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  1. StrongbyDefault

    S03.E01: Crazy In Love

    I think he's the spitting image of Roland Gift of the Fine Young Cannibals (circa 1989ish). Roland Gift used to creep me out too...
  2. I was PISSED that they kowtowed to his histrionics.
  3. StrongbyDefault

    S01.E10: Rolling the Dice

    I was confused by that as well. I thought at some point in the beginning of the season they said it was a couple hours away by car? But then when he was on the phone with his father Sumit declined an offer to have someone pick him up at the airport? My guess is it's a reasonable driving distance, but his parents THINK he's much farther away so he has to play it as if he flew there so it wouldn't be reasonable to just drop in for a quick visit.
  4. StrongbyDefault

    S01.E10: Rolling the Dice

    I really REALLY want to know how Jenny has managed to make it through 60+ years of life on this planet (AND MANAGE TO KEEP CHILDREN ALIVE TO ADULTHOOD!). I'm absolutely blown away by how clueless, needy and helpless she is. I keep envisioning Sumit coming home to her withered away skeleton still sitting on the bed where he left her because she was too stupid to know how to feed herself.
  5. He "shushed" Debbie and told her to shut up and swatted her away more than once. If that's the way he treats the one person on the planet that he actually "respects" (his MOTHER no less!) then it REALLY speaks volumes to your point.
  6. StrongbyDefault

    S09.E07: Where Is My Husband?

    Co-signing 100% of this. Jamie and Elizabeth are both incapable of being level-headed and communicating effectively. Amber needed therapy BEFORE her husband was out all night. At this point I think a 5150 hold might be necessary. My guests can make themselves at home and help themselves to the beverages in my fridge anytime they want. I fell more in love with Greg after this episode and was happy to see Deonna finally warming up and giving him some encouragement. Oh...and now that I've been introduced to the term, as a divorced, middle-aged, independent woman I think a situationship would be kind of perfect right now.
  7. StrongbyDefault

    S09.E07: Where Is My Husband?

    YES!!! I said the same thing. Granted, Elizabeth is an entitled wacko with PLENTY of short comings that warrant some snark. But I absolutely don't believe she had any mal-intent when she asked about his parents' divorce. She seemed to truly be trying to get to know him on a deeper level. For him to attack back with "ok, well if we're talking about what bothers us..." made him look like a psycho with anger management issues. She wasn't "bothered" by his parents' divorce, she didn't seem to be insulting him in any way. The fact that he's so triggered after 10 years that he can't even have a candid discussion about it sends up huge red flags to me. Now their 2nd fight when he came home with flowers and tried to maturely talk to her about things that bothered him and she responded like a damn lunatic is a whole other story... In closing, they're both nuts with zero ability to communicate maturely, calmly and effectively.
  8. StrongbyDefault

    S09.E07: Where Is My Husband?

    OMG YES!!!! I had to rewind TWICE to try to figure out wtf they were chattering on about! It was bizarre.
  9. StrongbyDefault

    Can't Buy My Love: All Episodes Discussion

    In a cast of losers and weirdos, Brian takes the cake by far. He's just so odd in every way and there is so much that is "off" about him and his relationship with Gentille. From his "teeth" (aka cheap flippers), to his child-like speech pattern mixed with his very hardened looks he's just...odd. He's got to be a recovering addict (or maybe not recovering so much) no??? And my gut is telling me his relationship with Gentille isn't legit. You never actually see them kiss or show any true physical affection and I just cannot fathom that a woman who is as successful and seemingly sharp as Gentille would be at all attracted to someone so "off" who has absolutely no redeeming qualities - not handsome, not charming, not chivalrous, not independent, no personality. So I'm calling "made for tv relationship".
  10. StrongbyDefault

    S04.E12: Change of Heart

    I have ALWAYS thought he looked like Jaws - even sans braces & tux.
  11. StrongbyDefault

    S02.E10: One Wedding and a Funeral?

    I feel beyond awful for those poor McGee boys. It's clear their parents have always been selfish, incompetent jerks. But Brandy isn't blameless either. Her dramatics in front of the boys as she was leaving was totally uncalled for and so irresponsible. Why couldn't she have sucked it up, appeared strong and just said a nice goodbye to them and protected their feelings, instead of the tear-filled theatrics? Three grown-ass adults and not one of them were looking out for what was best for those poor boys. Of all the nonsense on this show that got my fur up more than anything else.
  12. StrongbyDefault

    S08.E03: Part 2+ Married at Second Sight

    I agree, I am NOT a fan of Luke and I detect major douche vibes from him, but I didn't think his comment about her dress was meant to be an insult or directed at the aesthetic of it at all. It seemed obvious to me that he was referring to the unwieldiness and restrictiveness.
  13. StrongbyDefault

    S08.E03: Part 2+ Married at Second Sight

    I was thinking the same thing! There was so little attention to detail throughout the entire venue. It's a shame because it was beautiful but if I lived there I would NOT book a wedding there based on what was seen on this show. -the aisle for the inside ceremonies had a runner that wasn't tacked down and was a total tripping hazard -that same aisle had lanterns lining the way that could have easily gotten caught up in a bride's train and tipped/dragged -the aisle was way too narrow for a bride in a large gown to fit by herself, let alone with her father walking next to her -no vestibule or awning on their approach to the ceremony -the uneven stone steps that the brides had to walk down for the outside ceremonies -no tent/cover over the guests for the outdoor ceremonies which apparently took place on the surface of the sun, judging by all the guests with umbrellas for shade -no solid walkway to the outdoor reception tent - poor Stephanie had to hobble through the grass in her high heels to get into her reception
  14. StrongbyDefault

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    Totally picked up the same vibe. He seems like someone who is totally lacking genuine sympathy/empathy/compassion but knows the right things to say to appear otherwise. I don't get the impression that he's physically violent either, but he definitely seems to have manipulative tendencies and alternates between insincere charm, passive aggression and flat out cruelty, depending on the situation. He certainly sets off my douche detector, that's for sure.
  15. StrongbyDefault

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    ESPECIALLY if bio dad is as wealthy as she has insinuated! For someone who is as obviously materialistic as she is, I would've thought she'd have used her pint-sized "golden ticket" to milk rich bio dad for all he's worth!