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  1. I actually don't think North looks like any of the kardklan. I think she looks a young Lexi Underwood (she played Pearl on Little Fires Anywhere).
  2. I don't think any of us are surprised. Kourt can finally go live on a farm somewhere and grow zucchini and hydrangeas or something. The trashiness that is Khloe will come out in force. Her career was the show. She hasn't done anything else and has shown no interest in anything else. Without glam and magazine covers, there's not much there. Tristan will leave her as soon as the camera turns off. Kendall will contine modeling as long as possible. Probably more print and consumer over runway and fashion, but she has enough of a legitimate career in that world to keep going.
  3. I don't want to be all judgey and everything, but... ew.
  4. Forget the hair and the tshirt, can we talk about that ADORABLE DIMPLE??? Scott seems to be somewhat out of sorts about the haircut as well.
  5. I think he has tried to reinvent himself as some kind of professional foodie or some such thing. I live right near EC. The headline in our local paper names him as "Kardashian Friend."
  6. I'm on season 10 of my rewatch right now and just last night I watched the episode where Kylie is buying her first home and it's in Calabassas and Kendall is like - why the hell would she choose to live in Calabassas, she's young and single, she should be downtown. So I'm not surprised she lives in LA proper. And I have to be honest, rewatching the show she is by far the most normal and likeable of all of them. I used to put Kourtney in that territory, but she's actually kind of annoying. Kendall wins. I LOVE that house. Home decor trends are starting to veer away from that cold concrete
  7. Nope. That's not how the game works. You have to choose one. My kids teachers does this as a writing exercise - sometimes the choices aren't always positive, and then they have to make their case as to why they chose as they did. Non-fiction, persuasive writing, etc. I choose Kim. While she might be a vapid whore, I feel like she is more likely to gift me with diamonds or an awesome pair of shoes or invite me to Croatia or South Africa (bucket-list-destinations!) for a girls weekend as opposed to Kanye who would just make me wear ugly post-apocalyptic athleisurewear in an even-more-
  8. Hey, here's a fun game. Would you rather be married to Kim or Kanye?
  9. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if she did. Didn't she set up the Lamar and Khloe early morning run in at the gym that set off Lamar screaming at the paps? It could also be that the paparazzi were just out in Cody just waiting to pounce. I mean, yes they were already there, but as soon as Kanye seemingly started to calm down, and posted that apology, it was only a matter of time before he and Kim met up. And no doubt the people he surrounded himself were in touch with Kim. Plenty probably knew that she was on her way. I hope one of them got the spicy chicken sandwich at Wen
  10. We could probably just as easily reverse this. Mental illness aside, I can't imagine that being married to Kanye is all roses and pink. I mean, you can't even order a normal faucet.
  11. Oh jesus. Tristan put his LA home on thr market and allegedly he and Khloe are giving it another try.   Either Khloe had the self-respect of a cockroach or this is a Kardashian effort to get the attention off Kim while they figure this out.
  12. Allegedly Kanye is holed up in Wyoming with private security but won't let Kim or Kris get near him. But he has some trusted friends there, including Dave Chappelle who got on a plane and flew out. No doubt the Kardashians are working in the background on this. My guess is that Kim will get him hospitalized through one of his friends, and then at that point she will give him the ultimatum. Take the medication regularly, even if it inhibits his creativity, or she walks with the kids. She will put the choice in his hands and then can say either now or later, that she tried.
  13. Uuuuggghhhh....we are watching a mentally ill human being unravel before us. Sometimes I hate social media.
  14. So I have been rewatching the Kardashians from sesason 1, and it is kind of amazing to binge-watch, especially the evolution of the characters. And jesus, I always knew Kris was manipulative, but holy shit seeing it all at once, it is horrible. I am on season 8 where 17 year old Kendall is really coming into her own and trying to find her place in the family and she is gravitating towards her Jenner brothers, and the gaslighting and manipulation by Kris is disgusting. Kendall is out with Brody surfing, late getting home, and Kris gives her this whole song and dance about HER feelings and ho
  15. I know they were such a dysfunctional and broken relationship, I know Scott has too many problems to name, I know Kourtney has too many trust issues, but I really wanted Scott and Kourtney back together.
  16. I wondered that same thing. And according to NBC - yes. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/ex-husband-of-real-housewives-of-nj-star-hired-mob-figure-to-assault-her-boyfriend-feds-allege/2492657/ I also wonder if Dina cutting herself off from Caroline, and Jacqueline had to do with the Manzo factor and wasn't just about business, as they led us to believe.
  17. Just in case anybody actually believed Caroline's insistence that her fambily was a squeaky clean italian family, that the alleged mob ties were ignorance at best, and that her father-in-law was a murder victim, not a mob hit...this just happened: https://www.google.com/amp/s/pagesix.com/2020/06/30/ex-hubby-of-rhonjs-dina-manza-hired-hitman-to-attack-her-husband/amp/ I can hear her now. "Horrible. He was stupid. Just stupid. But his HEART was in the right place."
  18. BrindaWalsh


    Just finished Athlete A. It is a LOT to process, all over again. And I am horrified.
  19. There's been talk of divorce since the day they got married. I will believe it when the filing happens. Kanye taking the kids to Wyoming to give Kim a break and space doesn't mean conflict. My husband takes the kids for a few days a couple of times each year, and divorce has never crossed my mind. On the contrary, it could also be viewed as a nice thing that a father takes his kids for few days for kid/dad time together. The kids probably loved it as did Kanye, and it seemed to work for Kim too. And who isn't arguing during this time, or who doesn't argue from time to time, for that mat
  20. I think Kourtney has something hormonal going on. She does not look good, physically or emotionally. She looks pale, thin to the point of looking gaunt, and she looks like she is going to have a nervous breakdown. It is probably too early for menopause for her (although not impossible), but I legitimately think there is something more than "I don't want to anymore" going on. Scott saying something "don't push her to a breakdown" was another clue that something isn't quite right. Because if you are at that point where that comes out as a legitimate statement? Something has already gone too
  21. I meant the emotional relief that comes when you are no longer having the day to day anxiety and concerns about that 1 parent (Am I there enough? Doing enough to help and support and just be there? Is he/she doing enough or is he/she lonely? Is that smile genuine? Why does he/she still seem so lonely when we are all right here? Am i doing enough?) I don't think Tre avoided that. In my experience, it unavoidable.
  22. Teresa might discover, as this passes, an element of relief. It may sound horrible, but when you are the "primary-caregiver" in the so-called-sandwich generation, as Teresa was with her father, simply due to the fact that he lived with her, there are levels of stress and anxiety that exist as a result that you don't even realize. It is an odd feeking. Losing the "last" parent is awful, losing any parent is awful, but her father is now at peace. And Tre may find some peace now as well.
  23. That is so sad. I truly believe that man was just lonely and died of a broken heart. The Giudice family has been through a lot in recent years. Yes, plenty as a result of their own doing, but this is a lot for anybody. I don't even think they can come together and grieve and celebrate his life as they normally would and that makes it even harder. I especially feel for Audrianna. She is only 10? My own parents died within 3 years of each other and my oldest is Audriannas age. One is hard enough, but three grandparents is gutwrenching as a child.
  24. People seem to think that "experience gifts" somehow pamper a child less than "stuff." So people have really latched on to that not really realizing that it is just as tone deaf and comes from a place of privelege, and gets more and more extravagant as people go on. Does Jackie think that hopping on a plane to Colorado for a weekend, courtside seats, staying at the Four Seasons is somehow less frivolous than an extravagant party? Probably, so many people do nowadays. But it is ultimately the same animal, different stripes. Evan was talking about how they don't spoil their kids and give th
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