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  1. I know nothing of Nurie's personality, but the though crossed my mind that she may freak out being away from her heavily controlling mother and family.... I won't be surprised if she winds up back home for a "extended visit".
  2. Having grown up in Wisconsin myself. I always cringe when I hear Ma's pronunciation of "Oconomowoc" River. It's not the easiset to say if you've never heard it, but she really slaughters it.
  3. Another good one is after Blanche realizes Derick's intentions - to the waiter - "Scratch the Watercress - bring me the duck and a double Jack Daniels on the rocks"
  4. They will msot likely be enrolling her in dance lessons very soon. That's how Shirley was discovered.
  5. Cracked put out this funny article: Who Is The Actual Worst Person On 'The Golden Girls?'
  6. Speculation that Anna organised the B-day party and used the same banner:
  7. It looks to me like the classic young Howler haircut. She does what she knows.
  8. Well Boob did say she came with some "baggage". Talk about a controlling prick.
  9. Could Jermy have saved it from his pro-soccer days? When did he finally quit?
  10. Were any of the M kids in the wedding ceremony? Perhaps that's the tiff between Anna and JRod?
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