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  1. I'll be a devil's advocate. When you have to practically build the house from the ground up new- why should you sell it at a loss? This is America and we are capitalists. My first home I spent $134000 on and still had to rehab it, and this was in 1994. That was the cost to get into a very sought after area with great schools (even though I home schooled our child) stuff like that matters for resell which is why we bought where we did. Materials and labor are expensive and I feel Mina and crew work hard to keep the costs low. That seems to be why she buys the same tile and carpet and
  2. Who goes to a sports bar to look at the view? Where were the TV's for people wanting to see sports? I liked the 4 season patio room just not the bar all around it. Should have been 2 tops and 4 tops around windows and 6 and 8 set back but on a riser to still get the view.
  3. Anybody else hate what they did to the Opening theme music? I had liked the old one so much I use it as a ringtone on my phone. The new one, meh. I don't like the slower version. We called it murder music.
  4. They had that show it was called Trading Spaces.
  5. Perfect statement. Most people are too lazy or don't know how to start to add their own touch to their homes. I do so I appreciated the "blank" canvas. Nothing wrong with it for me. And the basement is so big who cares if there is a bowling alley? I will get better at my game. And in my neighborhood almost everyone has a 3 car garage and guess what? NO ONE parks in them. All cars are on the driveway and I'm in FL. We always laugh as we walk by and say it's those northerners who couldn't part with their snowblowers and packed them and moved them to FL to rot in the garage! So a gym is perfect a
  6. And this is the reason I liked theirs the best. I wouldn't have to spend the $$$$ to rip out shit I don't want to put in something that actually works in the home. I want to put MY own touch on MY home not someone else's idea of what I should like. Now if they had been designing for a specific family I could see N&J vision or A&M's but never the design star winners. How much of that crap would I have to fix before I could even move in?
  7. I don't normally like Drew's rooms but his designer was too notch this week on the extra beds and bathrooms for me. I like calm and subtle, Jonathan's were too loud and showy for me. It's not what I would want at the end of the day and time for rest. I also loved the little hidden attic room.
  8. The picture is time lapsed. If you look closely it's the same people walking. They just didn't scrub out the ferris wheel.
  9. Sorry Murph lost $60000 for his team. But no one called him on it like they called Michelle for being annoying. I would rather hang with her than him anyday.
  10. Does anyone have the exact finish order of the teams? I've searched but haven't come up with the accurate one yet. I would like to see how my hometown did did. I kept seeing them on the board and few spots above Stray dogs and a few of the other lower teams but can't find if they finished.
  11. Does anyone know the rules to make a team? I noticed (I'm on episode 3) that each team has at least 1 female member. Is that a rule?
  12. Dan Webster is one of the few Congress people to actually give back any money left over from his year serving to the general fund. If his office has any overage after they have settled their bills he gives it back. He's done this every year since he started in office, I believe. On another note, I live in Central Fl and had need of a new complete HVAC unit. I called 4 companies to give me quotes and Webster Air was one of them. They had never done business on my side of the county but were open to it. They gave me a very competitive bid which we went with. They were on time, very clean, v
  13. I agree with the notion that the new house in FS is a big hallway. Could you see a family of 4 using that dining room. It barely had enough room for 2 chairs and a side table. And the nasty old wallpaper idea. Gross! And Karen made it harder to take down by applying polyurethane over it.
  14. The Websters rent from her in-laws, the Senator and Mrs. They are the ones on the deed.
  15. Just finished The Circle France. Loved how they did the final. Everyone seemed so supportive as well even though several were duplicitous.
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