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  1. One thing I loved about this season was how Clarissa periodically just stopped Holden cold with one of her truth bombs ("Do you want to know when I stopped wanting to kill you"). Overall, I just really enjoyed how the writers handled Clarissa's integration into the Roci family.
  2. Just started watching this show, and I might make these!
  3. This means I have a month and a half to finally finish The Last Best Hope and Rogue Elements.
  4. Looks like season 11 won't come to BritBox for a while, so I have an urgent question: have they reinstated the original opening theme music?
  5. I didn't care for this episode. Felt like it had no stakes. Darko was a pathetic excuse for a character. The new chief seems laughably ignorant. Murphy's return was wasted (and I'm not even a big Murphy fan) And do not get me started on that ridiculous ending.
  6. Winston Duarte to Marco Inaros
  7. Beautiful finale. Perfect ending for everyone. My scattered thoughts: The takeout of Marco was exquisite. His realization that he was done for came too late, and it was so delightful to watch. Filip choosing to leave (and change his name!) warmed my heart. Clarissa came through in the clutch, but also learned she's only got 5 years left. Bobbie was a damn G! Loved the callback to her intro in season 2. Drummer remains the awesomest. "I will not be reasoned back into my place" is going to be my new mantra. Holden accepting the Transport Union job then
  8. Gillian Rosh

    Tennis Thread

    Me every time Novak says something:
  9. Gillian Rosh

    Tennis Thread

    Who could've guessed that a privileged athlete would be allowed to compete despite flouting the rules?
  10. I loved this. For me, the fun was guessing where we'd see him next.
  11. Missed opportunity not having Queen Latifah rap in this one. Robyn advising Sid about being a female rapper was sweet (loved the MC Lyte mention) This week's story was fine. I liked the performances of all the guest cast, especially the sons. Disused subway tunnel as Harry's new hideout? I dig it.
  12. This was my exact thought!
  13. It hurts me so deeply to see Drummer all alone, with no family to lean on. Her conversation with Naomi was heartbreaking. But her meeting with Avasarala was great. Here are two women who are a match for each other. I liked that in their first talk (when they were both on their ships) Drummer didn't automatically side with Earth. She's right that Belters have no reason to trust Inners. Best line of the episode: "A century of oppression made Marco Inaros inevitable." Whew, the accuracy! The handshake at the end felt momentous. So Filip is learning the facts of life about his father. It
  14. I want to give Drummer a big hug.
  15. Gillian Rosh

    Tennis Thread

    Not surprised at this. I can already tell Novak and his team will be portraying him as a victim in this whole scenario.
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