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  1. I will say that I find it slightly refreshing that Jessa does celebrate her kid's uniquenesses. Thinking about how she and her sisters pretty much raised the howlers and lost girls, they probably never thought of them and unique individuals since her parents pretty much wanted to raise identical robtics children for Christ. I think Jessa feels Spurge is an Christian version of and Indigo child and thinks he's at a higher level that other kids, but he only comes across as a smart-ass little shit.
  2. Now that the extension is complete, I'd love to see a floorplan of the entire Barndo. Hoepfully someone gifted will create and post something!
  3. I could see Jill taking advantage of the local Amish quite easily. The company I work for contracts with the Amish and they are smart and hardworking, but can often be persuaded easily. especially by those not in their community. It probably won't last long, but Jill will rip them off for a while I'm sure.
  4. No phones, laptops or recording devices allowed at Duggar child porn trial
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