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  1. That baby is adorable. Too bad he has the most self righteous grandma that will be a pain in the ass as long as she lives.
  2. I didn’t understand this either. There was no reason to tell the boys or anyone else, that soon. I do feel bad for them though. So If they are trying, I guess there will be no type of job or volunteering when Sam goes to school. Nothing wrong with them having another baby, but they just seemed content being a family of 4.
  3. Jill said he was born at 9:44 in the morning. It was a natural deliverly with midwives. More info to come.
  4. About the Moderna booster. My parents(as my husband and I)got Moderna. My dad was confused the whole booster thing. While at the hospital for an appointment, he went to the pharmacy there and asked the pharmicist about the third dose and booster shots. Pharmacist said that the Moderna vaccine had more in it than Pfizer(which my husband and I knew). He said that this is why Pfizer had to get a booster made because the Covid shot was wearing off. He told my Dad that those with the Moderna probably have anywhere from 3-5% of the vaccine worn off at this time. Another reason why Moderna doesn
  5. I agree, the tribute was pretty good. Accordig to Hayley Orrantia(Erica), the whole diner scene was very hard to do. They real cried through most of it. I also agree, that we just can't watch anymore. After the second episode this season, I asked my husband how a show that was so good for 5 seasons, just turned to crap? It's awful. I truly think if George Segal hadn't died, last year would've been the last season. That is Hayley's real hair. She said on Twitter that she needed a new style. I don't know why this show never gave her "80's" hair. They could've done so much with it
  6. That is what I kept getting out of articles I have read, until I read the last one that said it will be a few more weeks before their booster is out. I know a lot of people that got Moderna and they are just getting the third shot.
  7. i looked this up the other day when we were thinking my husband should get the 3rd Covid shot. The latest article I read(was posted last week)said it will be a few more weeks before Moderna's booster is ready. It's all confusing reading. When you look up Moderna booster, it talks about the Moderna 3rd Covid shot. My MIL talked to her pharmacist about the difference and he said the booster just has a little more in it. Moderna has more in it than Pfizer, so I don't know if there is a big differnce in getting the 3rd shot or booster if you had Moderna.
  8. From what I have read, it is recommended to stick with the same vaccine. It could be different by now. I'm guessing the CDC website might have some info.
  9. That "school" video is the saddest thing. Spurge can't be learning much with Ivy crawling all around his desk and Henry reading 2 ft away from him. It makes me sad that he isn't in a public school like Israel. It woudl be so nice if he could go to the same school as Israel and make friends. I feel so sorry for him and want to scoop him up. Spruge will never get out of that house until he is married. The house is a pig sty and I can't imagine what it smells like. I always think that kids that "snack" all day long are just bored. There is nothing fun to do in that house and they are all on
  10. This shingles shot has kicked my ass way more than the Covid shot did. I barely had anything with those shots. I get to do it all over again in 2 months with the second one. Better than getting shingles though. Hubby had those years ago and it was awful. He didn't do well with his second Covid shot and isn't doing well with the third either. Didn't even go into work today and he rarely calls in sick.
  11. Pretty sure everyone one of us could comment on each one of these to Jill, with her own words to show her she does every one of these.
  12. We don't qualify for the booster. My husband does qualify for the 3rd dose though. He was waiting to get the booster as we were told it will have a little more in in it than the Covid shot itself. Since we can't get the booster, we went to Target today and he got the flu shot and his 3rd dose. I got the flu shot and my first shingle shot. It was recommended that we get both shots together. I'll get my second shingle shot in November. We get all our vaccinations at Target. It's 5 minutes from our house(the doctor is not..lol)and you get a $5 coupon off $20 for each vaccine. It's quick and we've
  13. Kaylee giving Jonathon a haircut and writing their courtship announcement a wall. There are more awkward pictures of them. There are also pictures of the younger ones going down a slide into a kiddie pool of soapy water. Jill said to expect "picture overload" now that their relationship is public.
  14. It's Kaylee's courtship with Jonathon Hill. Jonathon announced it. Been getting to know each other since "this past spring" according to Kaylee.
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