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  1. Aren't those referred to as "breeder hips" - possibly inherited from Jshell
  2. Well at least the kids will get a 1/2 cup of canned soup and a cream puff if they say their prayers.
  3. The last picture looks like a really bad photoshop. If it's real she must be a neck contortionist.
  4. They just love emulating A-list celebrities on lockdown. It's the perfect situation for them.
  5. That hashtag makes me want to punch her in the face.
  6. Isn't this also the episode where Jessa just sat there side-eyeing him the entire time?
  7. Those kids are literally bouncing off the walls. Meanwhile Deertick's study-room door is sealed shut.
  8. Complete and utter BS that Jinger wrote that second paragraph. I swear JerME controls every last aspect of her life.
  9. If Famy were smart, she'll start doing Facebook Live selling events. She has a fairly big following and if she had a few friends model her inventory during a Live Facebook session, she could make some big $$$
  10. Someone should inform Jill-rod. Timmy R could quit Fox Valley Tech and go learn at the Duggar Flight School.
  11. I totally get the play on words. It's deliberately spelled that way. Too bad they didn't include a "sixth sense"!
  12. What's sad is that I can't even picture Jinger comforting anyone besides her daughter. JerMe I could see, while spouting some biblical mumbo-jumbo and the cameras flashing nearby.
  13. I've mentioned before that I used to go to Timmy's school many year ago. There's a very small possibility that depending on his current courses, he just might have been able to get away for his birthday. He could have been in Ohio for a long weekend and perhaps he doesn't have classes every day of the week. Like most schools of that type, attendance is part of your grade, but it is possible to miss some classes here and there if you clear it with the professor first. Logic would suggest that he just postpone his birthday week until spring break, but of course logic never applies with people like this.
  14. I'm sure he's going for the "look at me in my family-friendly car dealership" look, but it he literally sitting at a glass-top stove on a kitchen island? I'm totally confused. Is this another faux-filming location a la Duggar?
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