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  1. Gillian Rosh

    S02.E05: Home

    On season 2 of my re-watch, and I just got to this episode. The last scene between Julie and Miller still gets to me.
  2. Gillian Rosh

    ADA Peter Stone: Mothership Legacy Kid

    That was my first thought: Ben Stone must be rolling over in his grave at this.
  3. Gillian Rosh

    S20.E24: End Game

    Woof! This episode was ridiculous, but Nikki saying "Christ, Liv; it was his idea" made me laugh. It's all so absurd. When did Stone start having feelings for Liv? Oh yeah, everyone eventually has to slobber over her. She is such a ridiculous character, it's beyond laughable now. Not enough Carisi, but a decent amount of Fin, so there's that.
  4. Gillian Rosh

    Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    I LOVED Gemma Chan's Met Ball look. She is just a stunning woman.
  5. Gillian Rosh

    S20.E22: Diss

    Thinking more on this episode (yeah, I know, sad), I was kind of disappointed in the Snoop Dogg cameo. He was fun, but I thought he'd be more than just a red herring. The cold open was gross. Liked seeing Fin more involved in a case. Ice-T and Orlando Jones had a nice onscreen chemistry. Were Dallas and Snake supposed to be Beyonce and Jay-Z?
  6. "But I rented Scraface!" has to be one of my all-time fave quotes on this show. I am constantly looking for ways to work it into my everyday conversations.
  7. Gillian Rosh

    S05.E18: The Roughest Day

    I'm disappointed that they killed off Kingsley. I thought he had a nice dynamic with Lucious and the rest of the Lyons. I honestly thought they were misdirecting us and would kill off Hakeem instead. He's barely been in the show this season. Glad Andre survived. And now he and Teri are married. That should be interesting. I love Cookie, but she was being unreasonable blaming Lucious. Carol was right: Lucious was trying to be there for Andre as best as he could. Becky and Giselle are great together. The cliffhanger was kinda meh. So now Lucious thinks Cookie slept with Damon. I mean the writers should have just had her sleep with him.
  8. Gillian Rosh

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Finally saw this last night, and though I was fully ready to hate on it, the movie was such fun. Rocket and Thor were probably my favorite parts of this - their banter was genuinely funny. I was over Tony Stark a while ago, so I had no problem with him being killed off. I mean, he got a great sendoff, so that's something. The movie also had a lot of heart, which I didn't expect. The Peter/Tony scenes were especially poignant. While parts of this dragged for me, I loved the last hour or so. Similar to what others have mentioned here, there were whoops and cheers in my theater. It's not perfect by any means (Why was Capt. Marvel gone for most of the action? I kept asking my sister "Where is Carol!"), but this film is the very definition of the term crowd pleaser. The end credits were excellent. I was genuinely moved.
  9. Gillian Rosh

    S20.E22: Diss

    Well, that was anti-climactic.
  10. Gillian Rosh

    S20.E22: Diss

    Me too! I don't know how it happened, but Fin became my fave on this show.
  11. Gillian Rosh

    Hellboy (2019)

    I thought this was ok, but...unnecessary. I love the 2 Guillermo del Toro adaptations (Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army), and I didn't think we needed a reboot of this franchise. I think a continuation of the story would have been better. Plotwise, the film was a mess. It rehashes HB's origin story, which we already knew from the first movie. The characters' backstories are told via a series of disjointed flashbacks, and I'm sure this is what upped the film's run time to 121 minutes. I also agree with one reviewer who called the gore in this movie numbing. If I never again see limbs ripped off or bodies torn in two on the big screen, it will be too soon. Anyway, David Harbour was good - though I was not crazy about the makeup for HB. Daniel Dae Kim was fine, which pains me to say because I adore DDK. Poor Sasha Lane and Milla Jovovich didn't have enough to do. This is definitely one of those why-was-this-made movies.
  12. Gillian Rosh

    Little (2019)

    Cute movie. Marsai Martin was fantastic. Also loved Regina Hall's and Issa Rae's performances. This will definitely be one of those movies I use to kill a lazy weekend afternoon.
  13. Gillian Rosh


    I definitely need to re-watch season 1.
  14. Gillian Rosh


    Season 2 is coming on June 21.
  15. Gillian Rosh

    S05.E16: Never Doubt I Love

    Beautiful episode. The wedding was gorgeous and everyone looked amazing. Becky's look was probably my favorite. Loved the Cookie/Jamal scenes. Damn, Andre still cannot catch a break.