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  1. Gillian Rosh

    S01.E03: Remember the Cant

    I found Lopez to be creepy overall, but yes - he was definitely so with Naomi.
  2. Gillian Rosh

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    Just finished listening to the audiobook of Bad Blood, the story of Elizabeth Holmes' now-defunct blood testing startup, Theranos, and damn did it give me some PTSD flashbacks to some of my old workplaces. The gaslighting, the threats, the pitting of teams against each other ::shudder:: It's a compelling story, but a bit triggering if you've ever had to deal with a workplace headed by a delusional megalomaniac.
  3. Gillian Rosh

    The Expanse Novels - All with Spoilers

    Thank you, raven. I'm going to finish Leviathan Wakes, then move on to The Churn before I start Caliban's War.
  4. Gillian Rosh

    The Expanse Novels - All with Spoilers

    Just started reading the novels (I'm about two-thirds of the way through Leviathan Wakes). I've also read one of the short stories (The Butcher of Anderson Station, which I enjoyed). Has anyone here read the rest of the short stories? Do they mostly flesh out characters we already know from the books like The Butcher of Anderson Station, or are they offshoot stories that introduce new characters?
  5. Gillian Rosh

    Law & Order: SVU in the Media

    My first thought when I read that Fairstein inspired this show was "That explains so much about this show - and Benson in particular!"
  6. Gillian Rosh


    The Creators of Netflix’s Dark on Why Writing Time-Travel Stories Is Like Playing Jazz
  7. Gillian Rosh


    I finished season 2 last night, and I am shook. I loved seeing the other Winden residents slowly finding out about time travel (Katharina's initial reaction was both amusing and heartbreaking). The writers did an excellent job of bringing the other characters besides Jonas, Mikkel and Ulrich into the larger story. In the midst of a more expanded story and more timelines, I was heartened to see that the writers kept so much focus on the characters and their inner lives. That focus resulted in some of the best scenes of this series. Case in point: the relationship between Claudia and her father, Egon unfolding over the decades was poignant and made Egon's death all the more heartbreaking. Same with the scene where Jonas tries to stop Michael from dying by suicide. There's so much pain and emotion on both their faces in that moment. It's so painful to watch, but also I couldn't look away. Just thinking of that scene makes my chest tighten. Those are the kind of scenes that first drew me into this show, and I'm glad to see the writers kept the emotional core of the show. On the time travel front - I am super intrigued to learn where Goth Future Martha (that's what I'm calling her for now) came from. And where Katharina ended up. And if that's Franziska with Magnus in 1921 serving Adam/Jonas. Whew! In case you couldn't tell, I'm still deeply in love with this show. Will probably have more to say after I've re-watched.
  8. Alex: Bobbie? Bobbie: Alex? Alex: Jesus. Makes me laugh every. single. time.
  9. Gillian Rosh

    Men in Black: International (2019)

    Awful and completely unnecessary film. Tried too hard to make every scene quippy. Chris Hemsworth - who I generally enjoy in the Avengers films - is a disaster in this one. And completely agree that making High T the villain was cliched. Also agree that this film was a waste of Rebecca Ferguson. I did appreciate seeing Tessa Thompson as the lead in a big franchise movie. I just wish it was a better movie. He was. Kind of wish he'd been in more of the movie.
  10. Just finished season 3 for the second time, and I have a random question: did Chris' Owens' scientist character survive? I liked him.
  11. Gillian Rosh

    A Discovery Of Witches

    So, I finished season 1. Is it me, or did The Book of Life turn out to be a MacGuffin? At first, all the characters were chomping at the bit to get their hands on it, then the story became more about Diana's powers and keeping her and Matthew apart, and the book was more or less forgotten.
  12. Gillian Rosh

    A Discovery Of Witches

    I'm just here for the pretty that is Matthew Goode. ETA: This is why I stopped reading the book after the first few pages. That vibe just oozed off the page, and I didn't like it. I'm still getting that vibe from Matthew in the show, but the pretty of MG is sort of distracting me (I'm not proud of this, BTW).
  13. Gillian Rosh

    S02.E13: Caliban's War

    Continuing with my rewatch and finished up season 2 last night. The combo of Bobbie, Chrisjen, and Cotyar is my OT3! Love their interactions. This ep was so fun and action-packed - the Roci crew working together to get the protomolecule monster off the ship was great. Prax is an awesome character, and I love his relationship with Amos. Glad Naomi came clean to Holden about what she did with their protomolecule sample. And I get why she did it. The Belt needs a little leverage too.
  14. Gillian Rosh

    S02.E12: The Monster and the Rocket

    Also doing a rewatch, and this is still my favorite episode from season 2. The scene where Chrisjen, Cotyar and Bobbie all set off for Mao's ship is such fun ("If shit hits the fan out here, I expect you two to get me out of it!") I could watch that scene all day long. Champa's speech to the Belters on Ganymede is also a highlight of this episode. I loved that whole sequence trying to get people organized and to get on to the Somnambulist. Naomi was a gem in this episode.