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  1. I think other people have probably covered it but can't find actual posts about it. Federal court is either: release or not release. THERE IS TYPICALLY NOT BAIL OR BOND. State court is where bonds come in. 3rd party custody is fairly regular with electronic monitoring. From what I've read the case is basically a slam dunk (welcome to federal court). Assuming that the search warrant is held as valid, he's going to prison for a VERY LONG TIME. It will take a while for the AUSA to see if they can get up with the attorney for the children they are able to identify (lawyers rep
  2. As a total (but maybe not really) side note. I was 99% sure Anna was going to name her kid Magnolia (and call her Maggie) which I know others think too because of her love of Chip & Joanna. Now I'm sure its going to be Mercy (for what Josh should be given) or Mia (as in Josh will be M.I.A since he's going to prison).
  3. I agree. He has spent 30 years living this life and KNOWING he was right. All of his children have rejected his lifestyle. This may not be so terrible if there were 2-3 of them but he's got a football team and still... He keeps losing money & its basically all his fault due to very stupid financial decisions time and time again. He has 2 of his 4 wives openly admit they are miserable. Janelle supports the 1 house thing but other than that, she's clearly making her own decisions and living her own life. He's supposed to be the head of the household and yet, he is making
  4. Imagine being a normal/human person and finding out your child has images of a child being sexually assaulted on his computer/phone. Then imagine realizing you've spent 15 years covering for him, excusing his behavior, knowing that 2 of your daughters were sexually assaulted because you did NOTHING after 2 of your other daughters were sexually assaulted. Now, he's helping fund and provide a market for babies to be sexually assaulted. But knowing them, they are on the phone with TLC trying to figure out how they can keep working.
  5. Abbie & Kendra have always come across as sweet and genuine people. Abbie certainty is older, matured, and has had more real life experiences but I assume both of them are HORRIFIED. They did not grow up in the brainwashed family where Josh isn't insta forgiven because the devil made him do it and he asked for forgiveness. I also can't imagine Joe and John David being anything but sick to their stomachs over all of this.
  6. I believe the Dillards have been fairly vocal that Jim Bob and Michelle get all the money from the Counting On show as well and then divide the money up. They said a few years ago that the contracts at least back when they were on the show was between TLC, production company, and Jim Bob.
  7. YES! Well maybe not 2 years but 1+ years yes. I used to prosecute sex cases (some of which went federal). Federal prosecutors have a very limited window with which they have to be ready to try the case. Most state courts don't have the same limits so when a federal case is indicted, it is done so because the AUSA is READY TO GO. For embezzlement cases I've seen it take 2-3 years. Child pornography cases require very skilled and specific experts to chart and prove how an image(s) came to be on a specific computer.
  8. Federal juries are INSANE compared to state. Basically first 12 in the box. Add a few alternatives and most federal judges ask 10-15 questions and that is it. State court has the never ending jury questions, etc. Feds don't play.
  9. I am STUNNED! Okay not really. I wonder if we will get a reaction video with the same vague mess as before. Jana: We had just got over the first thing and the second thing but he was living another different life. Josiah: Well we had just gotten over the 12th bad thing he did when all of a sudden out of no where this 13th thing came up. Joy: We had no way to know about this new bad thing. Jinger *cries* John: I had to tell Josh again that I didn't want to be like him and Jill: I knew. Derrick: Suck it, molester. Anna: I would leave h
  10. This episode the first 90 minutes a (not 100% accurate recap): Kody: I hate that I can't just live with Robyn. Janelle: Since the pandemic started, I've re-watched all the old episodes. I have determined we suck at communication. Robyn: I am going to not so subtly suggest my sister wives may be at a higher risk for Covid because of their weight without saying it. Meri: Thank God that I'm not the reason nobody is happy. ***** Christine: Lets make the worst financial decision possible and move back to Utah. Kody: This could get us another season....h
  11. The whole 2nd half of the episode was so uncomfortable. Kody saying he had never been cruel...while being cruel was special. I do think the fact that Meri doesn't go see Janelle and Christine or their kids speaks volumes. The wet bar and Mariah being put up on this pedestal always rubbed me wrong as did the B&B mess but...I can't help but feel sorry for her. She's pathetic and lonely and is being punished not just for her 5+ year old sins but seemingly for all of Kody's frustrations.
  12. I was in the hospital over a week before I had my daughter due to me developing a serious medical condition. They kept me on the L&D ward. I became close to many nurses and heard lots of stuff during my 12 days on the ward (but couldn't see anything outside of my room for 12 days). Every time I would hear SCREAMING, every nurse on the floor would come in to "reassure" me. They would say "she's decided to go the natural root" or "despite everyone telling her, she's didn't want the epidural." Many of the nurses said that a lot of these women had weren't doing it for any reason other
  13. This episode: Meri: I don't even know what a pre-evacuation means....but there is ONE WHOLE helicopter flying over head...PANIC!!!!!!!!! NO JOKES ALLOWED. Christine: I should punch a bitch. Kody: Nobody ever could have predicted this would be a bad financial plan. Robyn: We have to be moved in 3 hours. Pray for a rental. Kody: I cannot believe you 4 womens talked me into moving from Las Vegas. Meri: OMGZ I cannot leave my house during this VERY SCARY PRE-EVACUATION PANIC!!!I have to sell LulaRoe! Robyn: We are so good with money that we have paid fo
  14. Any other NC peeps here? WTH... Maddie lives in Greenville. She clearly picked up Janelle at a bigger airport (my guess is RDU (in Raleigh) which is 90 or so miles away.... Then the birthing center was in Chapel Hill which is only about 20 miles on the other side of Raleigh but in traffic times can be an hour. Her birthing center could be 2 1/2-3 hours driving away from her home. That seems crazy just to have a non hospital birth. There are plenty of good hospitals (there is a teaching hospital in Greenville). Ft. Bragg (the country's largest military base) is a few h
  15. An ONTD thread 8ish years ago said Janelle was close to Aspyn while the kids were still growing up. If I remember correctly it was an a "friend" of theirs from their Utah area. The poster said something like Aspyn was just like Christine but "smart" and Janelle and Janelle was the "our kids need to go to college" parent. It was the first time I hard about: Janelle and Meri being sisters-in-law, Janelle moving out of the house for a while, etc. With that being said, its clear that Christine is close to all of Janelle's kids. Meri seems to have a genuine interest and relationshi
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