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  1. Next time I'm going to send someone money via Quickpay, I'm going to say, "I'll cyber finance you." With Erica, even if she is unhappy being in Mexico, and Brazil before it, would she really want to leave her own mother to go live with a brother she knew for like six months? That doesn't make sense. She doesn't know that her mom is a criminal and Susanne isn't shown to be abusive or neglectful, so why is she so antsy to go live with Dylan? Who pawns her off on Iris pretty quickly, since Iris was such a great mom to him. Shit, Susanne might actually be a better mom than Iris. #nodisrespect
  2. Good call! It was. I only remember this because at the time my family lived about an hour away from Waco, but the Branch Davidian standoff happened when I was in 5th grade (so 92/93) and season 5 was when I was in 7th grade, so this episode was about 1.5-2 years after Waco.
  3. Oh Val... I love how her midwest/rust belt pragmatism and bullshit detector had no time for Finley's non-sense. So I assume all negators are externs, but are all externs negators? I feel like cults were a very mid-90's topic. Like I remember watching an MTV special about three different cults; one of which was definitely Scientology. (I tried googling it, but all I got were listicles about the best 1990's MTV cult hit shows.)
  4. OMG, @marceline, that sounds horrible! But at least now you have some insight into Kelly's #struggles (eyeroll). As much as I love Dr. Martin and am indifferent, at best, to Donna, how are they always so shocked - shocked! - when Felice does something terrible and classist? Come on, that's kind of her thing.
  5. I did know that because I am 34-years-old going on 84-years-old and have been through the entire series on Netflix. Twice. Oh man, the Donna cry-face eight-pack. I've been looking for some new artwork for my apartment and I think I just found it.
  6. This reminds me of what Patton Oswalt said about George W Bush and comedy: At a certain point, someone is so awful that no amount of comedic material is worth it. Kate McKinnon's cold open was so emotional and genuine and had me crying. And just a half hour before the episode started I had gotten cocky because I hadn't cried all day. So thanks a lot, Kate McKinnon; I had to set the "X days since I last cried because of President-Elect Trump" clock back to 0. I normally can't stand Weekend Update or Colin Jost and Michael Che, but I was cracking up at the "This is My Fight S
  7. OMG, why did I never watch this show?! Regrets, I have them. Val is so gorgeous, even when rolling her eyes. I don't know why she wasted her time on Dylan. Then Steve. Then Brandon. Then David. Then that creepy-looking older guy who was married, so she faked a pregnancy. What I hate about this episode, and the last one, is that they talk about Emily like she's the great love of Brandon's life. When you watch the season 2 episodes, though, they weren't that big of a deal. And at the senior breakfast, Brandon says the ice skater was his favorite girlfriend of the week. Then they have l
  8. I do too. I remember I had stupid CCD (sorry God) at the same time 90210 was on, so I recorded it on our VCR and rushed home to eat Taco Bueno and watch the most shocking episode of 90210 ever. In hindsight, Kelly was never at risk of being killed off, but I was 12, so I took this shit very seriously.
  9. Just did a google image search for aspic. Wow. I can't believe anyone, especially a snob like Felice, would serve that in 1994/1995. I know she wasn't an alcoholic, but I gotta go with Brooke (Kristin Davis), drinking because she was distraught over losing Billy (gross) and then drowning in the Melrose Place pool.
  10. What's that saying? That there's no one more righteous than a reformed whore? From season 5 on Kelly will show some hints of self-awareness - I'm specifically thinking of the convent episode where she thinks to herself, "I slept with my best friend's boyfriend. I slept with my boyfriend's best friend." - but those moments are few and far between. The writers really ruined her character. And all the characters eventually. Except Steve, the lovable oaf. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I think the writers did a relatively good job of building up to Ray being abusive. First whe
  11. Seeing Kelly's new shorter hair has got me wondering, is she the Samson of Beverly Hills, 90210? In seasons 1-4 when she has long hair, the character is awesome and snarky and flawed but lovable. Then she cuts her hair and starts with that stupid baby voice and becomes sanctimonious and self-righteous and judgmental. Apparently all of her awesomeness is contained in her hair and, if I recall correctly, she never has long hair again. RIP Brenda and fun Kelly.
  12. Yeah, I was in 7th grade when season 5 originally aired and I definitely knew that Kelly Kapowski was joining the show. I'm interested to see how I'll react to Val as an adult now because I remember not liking her character when it originally aired because I was very earnest and didn't like how she could be shitty to the other "good" girls on the show. But as an adult I'm like, well the other girls on the show kind of suck, so... And that burp was amazing. Burp 2016.
  13. Oh God, I forgot about that dog drawing. I thought art/drawing was the one thing Donna was supposed to be good at? She got props from her high school art teacher and then became a "fashion designer" (Now Wear This is so many seasons away), so that seemed like a bit of a continuity error. I agree. She, like basically every other character on this show, eventually became terrible starting in season 6 or so, but she was enjoyable in seasons 4 and 5. Part of the reason I like her is because she was smart, and competitive about being smart, but wasn't an awkward nerd about it like Andrea wa
  14. Unpopular Opinion (maybe?): I always liked Brandon and Kelly together. He's always been terrible and she eventually becomes as terrible, but two negatives make a positive, so...it works for me. I agree that the task force storyline is ridiculous, but I work with an organization that has a few task forces and none of them do anything (literally so useless), so at least that aspect is realistic, though I'm sure they didn't do it on purpose. I recently read Dave Holmes' book (which is hilarious and fantastic) and he talks about his coworker back in the early/mid-90's who was obsessed with 90
  15. Oh man, this episode. I was in 6th grade when this originally aired, so I was the right age to take this show very. seriously. My sister, however, was in 11th grade and was a Nirvana-loving alterna-teen, so she loved to snark on this show (although I think she also legitimately wanted to watch it and used snarkiness as a smokescreen so she could), which would upset me immensely (which I obviously got over since I listen to this podcast). So we were watching this episode together and at the point where Kelly says that the rent isn't their problem anymore, my sister goes, "Kelly obviously doesn'
  16. I'm bummed that the writers didn't name D'Shawn's twin sister D'Shawna. That was a real missed opportunity.
  17. Haha, yes! That toilet! Which can somehow handle 2500 pills and like 15 plastic baggies being flushed all in under 20 minutes. I cannot wait for the meth storyline. Yeah, IIRC she is actually Jack's daughter. It was either after they found Erica in Mexico or a couple seasons later when she was a teen prostitute (human trafficking victim?) in LA, she went to live with Iris in Hawaii (because Iris did such a bang-up job with Dylan), so I think there was a familial connection, as tenuous as it may be. I agree with others that David was a dick, but it was also understandable why he br
  18. I agree with your whole post, Drogo, but especially this. Eric is a jackass, no doubt, but when Gabe told him to "chill, bro" when they were in the break room, I wanted to smack Gabe on Eric's behalf. Eric was genuinly upset by and pissed off at Tarik's elimination and that is not the time to tell someone to chill. That's such a condescending thing to do. This whole season I've found Jen really annoying, but I totally agree with her about Vanessa and I will take someone like Jen over someone like Vanessa any day. Honestly, Vanessa is just the worst type of woman (and I say this as a woman)
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