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  1. It is a different house all together, they "upgraded." It was in the press a while back. Melissq has also said she prefers a bay house to a beach house. Truth be told, a waterfront house in Tom's River is going to be much more affordable than beachfron LBI. They got that one for under $1M. Put 3000sf beachfront with a pool and you are looking at a much different price point. https://realityblurb.com/2019/07/16/exclusive-rhonjs-melissa-gorga-and-husband-joe-buy-975k-new-jersey-shore-house-see-photos-of-inside-and-the-beautiful-views/ They are also building a new, smaller house
  2. It is their new shore house and it is stunning.
  3. David is never going to propose to Dolores. He will have a million reasons why and keep moving the goal post. But he will never propose. Cameras or not. Dolores has some choices to make.
  4. JHC this episode was boring. I kept checking my watch to see when it was going to end. I am also not understanding the purpose of this realtor storyline. Are they testing her and the british assistant to see how the audience responds? I'm going to give them both a big fat thumbs down. Here's my thought on Jackie. While her sensibilities are still all offended, she's making the wrong move by not joining these gatherings. Because Father Andy doesn't like that shit. You show up and fight some more. Or maybe you pull out once. But not continuously. And her cherry picking who she's
  5. Okay. Somebody help me. WHAT did Margaret do to her face???
  6. I am rewatching rhonj, just got to Jackie's first season. She and Evan both look really different. Just saying. We know she had her teeth done, but she has clearly had some other work. Just not sure what. And we know from the press that Evan lost some weight, and he grew in the facial hair. That might account for tbe difference in appearance but I won't lie I wondered if he had some suble work done too. Somebody go back and watch - the episode right after the oklahoma trip. You get jackie and evan talking while she folds laundry. It is a big difference.
  7. I'm going to go with he didn't. I don't know why, I just don't see it. He seems like a pretty committed family guy. But he also seems like he really just wanted to be along for the ride on this show, every time the group gets together he seems like he doesn't quite fit in or want to be there. Don't really blame him either. Of all the husbands, he's the least famewhory. Followed by Bill. Here's the thing about the hair extensions. They are everywhere! Walk down the UES and everybody from the 15 year old to the 70 year old grandmother all have the same damn hair. It's one thing to
  8. I felt bad for Evan. He seemed so completely BEFUDDLED that people weren't more offended on his behalf. He also seemed embarrassed and like he had no interest in the 2nd party and Jackie needed to stop talking about it and just let people have a good time. That was how Evan was going to move past it. I thought Evan's explanation that there are things that he wants to do in life where your name and reputation matter and that something like this could be really damaging was a heck of a lot better than Jackie screaming that he is in finance (yes, yes, we know) because I still stand by tha
  9. I swear. Jennifer is the woman who would ask a rape victim what she was wearing.
  10. See that assumption on their part seemed odd a bit odd to me in the interview. Because I don't recall them outshining anyone. It wasn't like Kate and William suddenly *didn't* shine. They absolutely did. I think they imply that the abrupt turnaround with the press happened after the tour, correct? And that is when Harry hesitated and said that he just wished they could have seen Meghan as an asset because of how natural they were together on tour, right? But they were a bit vague about it. So I can't help but wonder if that was coincidence. Anti-Meghan sentiment existed early
  11. Interesting. I always viewed this a mutually beneficial relationship. Tre and Co. are famewhores who needed the money. They certainly weren't going to pay the restitution by Tre going back to work as a buyer at Macys. Andy was happy to have the ratings after the disaster that was season 6. Both win, and they don't have to even like each other to do so.
  12. HA! These are great. Speaking of Kate, I'm hopeful that she comes out as the unifying/compassionate intermediary here, at least as far as William and Harry go. For one, Kate and Harry had a close relationship too. She's at least had a experience somewhat similar to Meghan - an outside coming in. And quite frankly, she's always struck me as the most emotionally intelligent of the entire crew. She never ever would have wanted this. I think what Harry said about his mom having a bit of a crystal ball or anticipating this happening one day was so sad.
  13. My guess is that they hire somebody who places the Royal Family "royalness" (whatever that means) above true strategic communications that includes crisis communications - and therefore their approach hasn't evolved as media has changed. If, for example, the BRF has a unspoken policy of not (or very rarely) commenting when dealing with matters like these in the press and another unspoken policy of using backdoor channels to manage the press to the best of their abilities, and those policies were established years ago because that suited their needs at the time, then there's a problem.
  14. But the "thumbing her nose" narrative presented to the public was driven by the tabloid press. If the headline had read "Due to security concerns, Meghan and Harry will present their baby to the world at Windsor Castle" instead of the sensational "they refuse to take the traditional photo on the steps because Meghan insists on doing it her way" headlines, think of the difference in the impact. If the Kate/Meghan story had been "in the leadup to the wedding, meghan and kate argued over wedding details and soon after came back together " (because honestly this happens all the time w
  15. One other thought. When a person asks for help - especially help for their mental health - when a person who is struggling that deeply actually FINDS the strength to say "I need help," I don't care if who you are or who you represent. The ONLY acceptable answer when a person says "I need help" is "I WILL HELP YOU." If somebody asks for help, you help. You learn that shit in kindergarten.
  16. I have always assumed that Harry had long wanted "out" of the royal family on some unconscious level. It explained a lot about who he was growing up and some of the stupid choices me made - naked pool in vegas, his nazi halloween costume, to name perhaps some of the more notable Prince Harry strikes again moments. When you think about it, his parents divorce, his mother's death and its aftermath, the gossip about his paternity, his own need for mental health supports, it's not like his experience in the monarchy has been as romanticized as they are now trying to play it (the devoted prince l
  17. I'm #teamjackie in this case, but I do feel like she's losing her focus. She should be pissed about Teresa coming to a party that she hosted, as her guest, with her friends and family and saying such a foul thing about her husband. She doesn't need to be so focused on T clearing his name. I'm not sure that Teresa saying that Evan doesn't cheat or that this was a baseless rumor is going to do much for those who want to believe it. I'm also not sure I agree that such a rumor would impact his business - Evan is in finance, and basically managing director type level, right? If not higher
  18. If I may (and let me preface this by saying this is not argumentative, just discussion because you said a couple of things that I found interesting) I walked away from the reunion last season with the impression that both Jackie and Teresa had made full amends - including for the walk like a duck comments, I could be wrong. But to your point, I think that yes, Teresa has to be "really fucking good" to move on. She does not let things go, and we've seen that time and time again. So even if she said she was good, history has proven that doesn't mean much. People have outright said "I
  19. Well for those who are saying that Jackie should have known better, and therefore it's her fault, I have to ask the question. What should she have done differently that would have resulted in an apology from Teresa? And why does Jackie's misstep about how she handled things somehow absolve Teresa and her role in starting the situation to begin with? Let's consider this. TRE showed up at Evan's birthday party, where she was welcomed by both Evan and Jackie (sidenote: I think part of the problem started there, I don't think she liked the "are you dating, Evan has somebody!" questi
  20. I have been rewatching as well and I am on season 7 too, although not yet the rage on my ass episode, and it is so clear how emotionally and mentally fragile Jacq is. She had NO business being on the show again and it comes through in nearly every episode but I am convinced she came back because of the money. She and Chris aren't explicit but say enough to make it clear there are some major financial struggles. She seems pretty destroyed by what has happened with Nick (i think i read somewhere that the isolation and struggles moms feel after the autism diagnosis and onward is similar to a s
  21. BrindaWalsh


    https://www.espn.com/olympics/gymnastics/story/_/id/30969557/court-documents-detail-deceased-coach-john-geddert-alleged-abuse I'd like to think that the problems with this sport end here, but we all know it doesn't. How does gymastics ever recover? They need to blow up the entire system from the bottom up and start over. And if we miss a few medals in the Olympic cycles then that is PERFECTLY FINE. Twistars must have been hell on earth for those poor girls.
  22. This. And I'd also like to add that while everybody is screaming that Jackie owes an apology for attacking Gia, why is nobody yelling that Teresa owes EVAN an apology? Technically, that's whose reputation she is attacking. And I always thought that while Tre can't stand JAckie, she actually really likes Evan. Why attack him? It just doesn't make any sense. Again -- producer driven. The party wasn't a good look, that's for sure, and I expect we will see other gatherings and be saying "wasn't there a pandemic? Why are we literally kissing asses?" However, I will sa
  23. Well I just finished watching the episode and here are my reactions. 1) What did Margaret do to her face??? 2) Margaret running around the house yelling "what happened what happened what happened" cracked me up. The franticness and panic was fucking brilliant. 3) And Jackie and Teresa, here I go. First let me say that I don't believe for one minute that Evan cheated. This did not hit the local gossip mill. If it did, I think few would actually believe it. They were perfectly respected in the area, and were so even before the show and I know that doesn't mean much but..
  24. I really don't know how I feel about Shakespeare in a Kylie Jenner forum....it just seems all wrong. Like we're dragging him down or something.
  25. Scott and the 19 year old thing freaks me out a little bit. I get that he likes the young hot thing, but...can't he at least be with somebody in their 20s? 19 is still a teenager. And it's a little too close to barely legal.
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