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  1. I'm sure Giddy will be skydiving in a year's time.
  2. Maybe it's because I've been cooking and baking since I was a kid, but I hate this "goofy bumbling idiot trying to cook" trope. It's not rocket science. Read the damn recipe and follow the directions. And unless it was a surprise, if Jinger is such a talented baker, why wasn't she there to coach him along?
  3. I want to say there was some sort of issue with being able to film in Simi Valley. If I have time tomorrow I will check my books are see if I can find the behind the scenes reason for them filming at the studio aka Winoka.
  4. I hope they went sledding somewhere and didn't just run around the yard with those sleds.
  5. That and the ability to honestly and smugly declare that they are a TV-free household.
  6. I wonder if she dried his feet iwth her hair as Mary did..... while Jill (Martha) served his meal...
  7. I had no idea Michelle was a blond. Or is that Sun-In?
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