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  1. Top Chef Alumnus Caitlin Steininger and Brian Young married. He is the executive chef at Dear Restaurant & Butchery in Cincinnati. Caitlin has joined him as pastry chef after closing her restaurants during the pandemic
  2. From a food standpoint alone, anyone of the chefs would have been a worthy winner. All 3 meals looked and sounded delicious. However, I suspect that Gabe will be persona non grata in Top Chef world for some time to come. Again, purely from a food standpoint, that is a shame as his Mexican food viewpoint is unique among Top Chef winners.
  3. The "royal wave" is an easier motion on the arm than the palm outward wave. With as much waving as members of the royal families do, they would have chronic tendonitis with the outward palm wave
  4. Townhouses tend to be family homes and families were heading out to the suburbs where they could have yards. Many parents no longer had to worry about the commute into the city because they were working from home.
  5. "Depicting children under the age of 12" 😡😭
  6. pally

    NCIS In The Media

    Show has been renewed for season 19. They are expecting Mark Harmon to renew his contract
  7. pally

    NCIS In The Media

    After 18 years of waiting, Pam Dawber will finally guest star on NCIS. She will have a at least a 4 show run at the end of the season https://ew.com/tv/ncis-casts-pam-dawber-husband-mark-harmon/
  8. Emerald Fennell was nominated for an Oscar as Best Director for Promising Young Woman
  9. Linc and Amelia, in the real world of COVID would be sidelined. Except in emergencies all elective surgeries were halted. There weren’t a lot of orthopedic and neuro surgeries happening.
  10. I really really really hope we aren’t heading into another brain tumor story. Of course they could be starting Meredith’s descent into Alzheimer’s. It was good to see Derrick
  11. It would be interesting to see all of them from both franchises work without their TV personas. There is no way any of them would be as succesful as they are if how they behave on TV is how they are in real life. I think Josh Flagg and the Brits are the closest to their real selves. You can see glimpses of a very serious business person in Fredrik when you look past the antics. Ryan from NY has always seemed to play the role tongue in cheek. Altman seems like he would be a bit of a jerk in real life too. Tracy comes off as phony on TV. Madison and Luis always appeared to be trying too
  12. Amazing Race returns Oct 14
  13. They are supposed to receive written permission from both parties before doing so. Ryan form MDLNY was sued for failing to disclose duel agency last year. If I were a seller there is no way I would want my agent negotiating with himself. It is impossible for the agent to fairly represent each party.
  14. We forget that Josh was pretty young when this show started. In 2008 he would have been 24. He may be an old soul but he was awfully immarture in some ways.
  15. None of that portfolio are in Tracy's active listings so looks like she is out as any part of the listings. As much as a control freak as he appeared to be, it is not a surprise that the only person he trusts to sell them is himself
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