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  1. I'd like to know how they found a wall in the woods on such short notice.
  2. Once again, somebody gave the writers room a copy of Daughter's of Eve. I think they had a similar revenge scene in the woods, although not ending in death because it was a tween/teen novel afterall. I get why the went the route they did in terms of the revenge killing of Fred, but I kind of rolled my eyes a bit. I actually thought, when June and Fred were having a drink, that she was going to slip him some of the poison that she used earlier in the season - dump it into the whole bottle to kill him the next time he goes to have a drink. I was ridiculously tense during that scene. I
  3. I'm not sure Nick necessarily wants to defect. As others have said, he's essentially a war criminal. However, pre-Gilead Nick was "a loser." Couldn't keep a job, wasn't respected, short tempered, a nobody. Gilead Nick IS somebody. He is respected, trusted, and whether it is warranted or not, he has power -- even if he doesn't agree with certain aspects of Gilead (and people can justify a lot in their minds when they need to), I'm not convinced he thinks going back to "freedom" is better. I had forgotten all about that. The show writers probably did as well. But this is an
  4. I think it is entirely possible that Nick was able to step "away" for a bit. He is essentially a high ranking general and also an eye - an intelligence officer. He knows how to work those situations without raising suspicion and the people around him probably don't bat an eye. He could have told his superiors that he was meeting an informant whose identity was known by very few, maybe just 1 other, or perhaps a new informant who had just made contact recently. He could have told his subordinates he was going somewhere else. People like Nick are trained to be able to do this kind of thing.
  5. I've gotten the impression that it was more loosely arranged. That the families have a hand in it however if they don't actually get along, they don't have to get married.
  6. They were updated? Fascinating! I will have to check them out again. My favorite two were Down a Dark Hall and Stranger With My Face. I don't think I fully understood Daughters of Eve as a teen, it can be hard to grasp the concept of a group mob/cultish mentality for violence and harm when you are 15 years old. I brought up the question of June's return to Canada lacking poignancy, and somebody pointed out her stepping onto Canadian soil, and other scenes. It is interesting, I didn't find myself moved in that same way. June is out for blood - justifiably so - and so as these moments
  7. Was anybody a Lois Duncan fan growing up and if so did you get Daughters Of Eve vibes to the nth degree in those therapy sessions? Speaking of therapy, what is this group stuff? Every single one of these ladies should be inextensive private counseling, group led by a trained psychologist and some likely on a prescribed anti-depressant and/or anti-anxiety. And as for June, I know why the show is going in this direction but honestly the show is so dark, I was hoping for some moments of light and love for June. Remember the beautiful reunion of Moira and Luke, that he had listed her a
  8. We actually have no idea if Luke was objecting or not. She stopped him from saying what he would have said. She covered his mouth, held his hand down. If a woman is sleeping, and man starts to move on to her and then starts to have sex with her, and she says "wait wait," and that man covers her mouth with his hand and disregards that statement and keeps going, that is not clear consent. Furthermore, the man would know exactly what he was doing. He was having sex with that sleeping woman and still going - despite clear signs and words that were indicating a wish to stop, or at the v
  9. Interesting debate on rape or not. Food for thought - exact same circumstances, except reverse the roles. If it had been Luke in the June role, June in the Luke role. Rape or not?
  10. There is an article out in People right now where Teresa talks about always being under attack and this time she showed her true self and did what she had to do and is proud of it. "I did what I had to do" - referring to the reunion Does this that all this time we've been seeing a "restrained" Teresa? Sweet jesus. I guess we will see tonight. But I have no interest in seeing Teresa the bully on steroids. I mean, she's bad enough as is and it reaches a point where it's not entertainment anymore.
  11. That's because they were playing closer to the book then - you were forbidden from talking about the past, it didn't exist. And you had no idea who would report you if you did, everybody could be a spy. So it wasn't mentioned. That is why Emily talking about the former ice cream shop in her early scenes with June was so jarring and shocking. Can I ask a question? Why do people like the Bradley Whitford character? I can't stand him. Even his alleged remorse seems doused in greed and selfishness.
  12. This season was so unmemorable. And it isn't like there wasn't drama. There was plenty. But it was unmemorable. I guess Jackie doesn't have tobworry about Evan's reputation, it was the most dramatic storyline of the season and completely unmemorable. Jennifer was fantastic this season. Tre has to go, at this point she is nothing but nothing but a bully with the maturity of an 11 year old, Dolores is boring, Melissa is boring, Jackie is way too private and not nearly as exciting as she seems to think she is, and Margaret is well into bully territory as well. They are lacking the fun
  13. I came out of this episode torn on how I felt about where June started the episode and where she ended. On the one hand, I thought June was getting a little too "big for her britches" - to quote my mother - and positively hateful in some of her interactions with others. However I absolutely HATE that they used rape and oral sex as the mechanism to bring on that self-reflection - it was completely unnecessary and the end result could have been achieved in so many other ways. I really liked Janine pointing out that she might not have made the same choices as June. Okay, yes, we all know she w
  14. So with that statement and the 3 "contractors" on the show the most is it fair to say that they need the income more than Evan or Tony the Turk? Just an observation that aligns with my theory that Melissa, Dolores and Margaret are living in a house of cards. Every time I watch this show and see something that makes me mildly sick to my stomach, I get all pissed off that Andy Cohen is basically profiting off of the worst of women. But then again, I keep watching, so I suppose I'm part of the problem.
  15. To be fair though, Dolores is the cast member of the show, not Frank. We see Dolores' life, and Frank through that lens, not Frank's life. It is entirely possible that other women have been around - we just don't see or hear about them because they don't fit the narrative. Maybe. Other than knowing that Frank had a girlfriend her first season, and then they broke up which prompted him to move in with her in her second season, that's all we really know about Frank and his personal time. I think we are overthinking it. I think Dolores gets what she needs from David on a physical l
  16. I am not assuming that all of their money is her parents money. They went "away" 20+ years ago. One can fairly assume that Jackie and Evan have earned a significant amount of money. Didn't they say in a reunion that Jackie had more at the start of the relationship and then Evan was bringing it in? There is a lot of the finance world that is under high scrutiny at any point in time. That doesn't make everybody who works in finance and their spouses shady as fuck when we have seen nothing to support that.
  17. The hampton house is hers. You can find the rental listing on air bnb, somebody posted it last year. And it is entirely likely that the place has been occupied by long term renters. People were getting out of dodge last spring and summer and fleeing NYC and their suburban homes. With people working fully from home, camps closed, swim clubs closed, those who could left for the summer and went long term down the shore or out to the hamptons, lake george, etc because at that point NJ and NY and CT were in sync and didn't require testing/quarantine. Some went for weeks, some for months. It w
  18. Killing Alma was a mistake IMO. She was part of Mayday. She had a greater understanding of Gilead and how it works. She didn't blindly follow June and they were clearly leader 1 and leader 2 of the group. And quite frankly, given how much she knew over the course of the seasons, there was a lot more they could do with her. I'm also not a fan of Janine and am annoyed that she and June made it. This episode had too much torture and too many close-ups of Elisabeth Moss. Moss is amazing, I've always believed that. But that particular filming choice is losing it's impact, you can onl
  19. I don't know what to make of this episode. I kept watching it and thinking "huh." And now I'm at today and still thinking "huh." The location of the farm confuses me. Why were they taken from the Boston area all the way to the midwest. And in the aftermath of the season 2 finale, I find it hard to believe that the truck wouldn't have been searched more completely when it was stopped. So I don't believe for one moment they would have gotten that far. Perhaps they headed in that direction because heading towards the border would have been to obvious and too difficult, but geez. They
  20. You mean the OG with tacky style, 3-then-4 kids, with a good looking husband (Juicy wasn't bad looking in the beginning), parents right there to cook and pass on italian traditions to the kids, in a huge new construction house, with money to frivolously burn, who considers herself funny, warm and generous, and above all is proudly over the top in everything she does is feeling threatened by the newish housewife with tacky style, 5 kids, a good looking (and successful and well spoken) husband, with parents right there to cook and come together to share traditional turkish customs with the kids,
  21. After all we have seen does anybody believe for one second that Jackie ate in the car? What was with the snide comment about a huge mortgage and no furniture? That was bitchy. I am more and more convinced that Jackie, Marge and Melissa are supremely jealous of Jennifer. For all their talk about how she is rude, out of touch, etc, they are outright assholes to her. They hardly represent graciousness and thoughtfulness. I may be in the minority, but I thought Marge looked really pretty in the convo with her mom. I didn't like her yacht look.
  22. I think Marge is naive to think her ex won't care. Just because they haven't been married in a long time doesn't mean it won't matter. How many affairs did she have? And what about those kids she is trying to mend her relationships with? Will they not care either? If you are going to write about it, let the injured party know beforehand. Even Jackie said that in hindsight she should have given Jennifer a heads up about her spoiled children article. And that didn't come close to being an issue like infidelity. I guess fame and money always win out.
  23. I haven't watched the episode yet, but forgive me of my ignorance: Is "housekeeper" no longer an acceptable term? What the heck is in it's place? Primary domicile domestic manager? I'd think that housekeeper would be more acceptable than cleaning lady or maid or "the help."
  24. Run, Tre, Run. Between the road rage incident and this, go far away.
  25. I actually wonder if it's because Nonna's passing was not expected. Nonno was always the one with the health problems, we saw it throughout the years. Remember Juicy saying that one of these times he wasn't going to come out of the hospital? They knew they had limited time with him and honestly probably got more years with him than they ever anticipated. But Nonna was the healthy one. The stronger one. She was supposed to be around longer. And quite frankly, even when she went into the hospital, they probably expected her to come home. So there's an added trauma there of watching
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