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  1. This episode was...A LOT. I think it would've been sufficient for the judge to be a predatory asshole. They didn't need to have him be a bigot too. And I agree with others who've said the judge's confession in the bathroom was a little convenient. I did like the actress who played the trail judge.
  2. Does anyone know the name of the actor playing the judge? I know his face, but I can't place it and it's driving me nuts!
  3. Lots of abusive behavior and logic from Marco in this episode. From gaslighting Naomi to humiliating Filip in front of the entire crew of the Pella, he was just appalling. I LOVED that battle between the Rocinante and the Zmeya. Bull did some fancy flying. But now I am wondering if the protomolecule was even on the Zmeya, or if there was a handoff to the Pella or another ship in Marco's fleet. Brilliant seeing Naomi leap toward the Chetezemoka.
  4. It's nice to see Fin have some happiness (had we even seen his apartment before) Once the case took the (very predictable) turn of Mickey killing AJ, I wasn't as into it. But it was nice to see Barba again. I liked his sparring with Carisi.
  5. The episode with Pedro Pascal is good. I have WAY too many podcasts on my Stitcher feed. My favorites are: FANTI, hosted by Tre'vell Anderson and Jarret Hill, the premise of this podcast is that they discuss problematic faves, so they do a "Fan" and an "Anti" segment on a celeb (Kanye West) or a piece of pop culture (the Real Housewives franchise. Slow Burn from Slate. Each season covers a different topic (Watergate, the Clinton Impeachment) Factually with Adam Conover. Adam Ruins Everything, but make it a podcast. Several Ringer podcasts - The Watch, Big Picture and Binge Mode, all focusing on some aspect of pop culture. Past Present, a podcast hosted by three historians, relating current events to historical events from the past. NPR's Code Switch, hosted by Gene Demby and Shereen Marisol Meraji, this podcast focuses on race in US culture.
  6. Glen Weldon is wonderful. I miss him when he's not on an episode of PCHH.
  7. I love the 6th season, but that "development" of Bashir (and Quark!) pining for Jadzia was...odd. Jadzia's relationship with Julian had settled into a lovely friendship. He not only accepted her relationship with Worf, but he was happy for her when they got married. So this turn was unnecessary and silly. Now that I'm on to season 7 (watched the first 3 episodes last night), I see the writers planting the seeds of the Ezri/Bashir romance. Which is fine, but Ezri telling Bashir that if Worf hadn't come along, Julian would've been her choice was...I don't know, it seemed deeply unnecessary and a bit of a retcon.
  8. I'm on season 7, but I need to say a word about the season 6 finale, "Tears of the Prophets." How did they give Jadzia the stupidest, least meaningful death possible? Badass Jadzia dies at the hands of a possessed Dukat (which, WTF?) Make it make sense, beloveds.
  9. Yeah, Amos seemed like he didn't know what to say in response to Clarissa. I think he didn't even realize why he went to see her. Great scene - and great work from both actors.
  10. It's eerie, right! Yeah, I've been watching the aftershow episodes, and Wes seems like a natural at hosting.
  11. Yes, of course! I'm still upset about Shed dying the way he did - yes, even 5 seasons later!
  12. I skipped season 2 of this show, but the trailer for season 3 has me intrigued.
  13. Jasai Chase Owens, who plays Filip and Jeff Woolnough, who directed the episode, are guests on The Expanse Aftershow
  14. Aw man, did they have to kill Ryn? I felt so bad for Book. TIL the replicated food is made of recycled shit. Thanks, Admiral Vance. Osyraa removing the apple from her mouth upon hearing that was pretty funny. I kind of dig the sphere data. I loved the bridge crew teaming up with Booker to break out of the cell. Ha! I thought of that as well. Glad I wasn't alone in that. Yeah, I predict a lot of tension between them.
  15. I rewatched this episode and it really hit me what an abusive dick Marco is. Toying with Naomi, and taunting her about how leaving is what she does best (disregarding that he was the reason she left); and then manipulating Filip with that speech about how he has to put his feelings about his mother aside to stand with Marco. Textbook abusive behavior. And what's equally disturbing to watch is how the rest of Marco's inner circle just looks the other way, or thinks "Well, he's the leader of our revolution, so I guess it's ok if he treats Naomi like shit." WTF. Don't know if the writers are planning a redemption arc for Filip, but if they do, well that should be very interesting. On a more positive note, I loved seeing Clarissa - in the midst of all the chaos and death around her - take a moment to appreciate the feel of the wind on her face.
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