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  1. I think he said surgical technologist, which to my knowledge requires a degree or certification but maybe not a full bachelor’s.
  2. I refuse to have any sympathy for that cow. She KNEW how dire her mother’s condition was, even more so because she supposedly works with hospice patients, yet she left her daughter to deal with a dying grandma and six children. I truly despise everything about Angela.
  3. “Yes, because I’m so quirky and have fun with fashion!” 🙄
  4. It mushed me too 🙂. And he was so happy to have all three kids meet. I think they settling down too well, though, so her problematic mother has been brought in to muck up everything.
  5. I could swear we’ve seen that dress that Jacqueline finally picked in Florida. Of course I was so distracted by her moustache that I could be wrong. Her mother was right - all the money spent on flights and buying that sale dress for really no reason is costing more than a gown would. I really liked Aries’ final choice even though I don’t like mermaid dresses overall. I love sparkly things so I think the neck piece and crown thing added a beautiful touch. And speaking of sparkly, I adored that glittery blush dress in the wedding at the end. Lazaro really can make some gorgeous fantasy gowns.
  6. I agree! I think Christina is much prettier.
  7. I think this was deliberate on Randy’s part. He’s no dummy and he knows if there’s money to pay for an Irish castle wedding, they won’t go economical on the dress.
  8. Colteee said it was a security guy to make him leave the room.
  9. Also, I have no doubt that his parents understand English because after Brittany’s flowery simpering about respecting them and wanting to learn, the mother just waved off Yazan translating, essentially saying yeah, I heard her. I’m starting to dislike Kenny and his attitude. Armando is a darling young man and Kenny is not being sensitive to his life experience and culture. I almost wish Armando, now that he’s out, would meet people his own age rather than a grandfather. I think Armando is a trophy to Kenny.
  10. Aunt Lydia is leagues above Angela. She is always dressed beautifully and has impeccable manners. I bet that “submissive to her husband“ is probably a cultural value to them, but in reality Lydia seems like she’s nobody’s servant. It might mean more of being respectful and deferring to the husband but I haven’t seen one meek Nigerian woman yet in Michael’s family.
  11. Her family was so sweet and supportive. It really illustrated how Chrishell has had to work her ass off when she saw they still had the knife that she had actually sold them years ago when she was selling knives door-to-door. Also, the way she was determined to get into the Valley area by finding her own connections by just driving around was impressive. The others sit in the office and whine that little Jason gave another listing to Mary.
  12. It was SO obvious that Boston radio person was there only for the publicity. She was always going to choose the Boston Victorian grandma nightgown dress. Samantha was beautiful in that fitted lace dress. I’m glad she stuck up for it. Is anyone else over Randy’s tired “hello, beautiful” line?
  13. Debbie and her wart tried so hard to get baby boy to sleep in mama’s room 🤮
  14. If Chuck’s luggage was lost, that explains why they were asking about Walmart. He needs to replenish his big and tall open-necked golf shirt wardrobe.
  15. It’s a good thing Jason is not sure he wants kids because especially if that baby is a girl, he will never see it. Those two witches will absorb the baby into their bubble. Dawn can’t get away with it because of Jared and whatever-Dawn’s-husband’s-name-is but there’s no one to stop the gruesome twosome. On another note, what in the medieval hell is that Knights of the Round Table building that Dawn lives in?
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