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  1. I don't know these people but the lady on the right in the second picture...is she on meth?
  2. sadtvjunkie

    Below Deck in the Media

    Josiah seems to be home right now caring for his mom as she goes through chemo treatments. Quite hard to break away and go gallivanting off to Thailand.
  3. sadtvjunkie

    S06.E10: Man Overboard

    This was a repeat. I hate when they get coded as new stuff. What a waste of time.
  4. sadtvjunkie

    S06.E04: Ben's Garden

    His store looked like a Kirkland's. Even when Marcus shook hands with Ben he put his left hand on his Ben's arm. What part of NO Touching did he NOT understand?
  5. sadtvjunkie

    Season 8 Discussion

    Does anyone know how much that wedding dress would have cost? For such a thrifty family(not) it seems stupid to spend so much on a dress that you will only wear once. I know it was probably comped. Would love to see if they were still poor what all of them would be wearing. Probably one of Michael's creations.
  6. sadtvjunkie

    Long Lost Family

    This week's episode with the 2 sisters and mom looking for the full brother Mathew. I really got the sense they would jump him and never let go of him when they met. I'm glad it wasn't like that when they did. They were almost too nervous to even talk to each other it seemed. It also seemed like the younger daughter was way more into finding him then the mom was.
  7. sadtvjunkie

    Samantha Brown’s Places To Love

    Sad that all her kids wanted to do was watch tv. We did a 2 month long trip with our 12 yo dd of the western national parks and then came back through South Dakota and Indiana and down through Georgia back to Florida. Our dd can still tell us everywhere we went and what we did on that trip. She earned about 20 junior ranger badges. We had a tv but it was only used for DVD watching if the weather was bad at night. Otherwise we made a campfire, looked at the stars, did night hikes, played with other kids. What childhood is all about.
  8. sadtvjunkie

    S06.E02: Foam, Party of One

    There's 3 other crew who we don't see. 1st officer, engineer and 1st mate I think. If you look at the link someone posted earlier, this boat is large enough to have a touch and go helipad, which they've never had on a boat they've worked before. There's 2 sides to the master bathroom, it looks bigger than the bottom floor of my home :). Each stateroom ( besides the master) has 2 queen size beds, and the smallest one has a king bed. So that leaves little space for the crew areas. I would be so claustrophobic working in that kitchen area and talking to the chef through a cabinet.
  9. Wow finally a hot guy will be the star. Hopefully they don't play him like an ass like Sidney was.
  10. sadtvjunkie

    Season 7 Discussion

    I'm in FL so the rules might be different here than in TN. Did Tori student teach her last semester, did she take her State certification test to teach? Is she fit only to teach Sunday School? Why bother with the degree and time/money spent to never use it? Her degree was not in early education but some Bible learning course.
  11. sadtvjunkie

    S05.E10: Girls on the Side

    Is anybody else noticing how mush mouthed Charles sounds? Did he get veneers or new teeth and can't figure out how to speak around them? It's so noticeable to me.
  12. sadtvjunkie

    S10.E17: Ship Happens

    Anyone else notice that Luann took a sip of the champagne when they toasted on the boat at the beginning of the trip? Someone was egging her on saying it's just a little sip c'mon.?... Wonder if that was her first slip or was she getting good at hiding it better from them. (Spoken as a child of an alcoholic)
  13. sadtvjunkie

    Brother Vs. Brother

    Team Drew wins again. It's now 4-1. I guess I'm the only one watching now. Jonathan's house this episode was way more my style.
  14. sadtvjunkie

    Season 7 Discussion

    I I believe Kelly had RPK surgery. Usually it is done one eye at a time so you are not totally blind while your eye heals. I know a few people who have gone this route as Lasik was not suitable for them. When I had Lasik they cut my eyelids when cutting the lens which made me unable to see right away. I needed 3 extra days for healing. It has been the most painful surgey I've had to date, and I've had a c section.
  15. sadtvjunkie

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    My issue is with the mold. I recently had a wall in my home remediated and it cost $5000.00 and insurance denied it, so it was all on me. No way that black mold only cost $550. I hate shows that don't tell the real story. How come if the homeowner has $750000 to spend on a renovation can they not call a plumber to fix the sink??????