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  1. Yes, she did. This was when she got her hair actually cut. Not short, but shorter than we had ever seen it. I once had really long hair. I couldn't stand it and all I did was put it up in a pony tail or braid. That's when I cut it all off. If I'm was just going to wear it up all the time, why have it long? lol.. I wish she would cut it to her shoulders..
  2. She should get it cut right above the shoulder, maybe layers and die it red.
  3. They could've named her Cactus and Spurgeon still would've lost out on the name game. I'm always hoping that when he turns 18, he runs far away and goes by Elliot.
  4. I'm not defending Jessa at all here. If Chick-fil-A there is anything like ours, you still can't eat inside. It's drive-thru or curbside pick up only. Not that I think Jessa would go inside and eat if it were open. But but but but....He teaches at the SOTDRT right? I'm sure it's full time and he gets the most excellent benefits!🤣🤣🤣🤣 I wonder if we'll ever see the day where any of these people get a REAL job? Derick is the only one so far with whatever delivery service he worked for while in school and if he passes the bar and becomes a lawyer.
  5. I want this for a new thread title! Just put The Seewalds in front of it.
  6. I watched the videos and thought they did a great job on their trip, it was very well planned out. The boys seemed to really enjoy it and seeing how exciting Izzy was to go fishing made me smile. Sam is too adorable and I just want to squeeze him! I know we don't see everything in the videos, but it was nice to see Jill enjoy the time and they were very well prepared. I'm not saying she didn't have any moments of stress, but she seemed to really enjoy their time camping. Something she probably never dreamed she would do. I wish they could take Sprugeon with them someday. Show him wh
  7. I'd take either one of those. Here in Iowa, we pay over $4,000 and our house isn't that big. They also are very assbackwards here with property taxes. When we moved here 17 years ago, we were dumbfounded on this. So if Amy is moving, has there been anything said to where she's moving? I also agree that they must be dire needs if her husband is shilling things. I'm guessing the restaurant isn't doing well?
  8. Jill describes Tessie as "obedient." What is she, a dog? To me, when someone calls their child that, it takes on a whole new meaning.
  9. 10 pictures. They had neighbors over for a last minute water block party. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRHmisNAXhX/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. Since Jill claims so many people there needed Jesus in their lives, I'm sure that was a grand time. I'll bet all our money that they sat there and judged everyone there the entire time. Didn't care at all about the race.
  11. I thought that video was adorable. I too, loved that Sam asked if his presents were for the both of them. I’ve seen fire trucks at a lot of kids birthdays, so I liked that James came over. There is nothing I can snarl on in that video. Sam was so happy and Izzy seemed just as happy for him. Think to Jessa’s week long birthdays and how bored those kids look. Then all Sam got to do. Izzy had a nice birthday too.
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