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  1. pally

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    He opened up both an LA and Miami office in the last year. He will be in charge of building up and expanding the LA office and his partner John Gomes will run the NYC office (which has also expanded into Brooklyn). With the market for high-end luxury real estate crashing in Manhattan, it makes sense for them to expand into other, more stable markets. It also makes business sense for Fredrik to be the one to head to LA. He is the one with the name recognition that will help get the publicity needed to build out the client list.
  2. pally

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    Fredrik has moved his home base to Los Angeles. He and the family are living in Beverly Hills. He will commute to NYC when needed. What this means for his future participation in this show wasn’t announced. I somehow believe we will see him transition to the LA show. Might actually be interesting to see how a big time broker changes cities and markets
  3. pally

    S16.E03: Auditions 3

    This was the week of cannon fodder. Dancers who may make some noise but will ultimately fall to the side on the way to the top 10
  4. pally

    NCIS In The Media

    Pauley needs to stop playing innuendo games and either come clean with exactly what, when, and how what she is claiming actually happened or shut up. She obviously isn't so afraid of this "machine" that she isn't worried about throwing accusations around twitter. She is one of the most popular women on tv. She could easily go on one of the morning shows or someplace like "The Talk" and tell the complete story. Or better yet, if she has been physically assaulted, go to the police. Seems like every time one of her stories come out she is looking to publicize something. This time it is her new show. Coincidence?
  5. pally

    SYTYCD in the Media

    The premiere has been bumped up a week Show now returns Monday June 3
  6. pally

    All Episodes Talk: NCIS: Los Angeles

    CBS All Access is missing a lot of episodes. For some seasons they only have 2 or 3. I did the free trial just to watch Jag and was seriously disappointed
  7. pally

    S16. E23. Lost Time

    Tony would have known to look at the wife or in this case the pretend wife. I don't buy Tim not knowing or at least seriously suspecting Gibbs's history. He was too involved in the various Alejandro episodes. Gibbs didn't have a meltdown when he told his former MIL. Or when Abby, Ducky, Ziva, Tony, Vance all knew. And I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting right now
  8. pally

    S15.E20: The Whole Package

    The thing that drives me nuts about the whole Jo storyline is that it would have never happened. There is no way a healthy white infant would not have been adopted. A baby left at a fire station would have been front page news while the authorities looked for the mother which would have resulted in a long list of people wanting to adopt her. A far more plausible storyline would have been some sort of abuse taking place by her adopted parents which she then ran away from.
  9. pally

    All Episodes Talk: NCIS: Los Angeles

    Linda Hunt/Hetty was holding her left arm very awkwardly when she got out of the car. It almost looked paralyzed. Her hand was in an extremely unnatural splayed out position. Her voice also sounded like she was speaking very deliberately. I'm wondering if she possibly had a stroke which would account for an extended absence after a "minor" traffic accident.
  10. pally

    Where Should They Go Next?

    Honolulu Atlanta Portland Philadephia or Pittsburgh (or just Pennsylvania-a chocolate challenge in Hershey!) Missouri to include both St Louis and Kansas City Phoenix or Albuquerque Cincinnati or Nashville but since they just did Kentucky those would have to wait The Hudson Valley (not including NYC)
  11. pally

    The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    Update from Fatima http://www.bravotv.com/top-chef/the-feast/fatima-ali-instagram-terminal-cancer-update?amp
  12. pally

    Top Chef in the Media

    Sad update from Fatima http://www.bravotv.com/top-chef/the-feast/fatima-ali-instagram-terminal-cancer-update?amp
  13. pally

    TAR32: Spoilers (No Elimination Info)

    Phil tweeted that TAR31 will be on air in May
  14. pally

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    The Minneapolis house would be a perfect one for a Renovations episode. I would love to see how the house turned out.
  15. pally

    Top Chef in the Media

    Show premieres on Dec 6