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  1. Warrior nuns? I support it. So great seeing Amirah Vann as the leader of the Qowat Milat. She is great in everything. Also, I need the Qowat Milat spinoff. Picard never had kids, but in his old age, it looks like he's going to be dad to several orphans (Elnor, Soji, maybe even his ragtag crew?) I dig it. I got Cersei-Jamie vibes from Narek and his sister (and I only ever watched one episode of Game of Thrones!) I like Rios, and it is fun to see Picard try (sort of) to restrain himself from assuming the ship's captaincy. Next week looks good! Classic let's-dress-up-and-go-undercover ep.
  2. Good episode! Hearing the term "synthetic labor units" in the flashback sent a chill down my spine. Oh hey, Tamlyn Tomita! And Peyton List (with an English accent!) Plus, David Paymer, too! I'm loving spotting all these actors I've always adored on this show. I like Zhaban and Laris and their relationship with Picard. So, there's a super secret cabal among the Romulans that's even more secret than the infamous Tal Shiar! Sounds interesting. Still meh on Narek. With all this Maddox talk...are we eventually going to see the man himself?
  3. I just re-read Nemesis Games, and I'd forgotten that Alex actually meets Winston Duarte in that book. Wonder if we'll see him in season 5.
  4. Wes Chatham has been so great this season. I was struck by how Amos started panicking as soon as Holden told him about the fact that everyone would be blind soon. You could tell he was terrified of losing control.
  5. I liked it. Loved seeing Picard at the vineyard (and Orla Brady playing one of Picard's vineyard staff!) And I find myself surprisingly intrigued by the story around the synthetics and Dahj/Soji. ETA: "Tea. Earl Grey. Decaf." Awww...
  6. I would love to see Drummer and Holden in a storyline together, but I figured they would keep Monica in the investigating-missing-ships storyline since Anna Hopkins is returning in that role. Would be interesting if they brought Anna back for the Amos/Clarissa story since she has a connection to both characters.
  7. I can't be the only one looking for ways to work "Watch your feet it's molten lava" into daily conversation.
  8. My guess is he was recording a message to send to Drummer so he could warn her about Marco's attack on Earth.
  9. Relatedly: Taika Waititi Courted for 'Star Wars' Movie (Source: Hollywood Reporter)
  10. Same! Love the little detour on Sorgan. Plus, we meet Cara in this ep!
  11. My big takeaway from this episode is that I will never un-see angel wings Carisi. And now I am mad.
  12. As someone who didn't see the previous WW woman and have little interest in this one, I concur. This trailer is propulsive and fun to watch.
  13. This was my main beef with the episode. They left us on a cliffhanger that was about the Getz story, then we spend the majority of this episode with Amanda and the drip that is Bucci? *smh*
  14. I really miss the solid relationship between Fred and Drummer. They were so in sync in season 2 (and part of season 3). Hoping we'll see them have some kind of rapprochement in season 5.
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