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  1. I think they created a reason and mentioned why it wouldn't work.
  2. Really enjoyed this show - something different in a season of same. Strange, but interesting premise. I'm still confused about why/how Gus was created in the first place and how that had anything to do with the sickness. But I suppose, in the end, it doesn't really matter. He exists, others like him exist - they appear to have a potential treatment for the sick - and the ethical questions that arise from this are innumerable. Although the Last Men are obviously painted as the villains, one could make a reasonably convincing argument for their point of view. If the General weren't so mustache-t
  3. marcee


    The whole thing was appallingly stupid; still, I couldn't help but enjoy it. And sue me, but I totally shipped Heather & Ray from the jump. Here are my takeaways... Regarding Jimmy's death: Regarding the questions I still have: I also can't get over:
  4. So my Lavinia theory seems to be out the door. I didn't remember seeing her during the sporing. So do we believe it has to be someone who died during the sporing? Do we think a consciousness might be 'sharing' with someone else? Maybe it's someone we haven't met yet.
  5. I quite enjoyed this episode. For what it's worth, here's what I picked up: Pheen = Morphine. Stripe, Boots, Crescent, Knitter - those were all names for their military positions: Boots - being boots on the ground/infantry type, Stripe - appeared to be combat/assassin, Knitter - knits things together; she was their medic, Crescent - appeared to be their leader. As far as bringing someone else back with them - it would make sense for that to be Lavinia. She seems terrified of the Galanthi and convinced it will bring war (something she would know if she came from the future); she appea
  6. Totally surprised this doesn't have its own forum. I'm loving this show - actual old school, looking-forward-to-watching, thinking-about-it-after, coming-to-forums-to-discuss LOVING this show. I'm a little concerned about a potential drop in quality once we begin to see shows after Whedon's departure, but there appear to be a lot of talented team members, so I'm hopeful. For those who didn't follow... on a day 3 years ago, a flying silver and blue glowing object flew through the sky dropping sparkles all over London (henceforth known as the Flying Sparkle Emanator) and once it was over, e
  7. The reliance on artsy slow-motion drove me crazy. I still don't understand the point in getting Addy involved in the ??murder?? They set it up like a suicide. Just leave. Why call Addy to the scene at all? Wouldn't it be better for her not to know anything? Not to wonder anything? Not to be involved at all? At first, it seemed like a set up - and that's why Colette "left" the Hamsa bracelet there (although, why would anyone believe Addy and Will had anything to do with each other?) - but then at the end, they're frantically searching for the bracelet...so no? Nothing made any ki
  8. All this talk about forensics and evidence... They couldn't. None of it would be legal. None of it would be admissible. The only reason they 'stormed the castled' was in hopes of saving the girls (if they were there). If they're not there, which of course they weren't, then they're just trespassing and have no reason or right to be there.
  9. I think the point of the comic was to lure Jessica Hyde back. Ms. Homeland/Home (mom?) couldn't find her. So she forced Dad to draw the comic, leaving clues to help Jessica remember things that would ultimately lead her back Home. I don't think Mr. Rabbit cared about Jessica - he got what he wanted and that's why he and Homeland had a 'disagreement'. It seems like Ms. Homeland and Mr. Rabbit agreed on a plan initially - they were going to create a virus to "fix" humankind and save the world. But perhaps they diverged on how to accomplish that. Mr. Rabbit went for sterilization while Homel
  10. I've seen a lot of reviews panning this show, but I gotta say, I really kind of loved it. I didn't care much for Nimue, actually - but I thoroughly enjoyed practically all of the supporting characters. I especially liked any scene with Squirrel. I loved-loved-loved the Pym/Dof almost-romance. And I'm so sorry they killed him off because I really liked to look at him. I enjoyed the Weeping Monk's arc even though I think we all saw that coming from a mile away. Merlin was fantastic. I loved to hate Father Carden and hated Iris desperately. Though I, too, didn't understand how or why anyone belie
  11. With regard to the drawers, we're told they are meant for suspended animation to keep the species going (I was under the impression, that was in the event the train failed) - which is what the list is for. However, they're not being used in this capacity yet as they're still experimenting with it... it's being used as punishment AND experiment. No one in the drawers is MEANT to stay in the drawers yet, so I doubt Mr. Wilford has been drawered. Just my 2¢.
  12. Where are the rest of the episodes? Did we just give up on this series? I was curious to see what everyone thought. I was disappointed, sadly. I typically love everything Anna Kendrick is in but this series fell short. It was just very blah. It kind of felt like reading someone's diary with all the boring day-to-day included. There just wasn't much there there. Still, I was looking for some discussion to see if it hit the mark for anyone else.
  13. I actually recognized her from the Netflix movie "Set it Up"... It took me a moment, but there it was. I agree with the poster upthread who said that this series didn't exactly land. I felt the swings from 'campy' to 'real' to 'deep' too often. I would have preferred them to pick a lane. But maybe that was intentional? Overall, I enjoyed the series and look forward to next season.
  14. It could just be that Lea is simply not attracted to him, whether it's autism related or his appearance or whatever. That should be enough of a reason. Why should she try to make it work if she just doesn't want to - even if the reasons seem thin?
  15. Easily my favorite part of the entire series. I loved that so hard. Someone at some point admitted that the AI plans were "stolen"... I don't remember if it was Emily who admitted that or the guy she was working with who Helen ultimately killed. Who/When/Where it was stolen from is anyone's guess. But they started with the source code and Emily hacked it up to make a child and somewhere along the way gave Piper additional abilities. When Helen was regenerating out of dust, I desperately wanted Jo to be waiting for her with the needle in her hand so the moment her neck appeared, sh
  16. Why aren't there a bunch of comments here? I feel the need to discuss this show but without other comments, I'm not sure where to start... The original trailer apple showed made this series seem EPIC - the scenery, the battle scenes, the Momoa. Then I read some lackluster reviews and I was prepared for disappointment. Honestly, though, I wasn't disappointed at all. The filming WAS epic. The fight scenes WERE awesome. The plot was interesting and the characters were better formed than I expected. I was totally immersed and binged the whole series in a couple of days. Even as much of t
  17. Maybe I've been watching too much TV, but I fully expected Hannah to fall to her death, smashing into the top of a car as Bradley left her apartment building. I suppose my guess was close enough and what happened was certainly more in line with her character than a dramatic fall so I'm good with it. I, too, loved Alex throwing water in producer-guy's face. I think that may have been my favorite part of the entire series. I enjoyed the whole thing. I thought it was very smart, very well written - yes, a little slow at times, but overall, really good writing and acting. I hope there's
  18. There's way too much going on. Not much makes sense. And it's hard to understand which makes all of the emotional impact we're supposed to feel fall completely flat. I'm too busy being overwhelmed and confused to really process anything that's happening. Which is disappointing. I really wanted to enjoy this.
  19. I adore the character of Cory. He's my favorite. I'm always happy when he's on screen and I'm loving the chemistry between him and Bradley. And him and Alex. And him and Fred. Hee! So much fun. So entertaining. Especially after the slower, emotionally draining bits.
  20. I loved all the 80s throwbacks. Enjoyed the music (especially the 80s throwback music). Eli was a fun and interesting character. I enjoyed the Wesley & Turbo relationship. I loved meeting Turbo's dad. Matthew Broderick killed; loved the irony that he went from the coolest highschooler ever to the straight-laced, "rule-following" principal. Angelica wins at everything but I can't help but think of her as the little girl in the movie Blended. All of the supporting characters were great, but... Josh was kind of boring. I guess that's why no one knew who he was. He wasn't tennis Josh, littl
  21. Just happy to have a couple of wins in a row. Goodbye Vera. Goodbye Janice. Totally shipping Darlene & Dom. ❤️
  22. "I'm here." Kind of the theme of the episode.
  23. A) I'm sad this show is probably canceled. B) I'm surprised everyone was shocked by the Emily reveal. We were hit over the head a dozen times that Kindred wasn't a tech-guy - that he's too dumb. And when partner-guy said he destroyed it and/or didn't complete it... the only person that's left is Emily. I kind of thought it was a giveaway and the reveal at the end was just confirmation. C) I love Chris. D) I'm waiting for Piper to cure Grandpa somehow. The end.
  24. When the kid was looking at his parents for the last time, it broke me. Full on sobbing and blubbering. He really stared at their faces - didn't even blink. Like he was just memorizing everything he could. Tearing up now just thinking about it. It was a nice bit of relief when Reznick flashed him and he was wheeled out smiling. All the feels. I hate Debbie. HATE WITH THE FIERY PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS. DESPISE. LOATHE. ABHOR. That is all.
  25. I didn't understand anything about this episode. This seemed like a complete waste of time. Nothing has moved forward at all.
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