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  1. I know nothing about real estate. Is it possible that "Thomas Joseph" is a fake name so prospective buyers don't know it's actually the Duggars?
  2. Jeremy looks absolutely terrible. I know it hard to stay meticulously groomed during the COVID situation, but wow he really is starting to get a haggard look,
  3. Have they enrolled her in ballet already or is this some sort of Insta-thing? (the tutu)
  4. I always love the music played in Laura's dream where they are rich and the Olesons are poor. I call it the "Country Bumpkin" theme.
  5. Did anyone ever read the Duggar's early book where JB talks about his time in office. He really treated it as a fluff job. I remember rolling my eyes out of my head when I read how he described his day in the life having that position. It really went to his head.
  6. There is a lot they could do, but it seems like they are just not focused enough.
  7. Wouldn't is just be maddening if he won the election? I seriously doubt it will happen as hopefully enough people in that area equate "Duggar" with batsh*t crazy and won't vote for him.
  8. Yeah, my first thought was "Wow" they are either on a flood plain or a massive freak rain storm had just occurred.
  9. I agree that the dress isn't that bad. It's a modest dress, no more no less. Unlike some of the other abominations with all the extra added panels and undershirts to make them more modest.
  10. Ugh, the split-personality Mr Fix-It guy is just cringe.
  11. I wonder what Mr Edward's rattlesnake stew was actually made of... Carrie (Greenbush twin) seemed to love it!
  12. Definitely - like perhaps the three guys would join forces to buy and run the crappy hotel they stayed at on the island. It just seemed like they were tempting the viewer to want to know more about those guys, their background, what brought them together, etc. Meanwhile whatever happened to Sofia's romance with Mr Matsumo?
  13. I thought I read something somewhere or heard on an interview that they needed to take a break from filming in Simi Valley, so they did the Winoka episodes which were filmed at a studio backlot. Not sure the details of why exactly. In regards to storyline, didn't the books also have Laura and fam moving to a somewhat bigger city for a period of time?
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