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  1. They must card anyone under 50.
  2. I remember watching live their "what kind of animal would you be?" Jordan's reason for picking a squirrel was hilarious.
  3. LOL Gnatalie. Lying about her age backfired because when they had booze deliveries, she couldn't partake.
  4. Sorry Christie, but Julie doesn't vote so no sense in complimenting her.
  5. geez Christie with makeup and without makes a world of difference.
  6. Jess's eviction interview was the most cringeworthy for a long time. It seemed like Jess was on a time delay.
  7. The Christie eating segment was hilarious.
  8. Watching Sis campaign reminds me of Bambi trying to walk on the ice. Her face is a mixture of scared and confused.
  9. WOW the editors must really hate Analice. That was not flattering at all.
  10. Dealing with Christie in real life must be so exhausting.
  11. LOL He's getting the Aaryn treatment.
  12. I hope the jury house fridge is filled with shaker bottles with Kemi's name on them.
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