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  1. Need to take a moment to shout out the music supervisor for Dark. The songs chosen for each episode - from seasons 1 through 3 - were phenomenal. From Agnes Obel to Bloc Party to Ry X, this show made me discover a bunch of awesome artists. And the way they used music on this show was phenomenal. It never felt like overkill. They always managed to pair the music with the images to haunting, eerie effect. That's just another reason that I will miss this show.
  2. I agree! I'd LOVE it if they made this into a series.
  3. Ha! This is what I get for not reading properly! Anyway - @enchantingmonkey - I have always loved Hannah. She is treacherous beyond belief, but I love watching her. Katharina was also a favorite of mine.
  4. No, you're not alone - I like Hannah too. Always have. Loved the ending she got.
  5. I've loved reading Sean T. Collins' recaps of the show since season 1. I think he's got a fun - and clear - writing style.
  6. Love this recap of the finale
  7. Same. The more I watched this show, the more it made me recall 12 Monkeys. I'm a sucker for time travel stories (SyFy's Continuum is another favorite of mine).
  8. I just finished season 3, and I have SO many things to say (I took notes while I watched!) I'm still processing the finale, but for now, I will just say, I loved the elegant way they wrapped up the story. Beautifully done by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. Want to see what they do next!
  9. Do we know what the rationale is for only streaming the last 8 seasons?
  10. I'm hoping we get flashbacks to
  11. Watched this over the weekend and really loved it. Charlize Theron was great as always, and I loved seeing KiKi Layne in a very different role from the one she played in If Beale Street Could Talk. She more than held her own as Nile went toe to toe with Andy. Never saw Matthias Schoenaerts in anything before this, but I liked him as Booker. And of course, I loved Joe and Nicky, and the little glimpses we saw of their affection and love for each other. Most of all, I loved dwelling in the world created by the story, so much so that for once, I'm actually wanting a sequel!
  12. I kinda wanted Alt-Martha to get a t-shirt made with "Not Your Martha" on it so she wouldn't have to say it every time she met someone from Original Recipe Martha's life.
  13. New episode of the Ready Room podcast, featuring an interview with Patrick Stewart
  14. I'll never understand why the writers didn't capitalize on their chemistry. Missed opportunity.
  15. Read about this a few days ago. Absolutely appalling. My heart goes out to the women he victimized.
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