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  1. One of the Rodlets was saying she didn't want to do it, but they plopped her with a not Nuri and made her go.
  2. In Jessa's case, I see the "sis" for Ivy as an identifier of her role to be a sister-mom, and everything else that goes along with being female in their culture. To me, it's just a constant reminder to Ivy that she will have an expected position to maintain. I hope I'm wrong and that it is a term of endearment.
  3. The part of the camping trip that stood out to me was the nature hike, and the bathing in the river. They had a true experience. The park ranger came by and gave the boys books and told them about an elk sighting. They got in the car to see the elk. The cooking over the campfire for breakfast actually made me hungry!
  4. CHICRICKET, sending love and hugs ♥
  5. Will Jill be taking the pottery class at Sierra's home? What kind of kiln does she have, and how is it vented?
  6. JCBROWN sending love and {{{HUGS}}} ♥
  7. Is there any truth to Josh requesting a delay in the trial? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/15310905/josh-duggar-begs-judge-postpone-child-porn-trial/amp/
  8. I'm just thrilled to see a BOY being encouraged to cook!
  9. Is the man in the video the same man reading the journal entries?
  10. The man who grew up with Josh and is doing the "I pray you put this journal away" talks (on YouTube) has some really interesting information about how Josh treated him and Josh's knowledge of computers. In Episode 3, beginning around the 50-minute mark, he says he went to Josh (as a person who had been through sexual trials) and was seeking counseling from a trusted friend. It will certainly give you insight on how Josh treats his friends. I'm wondering if this former friend will be called to testify?
  11. I am so excited for this family. They can continue to build on their dreams. I wonder if Jill really wanted to be a midwife, or she went that route because it was the only avenue available to her? As Jill's world expands, she might find her true passion.
  12. Did JB and M remain at Big Sandy after the arrest? The conference ran through May 1. Was today a travel day for them, and they just arrived home? Curious.
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