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  1. This really does bug me. It's 2021 for heaven's sake, not the 19th century.
  2. Same here. I loved Jack and Florence's friendship. He was as happy as anyone about her engagement. And he was always keen to give her - and the rest of the team - credit for solving a case. I also liked the misdirection they did with Jack's departure. I thought he was going to leave with Anna, the woman he met on Saint Marie. But he just ended up going home to be with his daughter. I too am not loving the idea of a Neville and Florence pairing. It's unnecessary and a bit of a distraction.
  3. I might take this Death in Paradise Tour in Guadeloupe once bookings open up again.
  4. Tiny Winey reminds me of being a kid and hearing it on my parents' record player. It's a classic in our house!
  5. Just discovered the That's Messed Up podcast. The hosts recap an episode of SVU, then talk about the real-life case the episode is based on. They also interview an actor that appeared in the episode.
  6. Watched that episode a few months ago, and yeah it hits a little too close to home.
  7. I just started watching this show. Started with series 10 and now going back to watch from the beginning. I'm still on series 1, and I have a question: will Poole ever stop wearing that suit? So far, I like Camille and Fidel.
  8. I really loved this episode. Eliot’s fury at being described as just a hitter was hilarious – as was Parker’s reaction (“Who wants to be legendary! How’s that a challenge!”) Milton turned out to be a fun character. His scenes with Sophie were great. The con was good, and I like that everyone was involved. It was also nice to see Nick Tarabay as King Navid. I can’t get over how well Noah Wyle has fit into this group. Same with Aleyse Shannon. (I still miss Hardison, though) When do we get the rest of the season?
  9. I wasn't watching OLTL at the end, but I'd watched it during the 90's so I was definitely rolling my eyes at some of Todd's storylines. Of course, as a soap fan for 30+ years, shitty and bonkers storylines are kinda par for the course.
  10. Just started watching this episode, and I'm so delighted to see Andrea Navedo as the Marshal Maria Ship. I've always liked her.
  11. Seeing these characters back together again made me so happy. Sophie was back on the con and loving it. Eliot was...Eliot. Parker and Hardison remain adorable. And Hardison's quips continue to delight ("Nate was still on VISTA? What kinda ancient historical foolishness is this?") Welcome back, show!
  12. Just watched "Distant Origins" (S3 E23), and I found this episode absolutely gripping. The performances (especially from the guest actors) were outstanding. For an episode dealing in such big themes, it's not very showy; it's actually very character-driven, which gets me every time.
  13. Watched some of the latest Ty and That Guy podcast, which featured the cinematographer and one of the cameramen. Their discussion reminded me how much I loved the cinematography in this episode. The opening shot of Lake Winnepesaukee in particular is gorgeous.
  14. They cover this and more - including Roger Howarth's discomfort with Todd becoming a romantic lead of the show.
  15. Slate's Decoder Ring podcast has an episode on the Marty Saybrooke rape storyline. The episode is called The Soap Opera Machine. Episode description: On this episode, we investigate the wild world of soap operas through the lens of one legendary, decadeslong, ripped-from-the-headlines storyline. The rape of One Life to Live’s Marty Saybrooke* dared to combine the melodrama of soaps with a serious examination of sexual assault, and over time it morphed from an award-winning story about believing victims into a redemption arc for the rapist at its heart. This is the story of the peopl
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