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  1. Kudos to Jin for keeping fit, but I do worry a bit for her....
  2. Josh Duggar to Co-Worker: So I've Got This Porn Addiction ...
  3. I'm refraining from making any judgements about Anna, only because we really have not heard from her regarding this last scandal. Who really knows how she feels? There are reports of her supposedly spending all of her time at the Rebers so that she can be available for Sex Pest and her kids have been spotted in various locations away from the home. But this is mostly speculation and from what I have seen, not very credible sources. For all we know she may be working to "get away" but just keeping things all under wraps. By no means should she address this if she doesn't want to but event
  4. I really do think RFP sweats cheeseburger grease at this point
  5. Well the plastic pool bubble bath is a bit more better than sewage ditch swimming.
  6. Don't forget Phil! Also his poker buddies at the funeral.
  7. "Farm desire" must be romanticising the farming lifestyle. If they do wind up living on a farm, I have a feeling that desire will change very quickly once she realizes how much hard work it is.
  8. Her face looks like plastic it's so retouched
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