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  1. Are you allowed to smoke indoors at a public restaurant in Arkansas?
  2. Is the gap picturing Mack and her buddy team?
  3. Blessings, prayers, healing, peace and comfort to all ♥
  4. LATETOTHEPARTY, sending you and your family blessings, love, comfort and peace.
  5. Joy's beauty is wrapped in her genuineness. She is who she is without putting on a lot of airs to impress. She loves her family and her home.
  6. Maybe they'll name their baby girl Amelia and she'll be the first female Duggar pilot!
  7. How exactly is the Nurie/Nathan courtship working? Is Nurie staying in Florida with the Kellers? I sort of expected almost daily updates, and it seems that Jill has been quiet for a while (for her anyway) on the matter.
  8. So, when school starts, I wonder if Jeremy will be gone all day? Will Jing bring him lunch? Will she actually get out on her own and meet new people? Will this be the first time they have been apart all day? Will she go to campus with him? We know there will be no Becky in the third row because NO GIRLS ALLOWED.
  9. Radar's lead story this morning: "Big Cover-Up! Duggars Hired Lawyers, Set Up Josh With Anna After Molestation Scandal" https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/06/josh-duggar-sex-molestation-scandal-michelle-jim-bob-cover-up/
  10. I wonder if Jill was jealous of Amy's relationship with Mary? Amy had grandma all to herself, and Jill had to share with a billion siblings. Jill has never had that kind of attention from a female family member. My heart breaks for Amy and Deanna.
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