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  1. Like he could satisfy one woman much less two. Maybe the third person wouldn’t be a woman 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Exactly, so can you imagine how thrilled she would be to have to take care of whiny Jenny if she gets sick?
  3. I think that’s the natural order of things for that traditional society. Not ranking so much as passing the role on to a young strong family-oriented woman who will be able to focus on the new and the old generation. Why would Stupit’s mother want an older woman who might end up needing to be taken care of by her mother-in-law? Is Jenny even younger than she is?
  4. Plus all of his clingy adult offspring - maybe Kenny consciously or not wanted to move away from that. I’m hesitant though about Armando with Kenny. Really because of sweet little Hannah. Her mother has died and now Armando has moved her away from all of the family who were helping to raise her. I can’t help it, I just think Kenny, with his whole gang and grandchildren, is too old for Armando. The age difference of Jenny and Stupit doesn’t bother me because he has no kids to be affected and Jenny’s are fine without her. Maybe his mother will lose interest in their marriage now that s
  5. It’s the end of an era. None of the remaining characters interest me remotely and there’s just no reason to stay with it. I liked finally seeing Mark and Pam appear together but it did signal his ending on the show since it would be the last chance to do it. As the strong characters left, it seemed like they were replaced with teenagers. Replacing the phenomenal Ducky with the silly smirking Jimmy was the worst.
  6. I had a creepy thought after Kenny said he wants a baby. Cassidy or another daughter mixed with Armando’s sperm. And we thought Skyla’s aig would be bad…..🤮
  7. I’m sorry to have gotten disillusioned with Randy the past few seasons. I do like his own designs very much, but I’m so over his exact same act with every show. I’m tired of “hello, beautiful” and the constant fake drama of oh dear we can’t find the ONE dress the bride walked 23 miles in the rain to try on, I hope we have it. Gok is so empathetic and I love that he actually pins the dresses to fit rather than using those jumper cables that the other show uses.
  8. He probably by reflex reached for a dollar to throw at her.
  9. I think it would be tedious to have an appointment and be stuck holding an iPad with Randy on it when you want to enjoy your bride choosing her dress.
  10. When I think of guys going out partying, it involves things like sports bars and such. Jovi is laser-focused on it meaning strippers.
  11. I despise Tiffany. She doesn’t want Ronald to succeed because it will prove her wrong. So sick of her hearing that she does everything herself. I don’t know what kind of job she purports to have but it doesn’t bring in enough income that would prevent her from having her father need to co-sign. Ronald is right - she doesn’t do a damn thing by herself. Her mother and Daniel do all the work.
  12. Andrea, the new designer, is on the current version of Heidi and Tim’s designer competition show on Amazon. She’s really good!
  13. It could be, but the closer house is quite a bit bigger and I could see why Christina would want that one. If the houses were similar or the new one wasn’t so nice, I’d think plot.
  14. It is the very best justice that Belle is the exact image of her father and doesn’t even look vaguely related to the shrew twins. I don’t like Sunhe or Anjelica at all but I do agree with them about Jason. That house is disgusting and always has been and I wouldn’t bring that tiny baby to live there either. Has the lazy cow Anjelica even held her child? I think she will totally let her mother raise the baby.
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