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  1. He probably by reflex reached for a dollar to throw at her.
  2. I think it would be tedious to have an appointment and be stuck holding an iPad with Randy on it when you want to enjoy your bride choosing her dress.
  3. When I think of guys going out partying, it involves things like sports bars and such. Jovi is laser-focused on it meaning strippers.
  4. I despise Tiffany. She doesn’t want Ronald to succeed because it will prove her wrong. So sick of her hearing that she does everything herself. I don’t know what kind of job she purports to have but it doesn’t bring in enough income that would prevent her from having her father need to co-sign. Ronald is right - she doesn’t do a damn thing by herself. Her mother and Daniel do all the work.
  5. Andrea, the new designer, is on the current version of Heidi and Tim’s designer competition show on Amazon. She’s really good!
  6. It could be, but the closer house is quite a bit bigger and I could see why Christina would want that one. If the houses were similar or the new one wasn’t so nice, I’d think plot.
  7. It is the very best justice that Belle is the exact image of her father and doesn’t even look vaguely related to the shrew twins. I don’t like Sunhe or Anjelica at all but I do agree with them about Jason. That house is disgusting and always has been and I wouldn’t bring that tiny baby to live there either. Has the lazy cow Anjelica even held her child? I think she will totally let her mother raise the baby.
  8. She certainly is. If he had stocked the fridge, she would have bitched about what he bought. Let’s not play like Tiffany even knows how to shop for proper healthy groceries. The combination of her constantly expanding ass and her ridiculous ignorance as to how to cook a damn chicken tells me that fast food is her expertise.
  9. I seem to recall one of the sisters bitching about lack of space for their luggage because Libby filled it up. She thought there should be cargo space underneath like a bus, I guess.
  10. I think Gwen definitely wins the award for best MIL ever on this show. She doesn’t pass out packets of her hair for her son to keep with him; she has a clean pretty house; and she seems like a genuinely nice, no-fuss person. Julia is irritating but there’s one thing I noticed: that German shepherd adores her over the other people in that house. Dogs know.
  11. Ahh, thanks. I wonder how long it took him to flee from the family of feral squirrels.
  12. Charlie and his overbleached, overtanned wife took a flight but left their kids to go in the RV. Maybe the kids went into the spacious other rooms of the vehicle. Does not-the-screaming-realtor sister have a husband? Only the screamer’s husband is ever around.
  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if Betty has more offspring. When she cried about not being worshipped on Mother’s Day weekend, she made a point of saying “you’re my only son.” Not only child. I certainly could be wrong about the significance of that. When Angela was wearing that bank-robbin’ mask, she said it was because she had an abscess on her mouth or something. Ugh, she seems so dirty to me that I imagine an infection somehow related to all of the medical shenanigans.
  14. The doctor mentioned “his liability” more than once, and he’s right to do so. What Angela wants or is willing to risk is nothing compared to his problems if he operates on her face knowing she has not/will not stop smoking. She didn’t listen but he told her the skin could die. He’s not going to jeopardize his life for that. So maybe she finds a hack to do it, but this guy is on to her.
  15. I didn’t say anything about full custody - I said he has rights to his daughter. They said he has a clean record despite what he did or didn’t do. She seems to think she is the only decision-maker regarding their daughter but judges don’t automatically think that anymore. There are countless cases in which fathers in another country are allowed access to their children who are in the US.
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