first pic he's probably on the phone with Radar Online.
  14. I guarantee you if she was shopping at a store and someone else's kid started playing the ukulele non-stop she'd be ranting and raving about it all over SM. And I think it's a safe bet that Uber driver told her to get out not because of the ukulele but because of how Bethenny acted when he asked Bryn to stop playing it in the car. She probably went ballistic but forgot that he isn't a housewife or one of her employees so he isn't obligated to just sit there and take it.
  15. Jason has always stayed off of social media about it but there is no way Bethenny would keep it quiet unless she either lost or she got some kind of smack down from the judge and he's expressly prohibited it. I am surprised that she still puts videos and pics of Bryn out there and barely covers her face. Clearly she's trying to play fast and loose with the "no photos of Bryn" stipulation and skirt the rules. I'm pretty shocked the judge hasn't told her she isn't fooling anyone and there had better not be one more photo or video that shows even that kid's pinky toe.
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