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  1. Avasarala's arc this season was really fascinating. It was so interesting watching her have to campaign for office. I thought Shohreh did a magnificent job making the character vulnerable. I was so-so on the new actor playing Arjun (Chrisjen's husband), but I did love how their scenes got us to see a different side from the imperious, regal woman who uses the f-bomb as a mark of punctuation. I also loved Bobbie's storyline. For me, it wasn't a distraction. Instead, it added a richness to the wider story by showing us life on Mars. I especially loved seeing places I'd only read about (Innis Shallows! Londres Nova!) I'll have more to say about this episode on my one-episode-at-a-time re-watch, but I wanted to highlight how much I loved these 2 subplots.
  2. The end of this episode was AH-MAZING. Holden diving into the ruins at the very last minute was just fun, and not the type of action I'm used to seeing on this show. They are definitely making the most of the Amazon cash.
  3. And so we meet the famous (infamous?) Marco Inaros. I enjoyed his verbal sparring with Drummer, Ashford and the leaders of the other Belter factions. He kinda had a point, too. The Inners haven't been inclined to share power or resources before, so why would the Ring Gates opening change anything?
  4. I'm digging UN One, Avasarala's official ship! And of course, she looks amazing and regal and imperious and continues to swear like a sailor. I liked that Naomi didn't just go down to Ilus all happy-go-lucky. It's a struggle for her to be planetside, and I am glad they haven't shied away from that. Dominique is doing a great job. It's fascinating getting a window into how the Ring Gates opening have impacted Mars. I love the little notes we get about that, especially from Bobbie's story. Working the docks is a really come down for our Gunny. I felt bad for her.
  5. Wow. They made the shuttle crash on Ilus look realistically harrowing. Loved the scene with Holden and his Mom. And his parents trying to speak Belter Creole to Naomi was cringe-inducing. And OMG, I got a Peaches/Amos scene. I screamed when I saw that! Just loved seeing everyone again - the Roci crew, Camina, Bobbie, hell, even Ashford.
  6. This Wired Autocomplete Interview with Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac makes me smile.
  7. On to season 2 in my rewatch. Avasarala playing more of a central role is such fun to watch. Loved her scenes in the UN war room and with Souther (love love love Souther). Miller and Diogo bantering in the breaching pods was hilarious ("I just really hate space") I still get a jolt of excitement when Alex says "Surprise assholes" and fucks up the stealth ship.
  8. Miller & Holden are awesome together. I LOVED the lines flying between them. Miller: The whole system thinks you're some kinda outlaw hero, but you're really kinda clueless, aren't you. Holden: Why is everything so half-cocked with you. The scene where Miller and Holden see all the people being overtaken by the protomolecule is chilling. It definitely captures what was in the book. RIP, Sematimba. Ditto Kenzo. Naomi is the best!
  9. I saw this last night, and I cannot tell you how surreal it was to see these 2 playing son & father. Yes, it's perfect casting, but it's also surreal to see two iconic actors a) in the same movie, and b) playing family. Loved this movie. I haven't had laughs like that since Girls' Trip. Everyone was great, but Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig were my standouts. And kudos to Lakeith Stanfield - who usually plays the quirky character - for doing a nice turn as the straight man cop to Daniel Craig's kooky PI. I'm gonna watch this so many more times. ETA: This is exactly what I did with my sister and her friend last night. And it was delightful!
  10. This episode is still my favorite of season 1. The shootout is epic, and I love Miller just appearing, helping the Roci crew out, then saying "James Holden. Shit just follow you around, don't it kid." Whew - if ever there was a motto for James Holden, that'd be it.
  11. Continuing with the pre-season 4 re-watch. I really loved the scenes with Avasarala and Holden's mother (Mother Elise). Shohreh Aghdashloo was great as always, and Frances Fisher also was wonderful. These scenes - coupled with his explanation to the Martian interrogator about not wanting to be the boot on the neck of the Belt - really do give us insight into Holden and what drives some of his decisions. When Amos turned to Holden and said "Well, that worked out" and just went off like he didn't just have a gun pointed at his head, I was like "Never change, Amos." I'd love to get the backstory on how he and Naomi connected/became BFFs. Miller's character is still hard to get into at this point. His motivation for the obsession with Julie has never been clear to me (and it didn't get clearer when I read the books either). The more I think about it, the more I think of Miller as the one of audience's windows into this world. Through him, we learn about life in places like Ceres and how Earth, Mars and the Belt relate to each other. I don't remember him registering that much with me on my first watch, but Elias Toufexis is actually really great as Kenzo. He nails the slipperiness of this shady spy character. Naomi continues to be awesome, and her and Alex saving the day at the last minute was great!
  12. And so the Roci is born. Liked this episode as the follow-up to CQB. This show hits so different once you've read the source material. I've ended up loving the show and books for how they complement each other. It's nice to watch this episode and remember a time when I sorta liked Diogo.
  13. Continuing with my rewatch. This episode is such a great distillation of The Butcher of Anderson Station short story. The image of Fred just standing there while the bodies of all those miners and their children float by is still so haunting.
  14. I'd forgotten how tense this episode is. And once again, RIP poor Shed. Naomi, Amos and Alex looked so shell-shocked sitting there with his body :::shudder:::
  15. Rewatching (again) before S4 starts. Love how the tension between Holden, Amos, Alex, Naomi and Shed is ratcheted up when they get captured by the Martians. Avasarala did poor Franklin DeGraaf dirty. I felt bad for him.
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