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  1. I watched zero feeds during BB19. (Or ever, barring OTT [when the comps were viewable] or the first night of this season, when I knew I wouldn't be spoiled for any comp results.) I'm pretty sure that I didn't need my delayed BBAD viewing to despise Bobblebeard, as I'd hardly forgotten S18, or the Tiny Dick-tator's tirade where he called Tiffani a, ahem, "Christmas's Unfortunate Natural Tendencies", just because Tiff had dared to talk to him. Or, more simply, that fucking floatie and the incessant "FRIENDSHIP!" screeching. IMO, it's a bit presumptuous to assume that feeders have some deeper insight to the game that "casuals" lack. The show may try to push their producer puppies in the edit, but [horrific] character will out. From Dickless Donato onwards. Occasionally, the show messes with the game narrative, and that's a different story. But BB's attempts to make us love everybody from Social Justice Warrior Amanda to Grieving Grandson Frankie ended up being an Overwhelming No, positive early-season DRs aside. But JMO.
  2. Well, Rachael is wearing a shirt. Not to say that Clea can't use her imagination, but Katherine's outfit doesn't require her to employ that. Or even Xander's X-Ray vision…
  3. Well, Da'Vonne's perception of how the winners reflect society is necessarily her own perception. She's allowed to apply whatever standard she chooses, I'd say. That said, Da' might consider Kaycee off-topic, as part of her feelings of oppression and omission appear to stem from the ongoing news of police violence against people of color, and while individual part-Filipino women may have also suffered from this, the current perception is that this is not a continuing issue the way that violence against blacks is perceived to be. (For which Vanessa Hudgens and Hailee Steinfeld, to name two prominent part-Pinay performers, are doubtless grateful.) Consider also that Kevin has expressed fears about his not properly representing gay HGs, even though past winners include not only Andy Herren (S15, gay) and Kaycee (lesbian), but Drew Daniel (S5) who presented as "straight" during his season (even having a showmance with Diane Henry)…but was in a relationship with a man when he was arrested during a domestic dispute years afterwards. Was Drew faking it during S5 the way that Natalie Negrotti (S18) apparently faked her "showmance" with James Huling? Or did Drew only become aware of his sexuality later on? If Drew is/was as gay as Andy and Kaycee and (allegedly) Steve, that means the percentage of gay winners is almost 20% (4/21), which is higher than the reported level of gay people in society as a whole. And yet Kevin still feels pressure to "represent" his community, just as Da'Vonne felt on behalf of African-Americans. IMO, Kevin and Da'Vonne's feelings are just that…their feelings. They're entitled to feel what they feel, Kaycee or no Kaycee. But JMO. ETA: I almost forgot that Josh Martinez (S19) is Cuban-American, and some might consider that heritage to class him as a person of color, too. But Cuban isn't black, and clearly Josh doesn't make Da'Vonne feel any better about the history of black competitors on the show. So again, I'm willing to give Da' the "her feelings, her rules" pass here. BTW, if I'm not mistaken, David and Kevin's having both made Jury marks the first time two black men have done so on the same season, and with Da'Vonne, that makes three African-American (or part) Jurors, which is surely a record. (Was S13 the only other season to even cast three black HGs? I'd have to think about that.) So, yay progress, I guess. Although I'll understand if some may pass on busting out the champagne and streamers here. (David is, AFAIK, only the third heterosexual black man to reach Jury in the show's history, following Marvin Latimer [S5] and Bryan Ollie [S10; called by his surname to diffentiate him from Brian Hart]. Again, congratulations, even if it does say more about the casting process than anything else, IMO.)
  4. One wonders if Clea (out and proud nowadays) was sneaking a glance or two at Katherine's cleavage. (Despite her "marriage" to Charlie Hunnam, Katherine might not have minded, but we only have stories about Charlie, and not all "beards" work in both directions, so we shouldn't jump to conclusions.) "I didn't jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were." Yeah, yeah, whatever, Buffy…
  5. As someone who has never been a Christian, I am so NOT here for The Julie Chen Revival Hour. It's one thing for a HG to have their personal religious views (because that's just one part of their overall character and I'm free to mock them), but I don't need Julie as the Official Representative of the Show be pushing the idea that I'm doomed to burn forever in a Lake of Fire because I won't "get right" by Jesus. (Yes, not all Christians believe that would be my fate…but enough do that I found Julie's God-pushing very triggering. JMO. And poor Les, if he has to deal with that in his own home. And "poor Les" is something I would have put odds against my ever having to type.) ******************************* Yes, I did that. I found it less funny when Da' said she hoped David would "show his morals" by voting to keep her instead of Kevin…right in front of Kevin. Oh, so David can show racial solidarity (and "morals") by keeping the black woman in the game, but not the black/Asian man, is that it? To use a variant of something I tend to write in situations such as this, "If I weren't as white as Tyler, I'd probably be even more annoyed". But instead, I think I'll let Mr. Billy Paul speak for Kevin: Still, with Da'Vonne, the comedy usually wins out. I was all prepared to rip Da'Vonne for preparing her big speech months ago and memorizing it, and then getting Cassandra's name wrong…but it turns out that she was right and Julie was wrong in "correcting" her. See, Julie, even Da'Vonne isn't ALWAYS wrong. Don't jump to conclusions. But still. Da'Vonne got it right. (Dang, Julie. "Poor Les" and "Da'Vonne got it right" in the same post? My world is all askew.) Yes, but part of that is that Grodner/Kassting is looking for Da'Vonne's type of black HG: lots of DR "sass", not so much game. Recall Kemi having to try and control herself last year so as not be edited as the "angry/scary black woman" she felt they were wanting to portray her as. And black contestants don't have the option of concealing their race the way that Steve Moses (allegedly) hid his gayness under a "nerd" cover, because TPTB wanted their gays to be more Jason Roy and less Steve. I can't blame Da'Vonne for wanting more Danielle Reyeses when the show refuses to cast them. (Although allegedly Danielle R was asked back this season.) ***************** Speaking of "askew", it was a strangely poor episode for "My Girl" [/s] Daniele. I mean, I understand Nicole voting to keep Da'Vonne as a symbolic way to make amends for her S18 "betrayal" (which Da' had just shouted out), and under certain circumstances, I could understand somebody in Dani's position supporting Nicole's vote so Nic isn't left alone on an island…but Dani just made herself seem part of a "duo" that's bucking Memphis/the Kommittee/the "house" and I wouldn't have thought her to make that play. I would have thought she'd be more protective of her own game. Likewise, I would have thought she'd know enough to know that campaigning for Da'Vonne might come back to hurt her. Two of a very few things that I like about Dani are that she's good at this game and she usually owns her evil. 0-for-2 tonight. Very odd, IMO. ******************** Gotta love Memphis making two "Wise Guys" alliances with Enzo on the premise of "me and you, final two, and the third guy is some sucker we're stringing along" and then choosing as the "suckers" the guy Enzo already has a Final Two with, and the "guy" (by and large woman-shaped) Enzo's been cultivating for weeks, now. Way to go, "mastermind". I'm guessing the "Wise Guys" Robert wants to emulate are Messrs. Howard, Fine, and Howard? Nyuk-yuk-yuk to you, "wise guy"! ********************* Really hope Dr. Will was wearing shorts under that robe. I spent most of the segment fearing a gust of wind/an unfortunate camera angle. I mean, nothing against the human body (I'm the one who knows where to find Brendon's pictures online…), but I didn't want Will to have that kind of legacy. As for his field, as I understand it, Will got his D.O. in Dermatology, but did his Residency in Oncology, which is why he was referred to as such during S2. But yes, his actual career has been in Dermatology, up to and including removing Mike Boogie's genital warts. (No, I didn't look up that episode, thank you very much.)
  6. Well, the last gay HG to get the "you're boring!" insult was Kaycee "'Let's go! To another channel!" Clark, and Tyler can tell you how that worked out for her. So perhaps good news for Kevin…unless somebody in the House makes the same connection, and people feel he's too much of a "threat" to keep around. We'll see tonight, I guess.
  7. In the words of David Byrne, "same as it ever was, same as it ever was". I must say that I can't recall seeing a nominee use their Veto Plea speech to "call out" an alliance that doesn't exist and sarcastically congratulate them on executing a "plan"…that is actually the exact opposite of what the HoH wanted. So congrats to Da'Vonne for finding new depths of stupidity to plumb, I guess. At least she gave the editors a reason to show that Veto Plea speeches have not, in fact, gone the way of the Wheel O'Keys; as with HoH reveals, they're just skipped over nowadays. And bonus points for having no clue about what a "pigmy" is. Apparently somebody didn't do a lot of studying in their (hypothetical) African Studies classes, huh? Woman probably thinks Black Panther was a biography of Cam Newton. (Huey? Who he?) I also liked Da' nailing that scripted DR with the "Joe…Exotic" joke about Zingbot, whereas the shots we saw of her in the backyard made it clear that she not only didn't watch Tiger King (fair enough, I haven't, either) but she completely wasn't getting the reference, either. Sigh. The thick is thick with "She". I suppose I should be worried about Kevin, since why would you keep him around when you could just let Da'Vonne keep spinning in her fantasy bubble? I grant you, Kevin totally bought her "let's trust our 'allies', Dani and Nicole" nonsense, so he won't be up for any Nobel Prizes, either, but still. Da'Vonne is so awful at this game, it's worrying to be on the block next to her. ************************** So I guess they let Tyler edit this episode, huh? Not only is he apparently the only one to cotton onto the significance of Kevin/Da'Vonne's HG Choice player picks, not only did he bring up Dani nominating him when Da'Vonne was an option last week (which the aired eps just glided over, but Ty filed that away), but he also got to basically confirm for us that nobody really likes National Broken Foot Day, too. Throw in winning the Veto and (seemingly) not getting in trouble for bucking the HoH's wishes, and it's a good day to be a Producer Puppy, it appears. Congrats, Tyler! ************************* Props to Daniele for being the only Veto player not to waste time opening and closing the cage doors, but just tossing the stuffed animals over the top. You can say a lot of things about her (and I've said many of them!), but you can't deny her basic game intelligence. (See also her being the only Veto player last week to move the supply bin closer to the table to make it easier to stack the cans.) *Yes, Tyler threw one "tiger" over the door…but this was the cage where he'd stashed another tiger previously, so he had to open the door to get that one, anyhow. It probably actually cost him time. *********************** Frazzle's zing was the best since BB14 Good times, good times. (One of Frazzle's best moments in BB16 was her depressed "I wanted to see Zingbot!" when she was voted out for the first time, so I hope she enjoyed this, regardless of how harsh it was.) *************************** "Tomorrow, a BB legend shows up to change the game!" Yeah, can't wait for Mike Boogie to introduce the "Stalker" power, lol. (Just kidding, Grodner's lost Mike's number, I'm sure.)
  8. For those who haven't been keeping track, it's now FOUR weeks without a HoH nominating a white player in their initial picks: Week 4: Enzo noms Kevin (mixed) and Kaysar (middle Eastern, Muslim). Week 5: Confederate Heritage Day nominates Da'Vonne and Bayleigh Week 6: Dani nominates David and Kevin Week 7: Chickamauga nominates Da'Vonne and Kevin. I'll give the Kommittee this much: they're definitely Keeping it Konsistent. ETA: None of the seven HoHs thus far this season has initially nominated two white people, despite whites comprising 11/16 of the Houseguests. (Dani ended up with Ian v. Tyler last week, but of course that was because all of the PoC were made safe from the block, so it's not as if she had any choice in the matter.) Kevin's seen his face on the Wall of Bluetooth four of the seven weeks, and the other weeks gave us David v. Nicole A (Week 2), Janelle v. Kaysar (Week 3), and Da'Vonne v. Bayleigh (Week 5). I guess you can say that at least the non-white HGs have been visible this season…but I don't think that's what diversity advocates were hoping for, exactly. ********* As much fun as it was to see Frazzle take a tumble, that wasn't the biggest flop in that scene: Dear Daniele: "Female" is an adjective. You want a noun (such as "woman") here. I grant you, nowadays this error is more commonly made in reverse ("Kamala Harris would be the first woman Vice-President". No, try again), but points for originality don't undo the screw-up, IMO. (It would be nice if they'd get an actual bath tub in the HoH bathroom again; that micro-jacuzzi was giving me claustrophobia. What's next, are they just going to tell them to bathe in the toilet next season? However appropriate that might be for those three.)
  9. In Kevin's defense, I'll note that he's now won five competitions (HoH and two Vetos in S11, the first part [endurance] of the final HoH that year, and the Week 4 Veto this season). He's not going to make anybody forget Janelle, Dani, James Rhine, or either half of Brenchel (when little Adora Borealis Villegas shows up on BB40 or whatever in the future, watch out! That's some dangerous DNA she's packing), but I've seen a lot of HGs do a lot worse, through the seasons. Given that Da'Vonne and David have a combined one comp win in five seasons, I'd place Kevin ahead of them, at least. JMO.
  10. And you can also contrast [spoilered thing] with She's not just a pretty face, she's a pretty good poker face, our Buffster is.
  11. I want to point out that I have always hated Da'Vonne. Even when I was calling out Clay and Masturbating Jeff for being racist to her with the "what is she doing in our room? She's probably stealing our stuff to sell on eBay!" garbage in BB17, I still couldn't stand her. Worst.Player.EVER. Can't wait for her to leave. (Kevin ain't exactly covering himself with glory, either. But he's not essentially calling David a race traitor, so points for that at least.)
  12. He's subletting from her??? (To quote my man Leatherpants, "I never get tired of doing that.")
  13. Wow, that was boring. Yes, every "safe" decision (Dani deciding to keep Tyler, even though she's probably dead meat if he gets power again; Nicole not forcing Dani to show her cards; Dani not using her "Replay" power to play in the HoH comp) can be justified in terms of strategy…but they were all cowardly and all made the episode incredibly boring. And Nicole's choice not to give Da'Vonne/Kevin/David a heads-up so they wouldn't be caught voting the "wrong" way falls into this category, too…she was, I assume, too scared of getting hated on if she interfered with the plan where Seven White HGs trick and humiliate Three Non-White HGs, so as to isolate the Non-Whites and confirm them as targets. (I only read the Feeds thread in retrospect, so I don't know the name for this plan…I'm guessing "Operation: Segregation", perhaps?) But still gutless, Nicole. Ian exposed that his S14 victory was a bad joke gifted him by a bitter jury and a determination not to vote for Dan, no matter what. (I guess Dan shouldn't have let Mike Boogie get tossed so easily, huh? Should have flipped his and Danielle's votes to save his F2, I guess.) I mean, when Kevin and Da'Vonne are able to grasp the significance of Tyler's non-campaign but Mr. Big Brain Winner can't…just sad. Plus Ian was kind enough to remind me that he was never properly nominated at all that season. (Danielle did target him at F4, but as Dan and Shane wanted to evict each other and Danielle was the HoH/Veto holder who didn't get a vote, it was all moot.) So basically he glided as a mascot/goat and reaped the rewards on Finale Night. (He did make a good speech, though.) Hardly worth all of Julie's Hosannas, IMO. Ridiculous that the HoH is being pushed as a "tune in Sunday" attempt at suspense. How long is that comp going to last? 10, maybe 15 minutes? No reason they couldn't have trimmed some fat and just shown the whole comp. (It would have been hilarious if Julie came back from commercial to "look in on the HoH competition"…and somebody had already won. Oh, well.)
  14. Buffy can totally see Xander coming up behind Angel (with Jenny's Big Ol' Cross) during this. She does a really good job of keeping Angel's attention solely on her and letting X (not exactly known for his stealthiness skills) get within "rescue Willow" range. It's actually an effective police technique (I've seen it on Law & Order often enough). I guess the Career Fair did have her pegged, after all. Polyester, donuts, and brutality aside.
  15. Well, as much as one may quibble with Angel's various decisions in Season 3, he did have That Pesky Soul then, and was not actually the homicidal Leatherpants of the preceding spring. And Buffy believed she knew the operating equation: "Angelus" stays locked away, as long as she doesn't let Angel unlock her box again. Lots of angst and tension, but Buffy believed she'd gotten the message about how to avoid "messages" such the one Angel had threatened to send her in Innocence. ("It kind of involves you finding the bodies of all your friends.") So I can understand how she wasn't at constant "Red Alert" levels of worry that year. BUUUT…the information that some criticize Angel for withholding here is rather different. If Buffy knew that a) he was now actively trying to lose That Pesky Soul, and b) he didn't much care which used-up whore he had to bang in order to try and shake it loose that might have given Buffy cause to reassess the situation in ways that one smack of Xander (for the greater good, mere weeks after he'd saved Xander's life) did not. And the fact that Angel goes to the smoochy place without giving Buffy this information, some see as betraying her trust in ways that he hadn't since Lie To Me. (Well, actually since I Will Erase Your Memory, but Buffy doesn't remember that, for self-evident reasons.)
  16. I've seen people criticize Angel for not telling Buffy about his sleeping with Darla in Reprise/Epiphany, since he's kissing Buffy here and perhaps she's under the mistaken impression that he's been pining away for her, all hurt and rejected since she told him she was better off with Riley at the end of Sanctuary. And she deserves his honesty if they're going to take any steps towards renewing the relationship, even though Buffy ends up cutting things off quickly. (But, of course, Angel couldn't have known she was going to do that.) IMO, though, what he did is less important than why he did it. Angel was attempting soulicide, to lose that pesky soul and go back to being "no conscience, no remorse…it's an easy way to live". And considering that Buffy well remembers what happened when Leatherpants came out to play three years ago, Angel's tempting fate that way should not only be a red flag on his offer to renew the relationship, but on whether Buffy should even be trusting him to run around free in Los Angeles, with Cordelia and Wesley and so many other "happy meals on legs" within easy chomping distance.
  17. I edited the list in the spoiler, ^ above.
  18. One of the reactors referenced above saw the end of the scene where the "friend" smirks off into the darkness, leaving Buffy frustrated, and joked, "She's going to become Buffy the HIM Slayer."
  19. There are currently 11 HG, meaning there are eight votes in play. With the outcast PoC bloc of three seemingly having given up on kissing up around the edges of the "big alliance" (they may not know that Enzo's not in "The Committee" and Da'Vonne may think she's dealing with the remnants of the "Slick Six", not that there's an entirely different alliance actually running things, but Da'/Kevin/David know they're not in the majority right now), that should be three votes against Tyler, as I can't see David relying on "me and Tyler have a secret alliance" or Da'Vonne being all "I can't offend the alliance, I want to stay off their radar" after they've made aggressive moves. The three of them have been nominated a combined six times now (Kevin 3, David 2, Da'Vonne 1) and they've all had to sweat it out on Thursday nights; IMO if they get a chance to chop out Tyler, they'll take it. Against any other pawn, Ian would vote Tyler out. What, is he going to vote out Christmas or Enzo or Memphis to keep "in" with Cody? Even if Nicole lobbied him (and I don't think she would), the "I'm just doing what the HoH wants" off-ramp would seem the easy road to him, if he had a vote, I'm sure. And in a 4-4 tie, Dani would get a chance to vote out Tyler. Which she certainly would, because ditching Christmas/Enzo/Memphis (Dani's never nomming Nicole, who's her ideal F2) would be "going against the alliance" just as much as evicting Tyler, and Tyler's the one that Dani knows is coming for her. Instead, Dani decided she didn't want to offend anyone with her re-nom, but she still obviously has a chance to whack Tyler. It can't be too hard to for her to figure out that Nicole wants to protect Ian at all costs (since Ian only won in the first place because he was up against a past winner [and had a bitter jury helping him out]). Dani's dilemma is whether she wants to eliminate Tyler as a major threat who's definitely coming for her, now (she should remember how poorly her attempt to make peace with Jeff went in BB13 at a similar point), or whether she wants to try and keep good with Cody/Enzo/Yom Kippur and strengthen her position with Nicole by dumping the only player Nic is likely to prioritize over her. Tyler's odds may be no worse than 50/50…but that's at least cause for concern. But all JMO, O'course. Also, with Keisha/Nicole A/Janelle gone, Tyler's the only AFP winner left in the House, right? (Those who reached F2 were ineligible until BB 20, and Kevin lost out to Jeff in BB 11, Enzo to Brittney in BB12, Dani to Jordan in BB13, Nicole to Donny in BB16 and I can't remember who beat Da'Vonne in BB 17/18, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't won anything before this episode.) So perhaps Dani could spin her evicting Tyler as giving everyone else a better shot at that $25,000. (Cody did win it as the first juror in BB 19, but there were circumstances then.) May not be the deciding element on its own, but it might factor into any (hypothetical) decision on Dani's part.
  20. Don't get me wrong, I'm hardly an Ian fan, but I'll be depressed if he leaves on Thursday. (And not only because that means Tyler stays.) I was low-key rooting for him to pull out a dark-horse second win. HOWEVER…I still enjoyed the heck out of seeing Angry Ian in that final DR. Mask off, "friendly nerd"! Loved the authenticity. And I can only imagine how awesome it might be if Nicole decides to step out on a limb and join with Da'Vonne, Kevin, and David to force a tie, thinking that Dani will evict Tyler (she said he's her target, right?)…only for Dani to stay loyal to The Committee and boot Ian instead. If that happens, Dani should thank her lucky stars that the "Reload" power will let her play in back-to-back HoHs, because literally everyone in the house will hate her guts at that point. (Which is of course why, in that scenario, Dani should in fact dump Tyler. The "Committee" ship has sailed, girl; they're not trusting you at all after this. "I can't trust Dani…remember what she did to Tyler!" DRs would be thicker on the ground than apples after a windstorm. Far, far better for Dani to cut her losses and try and hide at the back of a "Winners and Outcasts Unite!" alliance, which would have the numbers by 6-4, anyhow. BUUUUUT…I don't think she's going to see it that way. Like everyone everywhere, she's "fighting the last war". She thinks what killed her in BB13 was turning on the veterans' alliance, so she wants to stay "loyal" this time, and she'll end up thinking she can talk the Committee into keeping faith with her, despite this week, I'd bet. I think she's really wrong, but we'll see.) Yes, it would have been a great move to put up Cody (since he specifically said he wasn't voting Tyler out), but she didn't have to go that far. She could have just looked at the Enzo/Ian choice, decided which of those two was more likely to vote out Tyler, and put up the other one. Yes, it would have hurt her game with Enzo, but all in all, a much easier road for her, IMO. I want to give big props (heh) to the Veto competition, which was original and clever. You go, Heath Luman! And I barked like a seal when Tyler blew his cans over. How tough is it to turn your head, dude? Angela must have been so upset she almost blinked or something.
  21. Well, remember, Dani has the "Reload" power (or whatever it's called) that lets an outgoing HoH play in the next HoH comp. And that power can only be used this week or next. So it behooves Dani to go for HoH while she can use that power. It's something of an editing choice that the show didn't mention this at all during the episode; I'm almost certain Dani would have spoken about it in her DR. I guess they're wanting it to be a surprise when Dani uses her power on Thursday? A bit cheap with the "drama", IMO.
  22. I only read the Feeds thread in retrospect, and you can see by the date how far back I am, but since Brittany's 2400 goals came up, I just had to remind people (or inform those who didn't know) that while Brittany was suffering through this, someone (guess who?) was less than sympathetic. Yes, our lovely Nicole Franzel was complaining that her Germantard punishment was wayyyyy worse, you guyzzzzz! Because Brittany would be finished in a day, but she had to wear that costume all week and it didn't fit! And she had to carry around the stein and the weiner and it was sooooo unfair! (She's always been a sweetie, hasn't she?) Also, lest we forget, the HoH who nominated Brittany even though she was completely loyal to him? One Cody "I'm Actually the Better Brother, Though" Califiore. Who then wanted to backdoor Caleb instead, but Derrick yanked Cody's leash talked him out of it, and Brittany went home after all. Sorry for the nostalgia post. Keep up the good work and I'll catch up eventually.
  23. I actually get Kevin's point that beyond just "gay pride" in general, segments within the community should have pride in their own culture, that feminine gay men such as himself should not be shamed for not conforming to the straight-presenting idea of "manhood". However, it's somewhat of an odd point to make on a show that's had literally one gay male HG in its history who was not so much Kevin's particular "type" (Steven Daigle, BB 10…perhaps BB9 early-withdrawal Neil Garcia, too, but we barely got to meet him). From Bunky to Tommy, most of the gay male HGs have been, if not much of a muchness, at least more of a more-ness, IMO. Meanwhile, you had Drew Daniel and (allegedly) Steve Moses staying closeted because they couldn't get cast if they had been "out', since they weren't BB's idea of "gay". (Again, allegedly.) And speaking of potential minefields…it's interesting it's a bit of an issue for Yule to nominate two women of color, but not so much when Dani noms two men of color. (I've yet to form an opinion on this topic; I merely note the dichotomy.) Back to the game itself, I'm currently hoping that David has the acuity (and the acting chops) to feign complete surprise when he's saved by "The Disruptor". A chorus of "Nah, man, it wasn't me. I can't win anything. I don't know why they did it…maybe this is one of those powers you can't use on yourself?" would not only make for "good TV" but it would serve David's game in several ways: • If people think he didn't win the power, he may be less of a target. • Confusion about who used the power will complicate Dani's replacement nominee choices, both immediately and after a possible veto comes into play. • With luck, some "clever" overplayer will claim they saved David, and try to use this "credit" to gain favor with David in the game. Thus exposing themselves as duplicitous to David, and to anybody whom David choses to let in on the news. We'll see, of course.
  24. The best part of Alex McLevy's interview of Danny Strong is probably his paraphrasing here of Buffy's assessment from the tag of The Pack. That's some nice dialogue recall there, Alex. "Accept no substitutes" to continue with Buffy's sentiments. Well done.
  25. No, actually he hasn't. That's why he says "I don't have time for this now" when Buffy appears. And then Spike's assault with the andiron knocks Angel and his plans for a further loop. It's only once his allies (the Unusually-Tenacious Henchvamp v. Buffy, Drusilla v. Spike) have given Angel enough time to clear his head that he's able to almost dive for Acathla and finally pull that sword. By this time we're late enough in the fight that Drusilla's being excited at Angel's accomplishment is the distraction that Spike needs to defeat her. (None of which contradicts your point. It's just that these are the sort of "i"s I can't help but dot. My apologies.)
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