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  1. Not enough Fin or Carisi. I liked the actress who played the shrink, though. That's all I got.
  2. Just finished Babylon's Ashes, and I have a question: what exactly was causing the ships to disappear when they tried to enter the ring? I feel like I missed this when listening to the audiobook. Also, do we see Naomi's son, Filip, after BA?
  3. Carisi being the ADA is...weird. I'm not opposed to it but I can already tell I'm going to be annoyed by Olivia & Co. ragging on him for not just snatching people up when they say to. The Weinstein-esque story was meh. I guess the one woman (Gemma) coming forward was kind of a twist, but other than that, this was as predictable as this show can get.
  4. This irritated me. Does Olivia need more targets? Yeesh.
  5. Completely agree! Let Carisi have an off-screen romance that gets referenced occasionally. No need to pair him with Rollins. At all.
  6. Now that I've read Abaddon's Gate, I see how much nuance the show's writers gave to Ashford - certainly more than he had in the book. Glad David Strathairn will be back for season 4.
  7. I've so far read books 1-5, and I'm curious how the show will handle Naomi's son, Filip, in season 5. Will they make him the sullen teen we see in Nemesis Games, or keep him young and have Marco use him as more of a pawn rather than making him a full fledged soldier? And who will they cast as Marco? My mind is already whirring with possibilities 🙂
  8. I'm still sad about Shed.
  9. TVOne is airing a marathon of season 5 episodes, and I just watched this one. I'd forgotten that between the Trust Tour, the feuds, the hookups (and in Cookie and Damon's case almost hookups) - erry damn thing happens in this episode. And Gabby Sidibe did a phenomenal job directing.
  10. Yetidi Badaki would probably have been my choice to play Elvi, but then I'm biased, as I love her in American Gods. I know the showrunners mentioned bringing a character in for the 4th season that book readers thought they forgot (Bull? Michio Pa?), but I'm curious who they might be leaving out/combining with other characters (Havelock? Basia?)
  11. I don't think it'd be that hard to find Nigerian-American or Nigerian-Canadian actresses (here's a list of just a few) to play the role of Elvi. They definitely could've made the effort. I liked Lyndie Greenwood a lot in Sleepy Hollow, so I'm sure she'll play this role well. But this show missed an opportunity to really lean into the rich diversity portrayed in the books by casting a dark-skinned actress in the role.
  12. Oh right - Pablo Schreiber. I remember him being in Rumble, but I'm most familiar with his role on American Gods.
  13. Agreed. This show is way past its sell-by date. And I'm already fatigued with all the angst around Noah.
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