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  1. I really resent them trying to make me watch the terrible Organized Crime. Decent episode, although my eyes did glaze over when Simon came up. I mean, Liv barely gave him a second thought, so how could the writers expect me to care? I liked the actress playing Jade. Feel like I've seen her somewhere before.
  2. That was really good! I liked seeing some movement in the dynamic between Robyn and Dante and getting more about Dante's life (the scene with his sons was cute) I also loved Aunt Vi's subplot. When she told Dee "Why limit it!" I howled. Get it, Aunt Vi.
  3. My pleasure! It's such a fun podcast. They are into the minutiae of GG the same way we are :-)
  4. Sharing the podcast Enough Wicker. The hosts discuss each GG episode from a kind of sociological perspective. The love they have for the show comes through in every episode.
  5. Kind of underwhelming. I liked the action scenes in the first half, but the stakes weren't clear to me. I enjoy Sharon, and kind of wish she'd had more to do this season. Surprised they killed off Karli. I thought they'd make Sam her mentor and he'd bring her around from the dark side.
  6. Nothing makes my eyes glaze over faster than the words "Benson in a hostage situation"
  7. European Super League collapsing as all six English clubs withdraw Despite this development, I don't think this is the end of the Super League idea.
  8. This is a great list! TNG's Timescape is such a great, fun episode. The mystery is compelling, and I love the combination of characters (Troi, Data, Geordi, and Picard). DS9's Past Tense is one of my favorite time travel episodes ever. A very Star Trek plot and trenchant social commentary - that is still relevant!
  9. So, 12 of Europe's top clubs have announced they're forming a Super League. I know this has been coming for a while, but it's still shocking to see an actual announcement.
  10. Ordinarily, Mourihno's latest sacking would be the top story. But the ESL news has overshadowed everything else.
  11. I like seeing Carl Lumbly in this show. The scene between Isaiah and Sam was the best part of this episode. Bucky flirting with Sarah was fun, though Sam clearly didn't think so.
  12. Based on a clip I saw, this looks like an episode that will make me want to throw things.
  13. But wait...how was this ever an SVU case?
  14. Whew - I'm tired of Dollar Store Cap. I liked the flashback to Bucky and Ayo in Wakanda. Good work by Sebastian Stan in that scene. Also, I did not know I needed a scene of Ayo and Bucky going toe-to-toe. I'm thinking the Dora Milaje might need their own series. Good episode for Sam. I liked his talk with Karli. Xemo slipping out while the Doras fought everyone else was amusing.
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