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  1. marcee


    Such a good finale. I have lots of thoughts - but the one that's sticking is Wild Bob facing serious shame in order to give Crystal her shot and make sure the show was successful. That was some good TV.
  2. The scene with Roy and the Diamond Dogs was epic. From the aforementioned "Oh my god. Oh my god," from Beard to Roy's discovery that, "Sometimes the fucking Diamond Dogs is just chatting about shit and no one has to fucking solve anything and nothing fucking changes?" Yep. That was just a brilliant scene and makes me happy when I need something to make me happy. Fuck Nate. Keeloy forever!
  3. I've seen this point being made a few times and I simply don't agree. If Sam were dating another woman who had a career in the UK and he received this offer, he'd have the same hard time making the decision. Consciously nor not - the fact that he's in love with ANYONE who couldn't make the huge move to Africa - is going to affect the decision he makes. That's the point. Whether he stays or goes has nothing to do with the fact that she's his boss... it has to do with the fact that she's just a girl, standing in front of a boy, telling him she loves him. Personally, I find the huge age-diff
  4. I was fully expecting Roy to propose on that couch.
  5. This was the only episode of Ted Lasso I disliked. Not only did I dislike it, I actively despised it. Beard is fun and interesting in small doses. Less so as the focus. This was a waste of an episode and it made me sad. Despite that, there were a few highlights: bar bros enjoyment of Nelson Road and Beard's stint as an Oxford professor among them.
  6. marcee


    I do like the show and the characters so far, but I feel it's moving veerrrry slowly. As soon as it looks like something might happen, the show is over. If it continues at this pace, I might not be able to make it through. Maybe I'll wait for the entire season to be released so I can binge it all at once.
  7. Unless I missed something, this isn't the case. They're actively trying to find a "cure".
  8. I think they created a reason and mentioned why it wouldn't work.
  9. Really enjoyed this show - something different in a season of same. Strange, but interesting premise. I'm still confused about why/how Gus was created in the first place and how that had anything to do with the sickness. But I suppose, in the end, it doesn't really matter. He exists, others like him exist - they appear to have a potential treatment for the sick - and the ethical questions that arise from this are innumerable. Although the Last Men are obviously painted as the villains, one could make a reasonably convincing argument for their point of view. If the General weren't so mustache-t
  10. marcee


    The whole thing was appallingly stupid; still, I couldn't help but enjoy it. And sue me, but I totally shipped Heather & Ray from the jump. Here are my takeaways... Regarding Jimmy's death: Regarding the questions I still have: I also can't get over:
  11. So my Lavinia theory seems to be out the door. I didn't remember seeing her during the sporing. So do we believe it has to be someone who died during the sporing? Do we think a consciousness might be 'sharing' with someone else? Maybe it's someone we haven't met yet.
  12. I quite enjoyed this episode. For what it's worth, here's what I picked up: Pheen = Morphine. Stripe, Boots, Crescent, Knitter - those were all names for their military positions: Boots - being boots on the ground/infantry type, Stripe - appeared to be combat/assassin, Knitter - knits things together; she was their medic, Crescent - appeared to be their leader. As far as bringing someone else back with them - it would make sense for that to be Lavinia. She seems terrified of the Galanthi and convinced it will bring war (something she would know if she came from the future); she appea
  13. Totally surprised this doesn't have its own forum. I'm loving this show - actual old school, looking-forward-to-watching, thinking-about-it-after, coming-to-forums-to-discuss LOVING this show. I'm a little concerned about a potential drop in quality once we begin to see shows after Whedon's departure, but there appear to be a lot of talented team members, so I'm hopeful. For those who didn't follow... on a day 3 years ago, a flying silver and blue glowing object flew through the sky dropping sparkles all over London (henceforth known as the Flying Sparkle Emanator) and once it was over, e
  14. The reliance on artsy slow-motion drove me crazy. I still don't understand the point in getting Addy involved in the ??murder?? They set it up like a suicide. Just leave. Why call Addy to the scene at all? Wouldn't it be better for her not to know anything? Not to wonder anything? Not to be involved at all? At first, it seemed like a set up - and that's why Colette "left" the Hamsa bracelet there (although, why would anyone believe Addy and Will had anything to do with each other?) - but then at the end, they're frantically searching for the bracelet...so no? Nothing made any ki
  15. All this talk about forensics and evidence... They couldn't. None of it would be legal. None of it would be admissible. The only reason they 'stormed the castled' was in hopes of saving the girls (if they were there). If they're not there, which of course they weren't, then they're just trespassing and have no reason or right to be there.
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