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  1. realitytvbitch980

    Season 7 Discussion

    Wow, JINGER and Lawson would have been a nice couple, that sucks :/ lol
  2. realitytvbitch980

    Season 7 Discussion

    Totally off topic here, but I'm honestly stunned Lawson hasn't snatched up some girl yet. I mean, come on. He plays guitar, he's good with kids, etc. I don't get it lol. Maybe I'm the only one who wonders this.
  3. realitytvbitch980

    Season 7 Discussion

    Okay, I'm glad someone else notices how over the top it is, lol. I mean, people become boyfriend and girlfriend everyday, and its never that over the top. I guess for them, though, its a super big deal haha.
  4. realitytvbitch980

    Season 7 Discussion

    This episode was pretty good. Maybe its just me, but I feel like Carlin is really over the top and dramatic, though lol. I always wonder, would these boys go all out like this for a courtship if it wasn't being filmed for TV? I'm guessing no.
  5. realitytvbitch980

    S07.E01: Sheklia & Talli

    I do like Max better than Nev and I think Max is funny and I agree with a lot of the stuff he says on Catfish, but his political views? I'll pass. If they left the politics out of it, they would be so much better lol.
  6. realitytvbitch980

    S07.E01: Sheklia & Talli

    Okay, really? The t-shirts? Are they trying to make some sort of statement. We get it. You're extreme liberals, lol. As if nobody already knew. Ugh. Sorry but I happen to notice that as of late or maybe always they are wearing those t-shirts with like "feminist" or "black lives matter".
  7. realitytvbitch980

    S06.E23: Making Waves

    Just now watching this for the first time and its already annoying me so bad. First of all, wow. When it comes to ditching your kid and getting a free vacation, I guess Catelynn is just magically cured from her "depression"? interesting. And Maci has always rubbed me the wrong way. I still think she's not over Ryan, and she's probably so pissed that he continues to move on to different girls but never runs back to her. Whatever. People are right -all of them annoyed me in this.
  8. realitytvbitch980

    S22.E00: Countdown to Arie

    I'm probably the only one on earth who can't stand Sean and Catherine. I literally cringe whenever he comes on the screen. You can just tell he lives for being on TV lol. He always sounds like he's so rehearsed whenever he talks. He bugs me so bad haha. Anyways, I'm excited for Arie. And I don't buy it for a second that him and Sean are so close, wth?! Am I missing something?
  9. I bet hes glad he won't have to attend any more of these stupid ass parties! Haha.
  10. David looks bored as hell at this candle party lmfao.
  11. Is it me...or is this episode kind of a snooze so far? Also..is it me, or does anyone else wish they would have showed Simon for old times sake?! Haha.
  12. Ryan is .... gross. With beard, without beard, yeah. He's just not attractive whatsoever. Yikes.
  13. realitytvbitch980

    S06.E19: Blue Christmas

    Wow, isn't it amazing that Catelynn all the sudden decides to perk up and get excited when they leave the kid over at her moms house and go to some fancy hotel for a vacation? Ugh. It makes me sick thinking these two have no actual job, they just do all this stuff on MTV's dime. So lame. And they have so much money, how about they use some of that money and take Catelynn to a dentist? sorry, but with this being in HD, you can clearly see she needs some work done on her teef. I know I'm probably saying things that have already been said. I apologize. I'm catching up finally on this shit show of a season lol.
  14. realitytvbitch980

    S06.E06: Joy and Austin Tie the Knot

    Wait. Didn't we already go through this wedding once before? I'm confused, lol
  15. realitytvbitch980

    S06.E09: The Tipping Point

  16. realitytvbitch980

    S12.E14: Armenian Rhapsody

    I'm just shocked at what a snooze this season has been so far. Maybe its just me. And Peggy and her husband add absolutely nothing. I can't even understand why out of all the Housewives they could have brought back, they decide to bring Lydia back? Uh. Okay then. Whatever, I'm just glad I got sucked into RHOD because its actually more interesting at this point, lol.
  17. realitytvbitch980

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Amen. I mean, what the hell does she possibly have anxiety about? LOL. I could see if she was battling all this and working a normal job, but no, she's not. What a lazy slug.
  18. realitytvbitch980

    S12.E11: Breast Intentions

    Okay. Wow. I don't know if this has been said yet-it probably has. But this show has been a complete snooze fest. I haven't seen an episode yet that was exciting. I was kind of excited about the episode when Gretchen would be on, but even that was a let down. Ugh. And I fast forward through all the Peggy scenes with her dumb husband. They are useless, and I really hope she won't be back for another season. Wow.
  19. realitytvbitch980

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

  20. realitytvbitch980

    S05.E07: The After Show Part 1

    OMG WTF. I dont understand why they are going back in time! That literally makes no sense. So disorganized. An OCD persons worst nightmare. And is it me or did Austin have more chemistry and more excitement when he was flirting with Laura during the wedding? Not one clip of him was he smiling. Ugh.
  21. realitytvbitch980

    S05.E01: Joy's Wedding/S05.E02: Triple Date Night

    I really liked Austin. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is he a HELL of a lot better looking than Derick and Ben, like he actually has some sex appeal. Trust me, I already have my passport ready for the prayer closet handy. But, yeah. Anyways, he's good looking, he seems very mature for his age. Yeah, it was kind of immature the way Joy was acting about certain things during the wedding special, but I don't mind giving her the benefit of the doubt here. I have a feeling that behind the scenes they're very down to earth. I like the fact that they're not all over social media gushing about themselves, at least not yet. But yeah! I agree with this comment!! That proposal between Joe and Kendra was really precious actually! I thought she was really honestly surprised. Its nice that Joy and Kendra are already so close and it seems like Joe and Austin are both pretty laid back and get along well so I can see all four of them really having a lot of fun together and I hope in the future we get to see them all go on some double dates and stuff. Much rather have a majority of the airtime be about those four than Ben and Derick. I feel like Jill and especially Jesse have become very big-headed because of the little fame *if thats what you wanna call it* . I AM SO HAPPY THAT SOMEONE ELSE MENTIONED THE FLIRTING WITH LAURA! OMFG. Am I the only one that saw more than once those two interacting and laughing and really having better chemistry? I wonder why they never got together! Lmao.
  22. realitytvbitch980

    S05.E03: Spurgeon's First Birthday

    I really like Austin and Joy. I mean, they really do seem like the most normal couple. Austin dresses and looks like a man. Unlike Derick with that hideous man bun and then Ben's stupid ass hairdo lol. I really like the fact that Austin doesn't look to me like the "yes, dear" type. Like, he has some kind of backbone, you know? Jeremy and JINGER. Annoying. The constant "babe" ruined it for me. And it really annoys me how none of these girls work, yet when they show them they're either just sitting around or on their phones or anything but acting like a "housewife". The only one I saw busting her ass was Joy. All the other girls seem so damn lazy. And its pathetic, for being so young, they shouldn't be this low energy.
  23. As a person with six rescue cats, who were all feral when we got them, thats the last thing you do. First of all, they took the cat downstairs and left it alone in that carrier where it couldn't even come out and have some air. Second of all, real nice just making a big spectacle with everyone all grading around and then that obnoxious idiot screaming and making a big deal? Really? Have some damn compassion. This is why I always prefer animals over everyone lmao.
  24. This was just 50 shades of hot mess. I still - all these hours later-am kicking myself for actually thinking this would be something interesting to watch. It was so bad. Just because she was a "Duggar" doesn't mean that we all care about her dumb life lmao. Like, really? The whole damn thing was not convincing at all. Her and her husband are a complete mismatch and every time they were trying to do something romantic, it came off completely phony. As much as the "Duggar family" annoys me, even they are more tolerable. *shudders* and thats saying a lot!
  25. OH. MY. GOD. I will forever be upset with myself for actually wasting an hour of my life and watching this. First of all, STAGED AF! I mean, it couldn't get any more staged than this lol. Secondly, Amy, Amy, Amy. She is beyond annoying. She definitely loves those cameras, loves being on camera, and loves being overly obnoxious for said cameras. I mean, this was her *hopefully* one and only time to be the center of attention, and boy did she run with it! I really hope TLC doesn't decide to pick this up as a regular show. I will do everything in my power to nOT WATCH IT. Ugh.