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  1. This is the dumbest argument. 2 twin boys - middle school age? They want bball and pizza. Their friends want bball and pizza. They get bball and pizza. Everybody wins. Boys love party. 1 middle school girl. Birthday parties = social status. Invites matter. The party matters. God forbid the 11 year old girls are bored at the birthday party, then it was a bad party. Combine that with the mommy-wars to outdo each other, and you have Gabbys party. But it isn't ever going to stop the social aggression that exists between girls and women. These are two completely differe
  2. I love the pebbles. I think there were three reasons for it. One had to do with the type of grass that you could grow in certain areas of the jersey shore. I don't think that's the case any longer, as how we treat and care for land has changed, but back in the day, it was pebbles. But there was also an cosmetic factor. It gave a lot of the towns a uniform look. Some of the towns even have rules in terms of what color you can paint your home (varying neutral shades), so you have this very pleasing aesthetic. And third, upkeep. For those who owned the shore homes as vacation
  3. I think it depends on the question - do you live down the shore or are you going down the shore for the day or for a vacation. If you live down the shore, you can say toms river is down the shore. If you are going down the shore, people are referring to the actual beachfront towns. Is the toms river house a shore house? I would say because it is not the permanent residence, no. But it is still down the shore. It's complex, I know. Context and permanency matters. As for areas that are considered the shore, the furthest north is Sandy Hook, all the way down to Cap
  4. I actually think that Jackie is probably the wealthiest of the group. And i dont think she ever presented herself as upper middle class? Tre has gone through the bankruptcy. Dolores doesn't come close. Didn't Margaret declare bankruptcy in the past year or so? Jennifer and Melissa probably clme close but of the husbands Evan is pulling the highest salary heading up a hedgefund. And both came into their marriage with money. And Jackie had taken her trust fund and invested in the Hamptons house and some manhattan apartments. And given that evan is in finance you can confidently s
  5. So much shade in that lol The Gorga and Giudice shore houses are tacky because they are tacky. But you really can't compare where they are to beachfront hamptons. Even if you were beachfront LBI you probably couldn't quite compare it - or even Stone Harbor or Spring Lake. Hamptons just has the more impressive "brand." That said, people have clear preferences. If you prefer the Hamptons, you are never going to love the Jersey Shore and vice versa. They are completely different animals. I get the impression that this is a forced storyline for Dolores, who has never be
  6. Oh, I get the opposite impression, I think there is more wealth there than we have seen. We have barely seen their house, even on her bravo video extra "tour," and we havent seen the property other than the driveway and what looks like part of the front or side yard, rather than the back. And of everybody i know who has a house down the shore or out on the hamptons or fire island, or whereever, all but one, rent it out. Having a property that you use primarily as an investment property is not an indication that you can't afford it. It can just as easily be considered part of your over
  7. That was the best part of the entire show. I busted up laughing. Then I went digging into my pantry to see if we had any leftover sprinkle cookies, because I flove sprinkle cookies. We didn't. And so I was sad. I think Melissa and her ego legitimately thought that just by nature of being on RHONJ, it would launch some other type of career for her in fashion or entertainment because she was THAT special. I honestly don't think she realized that she would have to work for it. Hence her ambitions to be a 37 year old pop princess. So I think she figured out that she did have to put
  8. That thing was gross. And it was boiled lamb? That is just disgusting. I am rewatching now and it sounds like it is something the kids do every year, not that they had never seen it before. The dolmas thing made no sense unless the family just doesn't have homemade grape leaves at the table on a regular basis. They are very time intensive to make, so it could be that they have them just once or twice a year on holidays. So maybe that is why she was "introducing" them. Or then again, maybe it was just for the sake of the cameras. Gabby looks just like her grandmother but with her
  9. Agreed, she brings it up. But that does not make it okay for the others to mock and degrade her because of her sex life, no matter what she puts out there herself.
  10. I can't believe that I'm going to defend Danielle on this, however, I literally get sick to my stomach any time the housewives/show uses Danielle's past and current sexual experiences as an excuse to shame her. Every single time the comments are absolutely vile. From the men sitting around the table watching her porn, to "Evan saw it and didn't want to have sex for 2 weeks!" to "her vagina has claws" -- all the way back to season 1, it is NOT okay and it will NEVER be okay and in this day an age, after all we've learned from this "Me Too" the fact that a woman like Danielle is somehow exemp
  11. I think a bunch have contact outside of filming. Margaret and Jackie were friends prior to the show. And she introduced Jackie and Melissa off camera, and I think that's a legitimate off camera friendship as well. And I do think that Jackie and Jennifer are somewhat friendly, or at least have tried to be. Didnt the season start with pictures of their girls on a playdate together, outside of filming? Melissa probably sees Dolores via Teresa although without that common denominator there would be no friendship there. And Jennifer and Tre seem to be friendly off camera a
  12. I know several women who don't like oral. However Melissa and her "you can't neglect the kitty cat" comment cracked me up. I don't understand why these women engage with Danielle anymore. Just refuse to film with her. Simple as that. It can't be the the Tre and Danielle show. And as for Jennifer and Jackie, you have no history with this woman, keep your mouth shut and your distance great. There is no reason beyond being in the same room for filming to engage with her. As for the little gossip circle in the store. Save that shit for elsewhere. It was legitimately bitchy, and
  13. These kids are teens, preteens and tweens. Gia was a senior in high school when this filmed. 17/18 years old. She is not yet psychologically capable to rationalize and logically consider what has happened with her family for the last 5-8 years (keep in mind the stress set in well before the jail time, we saw it play out on the show). In no way do I expect her, or or the younger girls to react to this the way an outside adult does. Nor do I think that just because both parents are unsympathetic does that mean that these children are unsympathetic. And they ARE children. Gia is no more ob
  14. It pained me to see Jackie's kids there, thinking that their mom looked beautiful all dressed up for prom, followed by Jackie talking about how the next day she went on a diet. her dad saying how much weight she had lost, Jackie saying she had almost died, that for 20 years all she did was diet, etc. And they just thought their mommy looked pretty. In that moment they learned that there was something "wrong" with how she looked. I get the lesson that she's trying to teach about eating disorders, but in the process, she is inadvertently teaching her kids, ESPECIALLY her daughter,
  15. I don't know that I understand this statement. They say there are no plans for divorce. It's not an actual legal separation. They were already separated anyway. What has changed? Did they basically just each give each other their blessing to go out and screw other people?
  16. I'm going to guess they have also already heard from the courts but havent announced it yet.
  17. Melissa has become much more measured and "polished". I kind of miss the spoiled and gaudy "Thank you JEEZUS!" and "we pay our bills!" Melissa of season 3. I didn't necessarily like her, but she was a better reality show character than boring Melissa. When Caroline left, Melissa somehow started to morph into the moral center of the show. It's odd.
  18. But she didn't stop paying to appeal -- it's still going on, as far as we know there has been no decision, but it went to the higher court. Somebody had to pay that bill (I know, I know...).
  19. https://extratv.com/2019/12/15/is-teresa-giudice-headed-back-to-italy-for-christmas-she-answers/ Honestly, I don't know why I care about this, but I'm so curious as to what Tre & Joe are going to do. I know that she has said that they will probably split, but I'm not sure I'm buying it. The back peddling is already happening.
  20. I feel like people stiff contractors and business a lot more than we realize. I know a woman who just moved into a McMansion and is in the process of decorating and buying furniture. She told me that after each piece gets delivered, she finds a "damaged part"(i.e. an imperfection), calls the company and raises so much hell that she eventually gets it for free. I know a local mason who did a huge paving job on one of the largest houses in town. Driveway, patio, pool deck, and I want to say he even some kind of custom basketball court or something like that. He got his deposit, t
  21. So can we talk about the guys and their "we have sex 100x a day, every day!" schtick? My friends and I are all in our 40s. We have kids ranging from elementary aged all the way up to high school. Some of us work full time, some of us stay home, but all of us work hard and lead busy lives. Our husbands all work hard - at the point in their careers when the big management jumps are happening. And NONE of us are having sex every day, let alone multiple times a day. At the end of the day we are tired, we sometimes want to read, watch a movie or relax. I'd say the sex frequency is p
  22. @LibertarianSlut No. I'm in PR. We do represent a law firm though, does that count? Something about the dinner exchange just really bothered me, especially when Jackie leaned in and simply asked how and why she was different and Dolores just got even more bitchy. You could literally see how deeply that had cut. I agree about Jennifer. She is real housewives gold.
  23. You don't like her because you think she is thirsty, desperate, and thinks she is better than anybody else. Those are stated reasons. It has nothing to do with what you said before about the different upbringing. It is not because she is "different." There's a distinction there. I could be wrong. Maybe Dolores was caught off guard. Maybe she couldn't articulate her reasons, which would surprise me. I don't like Dolores I find her dull and I'm not sure why she is on the show, but I've always found her able to speak thoughtfully, even in anger. This was just bizarre and the o
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