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  1. Roger Cross. I've always liked him (though he'll always be Travis from Continuum to me). Also loved seeing Aunjanue Ellis as Co-Pastor Laura. As others have already said, solid episode. Even though we knew who the perp was, it was still interesting to watch how they'd get him. And YAY to Garland not being thrown under the bus. Demore Barnes is so wonderful. I am really enjoying him on this show.
  2. I really have come to love the Holloway sisters. Taraji Henson, Vivica Fox, and Tasha Smith are wonderful together. Also, Carol and Candance snitched out Lucious - and THAT'S how Cookie ended up getting caught by the authorities? Well damn. I didn't see that one coming. Baby Walker is adorable. Too bad his dada is not making the best choices right now. Teri really does need to be free of Andre. Love the Bossy ladies (Becky, Cookie, Porsha, Tiana). They're great together. Tiana just coined the word "hoe-ism" and I am so here. for. it. Someone's really got to reign Andre in. I'm starting not to root for him.
  3. A Stabler series is in the works. I'm sure there will be crossovers.
  4. When I heard the phrase, I thought of this article.
  5. I'm intrigued by the Raffi/Seven connection, but I do think Rios has way more chemistry with both of them than he does with Agnes. I do not get the Rios/Agnes pairing at all.
  6. I enjoyed the space battle, with Agnes being Picard's XO. They make a good team. Lots of dropped/anti-climatic stuff in this ep. Others have mentioned the xBs and Narek just...disappearing. But what about the synths on Coppelius? They're just...ok with Soji smashing the beacon? Ok. Despite these flaws, I enjoyed this finale. Oh, you caught Chekov’s golem? Hee. I’m actually cool with this development. Should make season 2 very interesting.
  7. This is old, but season 5 table read shenanigans
  8. Seriously. I was having deja vu watching the Levins listen to the 1940 election returns. Woof. Good episode. I got chills (and not in a good way) during Bengelsdorf's speech.
  9. I really did love seeing Brent Spiner again. He's such a gifted actor. He truly disappears into whatever role he is playing. Dahj. Soji. Sutra. Jana. We've got ourselves a regular Orphan Black group here, don't we. I'm intrigued by Sutra. She's seems just as ruthless as Oh and the rest of the Romulans. Raffi's reaction to Picard's illness was touching, as was their goodbye scenes. Those two really do make a great team.i
  10. I read The Plot Against America a couple years ago for a book club and really loved it. Been anticipating this adaptation since I heard about it. And this first episode did not disappoint. The cast is fantastic! Winona Ryder as Evelyn is perfect casting. Also loving Morgan Spector as Herman. And Azhy Robertson is wonderful as young Philip. The world building in this first episode was on point. I felt totally immersed in 1940's Newark. And not gonna lie, some of the scenes definitely made my anxiety spike (particularly, when Herman sits and listens to Lindbergh's anti-Semitic speech)
  11. That's interesting to read. I get the sense watching the show that there's much more to some of the story. I'd love to read a novelization of this first season.
  12. Had to roll my eyes when Narissa was the only one to survive seeing the Admonition. Sure, show, sure. It was touching when Elnor hugged Seven. He really is quite lost, isn't he. I like Rios and Raffi's bond. How hard was Santiago Cabrera working in this episode. Damn. In spite of myself, I liked the scenes with the holos and the one where Raffi brought them all together. I was tickled when Picard said to Rios "Actually, I don't know how to work this." And I loved loved loved Picard and Rios' chat on the bridge. Dumping the Borg directly into space was...rough. I really like Allison Pill on this show. She's doing a great job showing Agnes' struggle.
  13. Taraji P. Henson directs an episode of Empire this season
  14. Yeah, I agree. Tiana and Hakeem were better off as friendly exes who were co-parenting, and I wish the writers had kept that going for a while. If they'd done that, I'd be ok with them eventually realizing they still love each other. But as it stands now, the writers have had them ping-ponging back and forth so much that any reunion is likely to be anticlimatic.
  15. Was really rooting for Teri's dinner to go well. Alas, such is life when you marry into the Lyon clan. Anyway, at least Teri and Andre have a nice apartment. Also, we got a Quincy sighting! My sister and I are always like "Where is Quincy?" Andre went through all of that trouble to get him out of prison, and we barely see him. Lala was waaaaay out of pocket with her Instagram video stunt. And did we ever find out what happened to poor Julian. Damon is so tiresome. Does anyone really believe his threats. He's basically a paper tiger. Yana is a good singer, but the actress playing her is very flat to me. Now we see why Cookie shot Durell: he was abusive to Carol and her baby. Will Carol understand? Not feeling the Andre/Kingsley storyline. I want Andre to be honest with his family about what he's going through; keeping it from them is only making things worse.
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