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  1. It just reeks of "I'm so awesome" - "I want to hang out at a place like this!" - "I'm gonna build it and get rich!" - "Everyone will come and love it" . Meanwhile he has no clue.
  2. I kind of liked Deertick's Hippy Jesus phase. He looked a lot better than his current dorky home-hair cut look. (please don't rag on me about cutting hair at home, that's not the point) Of course he most-likely will never return to the long-haired days as that's not a good look for a soon-to-be lawyer.
  3. How old is Israel? I really hope they send these kids to a real school. You can tell they need structure.
  4. I'm not denying the fact that whatever they did at the library was something those boys needed, but it irritates that Jill equates going to the library with a "play" activity. We've seen it before. I doubt they are allowed to check out books. I don't like to insert personal stories with my comments, but when I was their age, I learned that first and foremost, the library was a place for reading, to be quiet and respectful. Sure times have changed and they were at a special program, it just irritates me personally.
  5. It appears to be a 5 night cruise which depending on the cabin selected could work out to actually be less than hotel + food in Atlanta for several days. Of course the attendees need to get to Miami. I suppose some people won't go because it's a cruise yet many others will go because it's a cruise. They're just trying to mix things up. I can't wait to see if we get a glimpse of Jin in her modesty swimwear on the pool deck!?! Jermy will be in a speedo for sure.
  6. I'm sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but i can't seem to find a place to discuss funny closed caption mistakes. I was watching the classic "Albert the drug addict" episode this morning on UP (coincidence it was just mentioned yesterday??) and the B-story line is young Jason wanting glasses. When the school marm is asking him about his alleged eyesight problems (not being able to see the board) she says "You may need glasses young man.". I usually have CC turned on because I watch from a distance. The caption for this sentence was "You need man asses". Needless to say, I did a Danny Thomas spit-take and coffee was everywhere!!
  7. I'm sure that they will be chartering the entire ship for the G3 2021. That ship carries 3,114 passengers, so if the attendance was over 5000 in 2020, I'm sure they'll get enough to nearly fill the ship. I was once on a Christian music cruise with a friend several years ago and while they did have alcohol, the crew were told NOT to sell it. (I tried to buy a beer and was refused) When a company charters a ship, they can dictate a lot of things.
  8. More like - "What's more biblical - skinny jeans or jaunty suspenders?"
  9. I have never been to Arkansas, so I know nothing about that area, but I could see people trying that restaurant for something "different" if there isn't anything like it nearby. The key to success will be exceptional service along with a quality product. The menu seems a little all over the place. You can tell he's trying to appeal to a variety of tastes. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up on a future Restaurant Impossible type show.
  10. I feel that Albert worked because he was introduced and worked into the story in a logical way over several episodes and he had some strong scenes early on, It wasn't like he just suddenly appeared and was part of the show in the span of one episode.
  11. Didn't Bin & Jessa go to this same conference last year?
  12. That butter question also gives away that they must be using recipe cards that we cannot see. I noticed Sam side eyeing something off camera when he was measuring some ingredient with a teaspoon as well.
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